WCW Saturday Night – January 2, 1993


WCW Saturday Night – January 2, 1993
Commentators: Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko

The show opens explaining that Vader won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Ron Simmons a few days before.  This marks Vader’s second reign as WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Tag Team Match
Cactus Jack & The Barbarian vs. Johnny Gunn & The Z-Man

The match opens with Cactus and Johnny Gunn locking up. Gunn pulls of a quick and nice looking arm drag, but Cactus tags out soon thereafter to the Barbarian. Quick tags between the two, but Gunn turns it around and tags in The Z-Man. They hit a nice double drop kick on Cactus and then on the Barbarian. They follow that up by doing a double back body drop on Cactus into the Barbarian who was standing in the corner. Nice spot.

Lots of quick tags back and forth for the next few minutes with all four guys getting lots of offence.

The ending comes after The Z-Man hits a nice super kick on The Barbarian, while Gunn hits a Thesz press on Cactus Jack. Gunn has Cactus pinned, but the referee is distracted by The Z-Man being in the ring as he isn’t the legal man. Barbarian hits a kick to the face of Gunn and pins him when the referee turns around.

Good back and forth action in this one, and definitely a decent opening match. Nothing special, and slightly below average, but pretty good.

Highlights from Starrcade
A highlight video is played showing he results of the 1992 Battlebowl at Starrcade 1992. The 1992 Battlebowl winner was The Great Muta.

Tony Schiavone interviews Erik Watts old coach.

Singles Match
Erik Watts vs. Mustapha Saed

Quick match that was essentially a squash. Watts wins after locking in a STF.

Cactus Jack Promo
Promo with Cactus Jack and Tony Atlas about collecting the bounty put on Erik Watts. Tony Atlas yells at Van Hammer about how he’s the strongest man in WCW.

This tournament for the WCW United States Title has come about because of a neck injury that Rick Rude sustained, and thus he was stripped of the belt.

WCW United States Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Final Match
Dustin Rhodes vs. Vinnie Vegas

Goldust vs. Big Daddy Cool… I mean Dustin Rhodes vs. Vinnie Vegas. All joking aside about Kevin Nash’s terrible gimmicks, this is a decent match. Vegas hits a really nice sunset flip at the start of the match that shows the big man has agility.  Lots of near falls in this one at the start. Vegas spends the match focusing on Dustin’s back, and hits a gutwrench slam that looks very close to his eventual finisher, the Jackknife Powerbomb. Vegas locks Dustin in a bear hug for a few minutes to work over Dustin’s back.

Rhodes eventually escapes and reverses a snakes eyes attempt by Vegas, bounces of the ropes, and hits a bulldog for the finish.


Barry Windham, Steve Austin, and Brian Pillman Promo
This promo marks the formation of the Hollywood Blondes, so this is a big moment for early 90’s WCW.

Tag Team Match
Flyin’ Brian & Steve Austin vs. Larry Santo & Rikki Nelson

The match opens with Nelson getting some quick dropkicks on Steve Austin. It clearly surprises him as Nelson and Santo pummel him. Once Austin gets a tag out to Pillman, the offence of Santo and Nelson continues.

Jim Ross does a very good job of hyping the potential of Pillman and Austin, and sold how these two should be able to gel as a team.

The match turns around when Steve Austin hits a sick dragon screw on Nelson while he’s in mid air attempting to leap frog Austin.  Austin hits the Stun Gun soon thereafter, and the Hollywood Blondes have their first win as a tag team.

A good match that introduced the audience to a new tag team effectively. Good booking kept it competitive, and that allowed the win for Austin and Pillman to seem bigger.

Highlights of Sting vs. Vader from Starrcade 1992

WCW United States Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Final Match
Tony Atlas (w/Cactus Jack) vs. Van Hammer

Average match, but both guys had some quick back and forth offence at the start.  There is a lot of posturing as each wrestler tries to over power the other (playing into the promo from before).

The match comes to an end when Atlas pins Van Hammer after Cactus Jack holds the foot of Van Hammer.

Nothing special. Not terrible enough to be a dud, but certainly not good. Thankfully it was kept short.

Arn Anderson Interview
Jesse Ventura interviews Arn Anderson. Arn Anderson is always a great promo guy. He talks about coming up in the NWA and now WCW. He’s been sidelined by an injury. They also talk briefly about the young guys coming up in WCW, and how Erik Watts is the guy who injured him. Anderson says Bill Watts hasn’t renewed his contract with WCW so that he can protect his son, Erik Watts, from Double A.

Great promo from Arn. He’s always a highlight of every show he’s on.

WCW United States Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Final Match
Barry Windham vs. Johnny B. Badd

Nice fast paced match here. Windham and Badd excange blows, with some stiff looking ones from Barry.  A beautiful back suplex by Windham is followed by a few minutes of offence. A “Let’s go Badd” chant is started by several folks in the audience. The match as a whole was mostly dominated by Windham, with a few small bursts of offence from Johnny B. Badd, including a nice hurricanrana,. Badd hits a sunset flip from the top rope that Windham counters with a stiff clothesline and a sick looking implant DDT for the finish.

RATING: 2.5/5
Is it just me, or did Johnny B. Badd’s colourful character seem really out of place in WCW? It’s not that he was a bad worker or anything, just that his character seemed like it was better suited to the WWF. In any case, a decent match with a great finish. Windham looked really strong in this one.

Shane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat are interviewed by Tony Schiavone.

WCW United States Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Final Match
Dan Spivey vs. Ricky Steamboat

The opening minutes of this match can only be described with 1 word: Headlocks. Lots of headlocks.  Steamboat works Spivey over with several headlocks, until Spivey turns it around with a spinebuster.

Spivey gets angry at one point and smashes his own head of the turnbuckle twice, turns around, and nails Steamboat with a clothesline.

Later on, Steamboat gets nailed with another clothesline while on the apron, but recovers quickly and climbs the top rope and delivers a flying cross body for the finish.

Man, Steamboat hit some hard chops in this match. It was an acceptable match that served the purpose of setting up the Windham and Steamboat match for the next episode.

Barry Windham Promo
Windham cuts a promo about how he’s going to take it to Ricky Steamboat next week. He also calls out Dustin Rhodes.

A decent show with lots of action. It served the purpose of setting up the big matches for the next week, mainly Steamboat vs. Windham, and provided good action (especially in tag match).

Best Match: Pillman & Austin vs. Santo & Nelson
Worst Match: Tony Atlas vs. Van Hammer
Highlight: Arn Anderson’s Promo

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