WCW Saturday Night – January 9, 1993


WCW Saturday Night
January 9, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko

Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko open the show and talk about Vader’s win of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Marcus Bagwell vs. Bob Cook
Bob Cook smiles when he’s introduced, and quickly changes his facial expression to an angry look. It’s almost like he forgot he was trying to play the heel against Bagwell. The match opens with a little chain wrestling. Not much to be said for the match overall, but it wasn’t bad. Cook dominated the early stages of the match, and this allowed for the classic come from behind win for Bagwell. Bagwell pins Cook with a Fisherman’s Suplex.

RATING: 1.5/5

Highlights of Vader vs. Ron Simmons

Interview with Vader and Harley Race
Race and Vader talk about how Vader is going to dominate WCW in 1993.

Quote of the interview:

Vader: Vader is king of the world, because I am Big Van Vader.

Unintentionally hilarious quote from Vader, but he’s definitely being sold as a monster quite well.

Van Hammer vs. Randy Sledge

Randy Sledge may be one of the most generic looking jobbers I’ve seen in awhile. Zbyszko talks about how Van Hammer’s technical ability is growing, in an attempt to push him as one of the big up and comers. Van Hammer finishes the match with a slingshot suplex.

Interview with Van Hammer
Van Hammer talks about the Thundercage at Clash of the Champions and about how he’s going to arm wrestle Tony Atlas as Clash of the Champions. Yawn. Especially to the arm wrestling portion of the promo.

Tom Zenk/Johnny Gunn vs. Mike Thor/Chick Donovan

Johnny Gunn does a dragon screw, and Zbyszko calls it a leg drag. Gunn botches a jacknife pin attempt soon thereafter. Z-Man and Gunn keep the tags quick and beat Thor and Donovan (who get minimal offence) around the ring until Z-Man hits a super kick on Thor and Gunn hits a Thesz press (that was badly timed) afterwards for the pin.

Interview with Cactus Jack, Tony Atlas, Erik Watts, and Dustin Rhodes
Good promo by Cactus until Erik Watts comes in an starts talking. They get in a fight, and Dustin chases Atlas off while Watts slams Cactus into the lockers and puts him in the STF when he’s down.

Too Cold Scorpio vs. Mustafa Saied

Both guys work a decent paced match here, with Too Cold Scorpio switching between the ground game and high flying offence. That man has a crazy vertical leap, and was way ahead of his time in style. Scorpio gets the finish after a super kick followed by a 450 splash.

Interview with  Barry Windham
Barry Windham analyzes a match between Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas against himself and Brian Pillman.

Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazinger vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Vinnie Vegas

DDP is quite early in his career as a wrestler here, but there are flashes of the brilliance he’ll be known for later. It’s also really easy to see why the WWF signed Nash, as his sheer size and look was a great fit for them. Nash had all the tools to be a huge name in the business – good look, decent in ring skills, and lots of charisma.

DDP and Vegas show some good team work in this match, and provide a few entertaining spots because of it. Pierce and Slazinger isolate DDP and the a section of the fans chant “We want Tex.” Pierce obliges and tags in Tex. The audience “Ohhhhhhh’s” everything Tex does. I’m not sure I understand it, but hey, at least they’re into the match. I also dub these fans The Slazingians. Tex grabs a bull rope and wraps it around Page’s neck and sends him over the top rope, leaving him hanging. In response, Vegas nails Tex with a chair to free Page, and the match ends in a double DQ.

RATING: 2.5/5
I really enjoyed this match for some reason. It wasn’t fantastic or anything, but it was quite enjoyable.

Interview with Vader
Vader talks about having a rematch with Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, and beating Ron Simmons for the title.

Tony Atlas vs. Dustin Rhodes
WCW United States Title Tournament Semi Finals Match

The first of two matches in the WCW United States Title Tournament. Rhodes starts out going right after Atlas hitting a flurry of blows that lead to a near fall, and then Dustin starts working on the legs. Atlas turns it around by attacking Rhodes injured left wrist. Atlas spends the next few minutes working on the wrist of Rhodes, while Rhodes struggles to cope.

Rhodes starts to string a little offence together, and soon hits a bulldog out of nowhere to get the pin.

RATING: 1.5/5
It was honestly too short to be anything higher. If it had another five minutes, it may have gotten a higher rating.

Barry Windham vs. Ricky Steamboat
WCW United States Title Tournament Semi Finals Match

Jim Ross explains at the beginning of this match that Rick Rude is out of the Thundercage match due to his neck injury.

Steamboat and Windham start this match fast and exchange blows. Windham eventually gets the advantage and scores a near fall after falling on top of Steamboat after he attempted a slam. Windham works Steamboat’s arm in an attempt to wear him down, and slows the quick pace from the beginning.

Steamboat sells the arm injury every time he does something, and thus makes Windham’s offence look dangerous, even when Steamboat is in control. Steamboat returns the favour to Windham and locks on some wristlocks, and drops an elbow on Windham’s arm, but hurts his own arm in the process. Steamboat locks on an armbar, Windham stands up, and Steamboat sticks to his back and takes him down with an armdrag and continues the armbar. Nice move.

Windham pokes Steamboat in the eyes to get the advantage, and Steamboat rolls to the outside. Both guys are selling their respective arm injuries with everything they do, which is a mark of good wrestling. Windham hits a float over suplex from the apron on Steamboat, then goes for another, but Steamboat counters. Steamboat bounces of the ropes and collides with Windham, both men go down, but Windham falls out of the ring and smashes into the guardrail. Steamboat tries to bring Windham in, but Windham falls on Steamboat.

Windham hits a huge gutwrench suplex on Steamboat and scores a near fall, but Steamboat won’t give up. Windham climbs to the top rope, but Steamboat throws him off and climbs up top and goes for a flying chop, but Windham counters with a punch. Windham then hits a nice looking DDT and goes for the figure four leg lock. Windham uses the ropes to get more leverage, and the Referee misses it several times. Steamboat turns the hold over, and reverses the pressure. Steamboat is selling both the arm and the legs now, as Windham switches his focus to Steamboat’s left knee, and Steamboat’s leg buckles as Windham tries to whip him to the opposite corner.

In a mirror of earlier, Steamboat decides to fight fire with fire, and locks in a figure four on Windham, but has to let go because of the work Windham already did on his knee.

Steamboat drives Windham’s face into the mat after Windham tries to ack body drop him, and then hits Windham with a lot of chops, including one from the top rope. The referee gets dropped as Steamboat goes for a slam, but Windham’s foot hits the referee. Steamboat hit a flying cross body, but the referee was down, so Windham throws Steamboat to the outside of the ring, and is DQ’d for throwing him over the top rope. Dustin Rhodes  saves Steamboat from being getting a DDT on the floor. Steve Austin and Brian Pillman come out and beat up Dustin, and Shane Douglas makes the save, leaving Steamboat and Douglas in the ring to celebrate.

Great old school match, with lots of technical wrestling. It wasn’t very fast paced, but the ring work was great from two of the best from back in the day.

Interview with Brian Pillman and Steve Austin
Austin and Pillman call out Steamboat and Douglas.


Best Match: Steamboat vs. Windham
Worst Match: Rhodes vs. Atlas
Highlights: A surprisingly good match with DDP & Vegas vs.
Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazinger

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