WWF Raw – January 25, 1993


WWF Raw 1993
January 25, 1993
The Manhattan Center
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, and Rob Bartlett

The show opens with Sean Mooney, and Repo Man arrives with Savages hat, and presumably Bartlett’s car. Repo Man says he’s going to repossess Savage’s career.

The commentators run down the show, and Heenan does what he does best, he hypes the main event of Flair vs. Perfect.

Repo Man vs. Randy Savage

Vince: Repo Man looks ridiculous with that hat.
Heenan: So does Savage.

Savage runs out and start beating the tar out of Repo Man. Gotta love Macho Man. Savage takes Repo Man all over the The Manhattan Center as he beats him up. Repo Man turns it around when he manages to hit Savage’s head on the ring steps.

Heenan: (In reference to Bartlett) Where did you get this guy?
McMahon: If you really must know, he was coming up the subway, and we decided, “Rob, hey!” Nevermind, you said you didn’t want anyone to know.
Heenan: You’ll give anyone a handout won’t you?

Savage takes the win after a flying elbow.

Not bad. A good opener that can help sets the tone for the rest of the show.

Kamala vs. Brooklyn Brawler

We all know how this one ends. The brawler gets crushed by Kamala.

Mean Gene provides a report on the Royal Rumble and he runs down all the happenings at the event.

Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect – Loser Leaves Town

This one has a big fight feel, and they gave them about 20 minutes to fulfill that expectation.

Vince shamelessly plugs The SciFi Channel (owned by USA), which is kinda funny. Bobby Heenan leaves the commentary box and offers Flair advice by way of trying to give Flair a weapon, but he doesn’t take it.

Mr. Perfect takes a crazy bump over the top rope by the corner turnbuckle and is busted wide open. With Perfect bleeding, the tension elevates in the match.

Flair attempts to cheat by putting his feet on the rope, but Perfect switches it around, Flair hits the ropes, and Perfect nails him with a Perfectplex for the win! Ric Flair must leave the WWF.

RATING: 4.5/5
Fantastic match. You can’t beat this kind of wrestling. The was the first match on Raw that made it absolutely must see television.


A really solid episode. Flair and Perfect are gold.

Best Match: Flair vs. Perfect
Worst Match: Kamala vs. The Brooklyn Brawler
Highlights: Some funny lines from Heenan, and of course the main event.

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