WWF Raw – February 1, 1993


WWF Raw 1993
February 1, 1993
The Manhattan Center
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett, and Randy Savage

Damien Demento vs. Tatanka

This was a very quick opening match. There was a huge “We Want Flair” chant, but you WWF fans will need to watch WCW to see Flair now, as he returned to WCW. During this match, McMahon says that Typhoon vs. Doink is the main attraction of the night. Oh dear, that’s bad.

After about 4 minutes, Tatanka hits his finisher for the win.

Some highlights from the Headlock on Hunger air.

Vince McMahon interviews Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake announces that he’s ready to get back in the ring after being out for 2 years due to his facial injury. Vince expresses concern, but Beefcake gives reasons for his return: His mother died, followed by his father. His wife left him, and then he had this injury. Beefcake was about to give up, but Hulk Hogan helped give him hope.

Brutus has signed an open contract and welcomes all comers.

The promo was long, but helped the fans connect with Brutus again. It was an emotional one, and that’s always good for a promo.

High Energy vs. Skull Von Krush and Iron Mike Sharpe

A quick squash match that ended with Koko B. Ware hitting a dropkick from the top rope, with Owen Hart following with a jackknife pin.

Highlights showing Doink smacking Crush with his prosthetic arm.

Typhoon vs. Doink

This match was essentially a squash match in favour of Doink. Doink cheated by pulling Typhoon’s tights for leverage, and got the pin. It was over in about 3 minutes.

I rated this one because it was the featured attraction according to Vince, and man, if that’s a main event, it wasn’t good.

The WWF had a 10 bell salute for Andre the Giant.

Yokozuna vs. Bobby DeVito

Do I have to tell you how this one ends? Yokozuna wins via Banzai Drop.

During this match, Vince comments that Macho Man was not the first person to knock Yokozuna, as he still hasn’t been knocked over yet. However, it was Savage’s offence in the Royal Rumble that knocked him over.

Jim Duggan joins in by phone during the match, and he talks about his upcoming match with Yakazuma and how he’s going to knock him down. I’m not sure who Yakazuma is, but I’m sure he’s very nice. Poor Yakazuma. Duggan was hard to hear throughout, as his phone kept cutting out.

Money Inc. Comes out to talk to Vince. They talk about Beefcake, and they answer the open challenge. Jimmy Hart comes out and tells Ted that its a waste of time.

Lex Luger vs. Jason Knight

Lex got a huge pop when he came out to this match. It appears the fans might be aware of his time in WCW. Luger comes out looking in a mirror that’s in ring. Vince says he likes the Mirra. I’m not sure who Mirra is, but it seems Luger likes her. Making fun of strange pronunciation of words is fun.

Before the match starts, a highlight video is shown of Mr. Perfect catching his own pass on a (American) football field.

Luger wins quickly in a squash match. After hitting him with his forearm smash, he pins him with his pinky finger.

The only redeeming part of this episode of Raw was Beefcake’s promo. Generally speaking, I’m pretty generous with my ratings (with the exception of 5 star matches, but it isn’t hard to get a 3 or 4 out of me), but I couldn’t even give this a 1. The Beefcake promo was good, but it was bad all around.

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