WCW Saturday Night – February 5, 1993

WCWSaturdayNight_zps0b06dedaWCW Saturday Night – February 5, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Larry Zbyszko

In the aftermath of last week’s episode, we get to see Sting take on Barry Windham on this episode of WCW Saturday Night!

Brian Pillman and Steve Austin vs. 2 Cold Scorpio and Johnny B. Badd

The audience are going nuts for Scorpio and Badd and they love to hate Austin and Pillman, so that should make this a really fun match. This one was fast and furious, as you’d expect from these four. Pillman suplexes Scorpio from the apron to the outside of the ring at one point, in what looked like a brutal bump. Badd hits a really nice looking sunset flip on Pillman from the top rope towards the end of the match, but Pillman and Austin win after Pillman school boys Badd and hooks the tights for the win.

RATING: 2.5/5
Great fast paced opener to warm up the audience.

Tony Schiavone interviews Barry Windham about his match against Sting.

Sting cuts a promo against Vader about how he’s going to get revenge for the whipping he took last week. He also challenges him to a match for the title at an upcoming live show.

Steve Regal vs. Bob Cook

Bob Cook continues his roll of jobber to the stars after having a good technical wrestling match with Steve Regal. Regal wins after a gutwrench slam. Good enhancement talent are always underrated, and Cook, in the last few weeks, has done his job well in making others look good.

Eric Bischoff gives all the latest news from the SuperBrawl III event centre. It’s shaping up to be a great show.

Tony Schiavone interviews Erik Watts, and Watts talks about breaking Arn Anderson’s leg in the recent altercation. Watts should stay away from the mic, as his promos are subpar.

Ron Simmons vs. Mike Thor

Simmons brutalizes Mike Thor in this match. Unfortunately for Thor, he does not have the power of his namesake and is defeated easily by Simmons in a few minutes. Maybe if he had a large hammer he would have stood a better chance?

Jim Ross interviews Dustin Rhodes about his upcoming match against Ron Simmons for the US Title. Simmons joins him, and they shake hands.

A video airs for the WCW Television Title. The matches are as follows – Erik Watts vs. Johnny Gunn, Maxx Payne vs. Marcus Bagwell, Robby Vee (instead of Robbie V?) vs. Shanghi Pierce, and Vinnie Vegas vs. Van Hammer. That’s the Anderson Conference side of the tournament. The Mr. Wrestling II conference side of the tournament has Paul Orndorff vs 2 Cold Scorpio, The Z-Man vs. Cactus Jack, Steve Regal vs. The Barbarian, and Christ Benoit vs. Johnny B. Badd.

Woah. Years before Scott Hall does it, Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies invade WCW Saturday Night by coming through the audience. Cornette tells the fans to go play in traffic, and says he has a problem. Cornette wants to see Bill Watts, or he’s going to cause a fight. Watts comes out, and Cornette says he’ll tie one half of his brain behind his back so they can be on an even playing field. Awesome line. The fans chant Rock and Roll, and Cornette demands a public apology from Watts about making him and the Heavenly Bodies seem terrible with the videos they showed of the Rock and Roll Express beating them. He tells Watts that he’ll be cleaning toilets at CNN if he doesn’t apologize (another great line), but Watts grabs Cornette and says he’s not going to apologize. Watts tells Cornette that if he comes out again, he’ll have him arrested.

Cornette: “I’ll tell you who you ought to put in jail. You ought to have the Rock and Roll Express arrested for murder. They came out here last week and killed your ratings.”

The Rock and Roll express come out and Watts tells them all to get in the ring and fight. It looks like we’re going to have an impromptu match between The Rock and Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies. Awesome promo.

The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette and Bobby Eaton) vs. The Rock and Roll Express

Wow, the audience went wild for this match. Great back and forth action from both these teams, showcasing how good both of them were. Jim Cornette is a heat magnet, and so this match has a tonne of intensity and face paced action as The Rock and Roll Express try to dish out some punishment to Cornette’s team.

The Rock and Roll Express have control until Cornette hits Morton with his tennis racket with an assist by Bobby Eaton while the referee is distracted. The match ends with a DQ after interference from Bobby Eaton. The locker room clears to try and help The Rock and Roll Express, as Cornette uses his tennis racket on some poor guy’s head.

Oh man, this was short, but exciting. A great promo followed by a great match. I would love to see these two teams go head to head again at a WCW event. The crowd ate up every second of it, and it was awesome. In this case, the non finish doesn’t take away from the greatness of the segment.

WCW Up Close

Gordon Solie interviews Cactus Jack. Solie tries to get into Cactus Jack’s head and what goes through his mind when he attacks folks with shovels and other weapons. Jack says nothing was going through his mind and he was simply relying on instinct. Jack wants a match with Vader even though he’s not sure he wants the title. Great interview.

Maxx Payne vs. Brad Armstrong

Well, at least Payne didn’t have a spelling change to his name this week. I’m afraid Armstrong is going to lose this one, even though Payne’s character isn’t that great. Payne wins after an armbar.

WCW Up Close v.2.0

Tony Schiavone interviews Lynyrd Skynyrd about the recently released WCW theme album.

Tex Slazenger and Shanghi Pierce vs. The Z-Man and Johnny Gunn

A rematch from a few weeks before, and the fans are chanting “We want Tex,” yet again. Seriously though, most wrestlers would kill to have the kind of love Tex is receiving from the fanbase even though he’s a heel. Let the “Ohhhhhhhhh’s” begin as Tex goes on the offense. The Z-Man basically stun gun’s himself on the ropes after missing a dive towards Tex, and it looked brutal. The match ends in a DQ after Tex throws The Z-Man over the top rope (a very stupid rule in WCW). This one was too short to be rated.

Sting vs. Barry Windham

Great match from two of WCW’s best wrestlers. Sting always draws huge pops from WCW’s audience, and his occasional no selling of his opponents moves if always fun. Windham hits Sting with a backdrop and Sting just pops up like nothing, and the crowd explodes. Windham hits Sting with a big clothesline off the top rope after Sting missed a Stinger Splash. Both men get plenty of offence in this match (even though it’s only about 10 minutes) and it’s clear that this match could easily be the main event of a PPV if they had more time. The ref gets run over by Windham after a leapfrog from Sting, and Harley Race comes out and gives Windham a leather strap. Before he can use it though, Sting takes it from him and beats Windham with it, and pins him but the ref reverses the decision to a DQ win for Windham after Sting continues to beat Windham with the strap, with Vader coming out to help as the show closes.

RATING: 2.5/5
High intensity match. Again, it would have benefited from having more time, and would have rated higher if it did, but it serves the purpose of keeping the tension high between Sting and Vader and Co.


I would have rated the show a 2.5, but the awesome promo from Cornette and the exciting match that followed boosted the show significantly. That’s 4 good shows in a row. WCW was definitely promoting well as they move towards SuperBrawl III

Best Match: The Rock and Roll Express vs. The Heavenly Bodies
Worst Match: Maxx Payne vs. Brad Armstrong
Highlights: Good promos from Cactus Jack, and the surprise with Cornette was awesome as SMW invaded WCW!

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