WCW Saturday Night – February 13, 1993

WCWSaturdayNight_zps0b06dedaWCW Saturday Night – February 13, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators – Jim Ross and Larry Zbyzsko

Jim Ross and Larry Zbyzsko talk about how, apparently, Arn Anderson does not have a broken leg.

Tony Schiavone interviews Paul Orndorff and Barry Windham about their upcoming tag match against Dustin Rhodes and a mystery partner.

Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas vs. Joe Cruz and Fred Avery

Douglas was favouring his knee all match, indicating that maybe Austin and Pillman did quite the number on him at Clash of the Champions. The match ends in less than two minutes with a flying cross body from Steamboat.

Tony Schiavone interviews Dustin Rhodes and his mystery partner, who doesn’t say a word, is wearing a blanket over his body, and smoking a cigar through a hole in the blanket. I think that might be a wee bit dangerous Mr. Mystery Partner.

WCW Up Close
Jim Ross and Gordon Solie talk about what happened last week with The Heavenly Bodies and the Rock and Roll Express.

Big Van Vader vs. Rick Thames

We all know how this one goes down. Rick Thames loses by death via massive power bomb, aka the Vader Bomb. After the match, Vader grabs a leather strap, and Harley Race puts facepaint on Thames face while Vader whips him. A very clear message delivered to Sting.

Jim Ross interviews Steve Austin and Brian Pillman and they talk about Marcus Bagwell, and the need to teach him a lesson, and Austin only needs 10 minutes to teach the lesson.

Steve Austin vs. Marcus Bagwell – Austin must win in 10 minutes or less, otherwise he loses the match.

Austin and Bagwell wrestle a good paced match, and Austin is clearly frustrated by the skill of Bagwell, as he seems to have a counter for everything Austin does. Jim Ross notes that Austin seems overconfident, and it seems Ross was right as Bagwell takes it to Austin in the first few minutes of this match.

At the halfway mark, Austin turns it around, but as the time ticks down, it seems Austin is having difficulty against Bagwell. At the 3 minute mark, Bagwell is back in control with Austin locked in a sleeper hold. Every time Austin got on the offence, Bagwell would go to the outside, which led to Austin chasing him around the ring, and Bagwell getting the advantage again. As the clock ticks down to 0, Austin is in trouble. With less than a minute left, Austin hits a big double arm suplex, but Bagwell holds on. Austin turns it up a notch with 30 seconds left, desperately trying to get the win. No matter what Austin does, he can’t finish Bagwell, so Bagwell wins after surviving the 10 minute time limit.

This was a decent match that had an interesting stipulation. It was interesting to see Austin get increasingly frantic in his offence in an attempt to finish Bagwell, and thus it led to a good match.

Eric Bischoff talks about the matches that will be taking place at SuperBrawl III. Sting and Vader both have a brief segment hyping the match between each other.

Paul Orndorff and Barry Windham vs. Dustin Rhodes and ??????

Who is Dustin Rhode’s mystery partner? We’re about to find out. Rhodes comes out with his partner, who is still wrapped in a blanket. They both get in the ring, and when the blanket is removed, it’s Cactus Jack! Jack gets a huge pop as he goes straight for Orndorff while Rhodes and Windham brawl outside the ring. Cactus saw a lot of action in this match, which was a good idea as the crowd were obviously really enjoying seeing him out there. Overall, a pretty good match that leaves you wanting to see Cactus get his hands on Orndorff, so it leads well into their No DQ match at SuperBrawl III. The crowd is going crazy for Rhodes and Jack in this one, as Jack and Orndorff brawl outside the ring. Orndorff sends Cactus flying through the curtain to the backstage area, and comes back with a shovel and smacks Orndorff several times. The match ends in a DQ.

Good match, but this is the 3rd or 4th time Saturday Night had an inconclusive finish to a match in as many weeks, which hurts the ratings of the match. It would have helped if the match was longer too.

The Z-Man and Johnny Gunn vs. Ali Pasha and Bob Cook

The Z-Man and Johnny Gunn win in a short match that should not have been the main event of the show.

This was a rather weak episode of Saturday Night considering the last few great episodes. Ending on a match between a lower card team that plays jobber to the stars and actual jobbers is just bad booking. I would have either moved that match to earlier, or scrapped it totally and gave the extra minutes to Rhodes and Jack vs. Orndorff and Windham. If that happened, that match could have easily gotten a higher rating.

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