WWF Raw – February 15, 1993


WWF Raw 1993
February 15, 1993
The Manhattan Center
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett, Randy Savage

The show opens with Brutus Beefcake and Ted DiBiase cutting promos about their upcoming match. Jimmy Hart seems tentative about the match.

The Steiner Brothers vs. Glen Ruth and Bobby Who

Naturally, within 3 seconds of Bobby Who’s name being announced, they made a joke about who’s on first. Macho Man was apparently having a difficult time with his microphone throughout the night.

A few seconds in and Scott Steiner hit a massive dragon suplex on Glen Ruth. Rick and Scott throw around both men for a few minutes before they finish them off with a Steinerizer.

Mean Gene offers his WrestleMania IX report where here discusses some of the matchs for the upcoming show.

Yokozuna vs. Ross Greenberg

You can imagine how this one ended. Yokozuna wins by death.

Macho Man fights with Rob Barrlett over his microphone at the end of this match, and Bartlett is suddenly with the mic that barely works. This is an improvement.

Lord Alfred Hayes is on with a special report where he tells us about how Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the first man to knock over Yokozuna. Yokozuna responds with destruction.

Battle Royal

The Competitors:

Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Kamala, Iron Mike Sharpe, Bob Backlund, Kimchee, The Bezerker, Tatanka, Owen Hart, Damian Demento, Tito Santana, Terry Taylor, Koko B. Ware, Typhoon, and Skinner.

Battle Royals are always fun. I imagine they wanted to give the fans a taste of what the fans missed if they didn’t watch the Royal Rumble.

Part way through the match Kamala fights Kimchee all over the building.

Shawn Michaels eliminted Typhoon by himself, which was quite impressive. The final four were Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Tatanka, and Tito Santana.

Michaels was eliminated by Tatanka and Santana, and as they’re about to eliminate Razor, Giant Gonzalez comes into the ring and throws Tatanka and Santana out, thus giving the win to Razor.

Your winner, Razor Ramon!

Nothing special, but certainly an entertaining match.

Brutus Beefcake vs. Ted DiBiase

This wasn’t a terrible match, but it wasn’t a really great one either. Brutus, even though his return from injury was rather miraculous, is still only a mediocre wrestler. With that being said, this was very watchable.

The end of the match comes when IRS comes out and smacks Beefcake in the back with his briefcase as Brutus hits the ropes. The ref sees it and disqualifies DiBiase.


After the match, IRS nails Brutus Beefcake in the face with his briefcase and even Jimmy Hart protested to IRS doing it. When IRS hits him, there was a sickening thud and Beefcake drops like a ton of bricks.

Jimmy Hart comes back in the ring and tries to aid Beefcake. Officials come out and tend to Brutus as Money Inc. leave the ring. Blood is left on the canvas as they stretcher Brutus out.

The show closes with McMahon announcing that Brutus is okay, and that Hulk Hogan might be showing up on next week’s Raw!

The intensity of the last angle raises the grade of this episode of Raw slightly. Far better than the the last one, for sure.

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