WWF Raw – February 22, 1993


February 22, 1993
The Manhattan Center
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett, and Randy Savage

Rob Bartlett introduces the show by saying that he’s found out an important fact: That wrestling fans can spell, as he looks at a Hulk Hogan sign. Sigh.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scott Taylor

Bam Bam vs. the man who would become Scotty 2 Hotty. You know how this one goes. Bam Bam wins after about 3 minutes as the crowd cheers him on (even though he’s a heel. Welcome to New York.) Bam Bam does three diving headbutts, with two from the top rope. The big man can fly.

The next segment is Vince McMahon interviewing Hulk Hogan. He asks Hogan when he’ll be back, and Hogan says the future of Hulkamania is bright. Hogan talks about wanting to be the leader of the 90s for the youth of tomorrow.

Tatanka & The Nasty Boys vs. Shawn Michaels & The Beverly Brothers

At the start of the match, Michaels gets thrown over the top rope and he rolls around with his feet landing on the announce table. Holy cow.

The Nasty Boys do a pit stop, which is when they put someones face in their armpit. It’s nasty, which is appropriate considering their tag team name. To tell the truth, I’ve never really been a fan of the Nasty Boys.

This was a perfectly solid match with fundamental tag team wrestling for the most part. One point that was a  bit perplexing to me is when Knobbs kicks Michaels in the face after Michaels went for a backbody drop, but Knobbs falls over and starts selling like he’s been shot.

Still, not a bad match, and the action with Tatanka and Michaels was quite good. Tatanka sends one of the Beverly’s flying with a massive chop after he tries to break up Tatanka’s pin on Michaels.

The Nasty Boys come in the ring and throw the Beverly’s out, and then chase after them, ignoring that their tag team partner was taking a beating in the middle of the ring.

The end comes when Tatanka reverses Michaels’ backbody drop into a sunset flip.

Solid match. Nothing special, but still pretty good. The only thing was the occasional nonsensical things the Nasty’s did, even though they weren’t too bad overall. The thing that got me the most is when they left Tatanka in the middle of the ring with Michaels standing over him, even though they could have saved their partner.

Sean Mooney interviews a few fans about what they think about Hulk Hogan coming back. They seem excited to that Hulkamania is going to be running wild again. One even predicts he’s going to be Champion again soon.

Crush vs. Terry Taylor

Poor Terry Taylor is manhandled in this match. Crush no sells a ton of his offense. Bartlett impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is as great as when he impersonated Mike Tyson for an entire episode… In response to some comments about politics, Savage says Hogan is neither a Democrat or a Republican, and Vince says that’s he a Hulkamaniac. So Hogan is a fan of Hogan, eh? Actually, that makes sense.

Crush wins after a few minutes with little offense from Taylor.

Vince introduces Hulk Hogan, Real American hits, and the crown goes wild, BROTHER!

“Well you know something Vince McMahon?!?” Hogan delivers his classic first line of a promo. Hogan proceeds to speak about Beefcake and DiBiase, and announces that Brutus is okay. Hogan is angry at what IRS and DiBiase tried to do to Brutus, and he thanks God and Jimmy Hart for being with Brutus and protecting him.

Say what you will about Hogan, but this was a killer promo. That man knows how to work the mic.

Beefcake comes out and claims the power of Hulkamania is running through him, and it’s going to help him get IRS and DiBiase.

Hogan and Beefcake promise that they are coming after Money Inc, and they announce their new manager – Jimmy Hart!

The Undertaker vs. Skinner

We basically only get to see Taker’s intro in this match before Raw goes off the air.

A show that can only be summarized as “Meh.” It had a decent tag match, and Hogan’s promo was very good, but that’s about it. Having the main event cut off before the finish hurt it a bit too, but that can actually add to the “It’s live!” feel, but I was never a fan of it.


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