WCW Saturday Night – February 27, 1993

WCWSaturdayNight_zps0b06dedaWCW Saturday Night – February 27, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura

The show opens with Ric Flair coming through the crowd and promising he’ll be back out later to talk to Tony and Jesse.

Keith Cole (w/ his hair) and Kent Cole (w/ his hair) vs. The Wrecking Crew

Tony: A beal out of the right side, and a dropkick! Arm drag takedown!
Jesse: I’ll you what Schiavone, that’s the funniest looking beal I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s called a hip toss.
Tony: Okay. You just keep those corrections coming there Jess.
Jesse: It’s why I’m the colour man. To keep you in line.

While this match was nothing special, it was a decent opening match, with a surprise ending. The Cole brothers get the win, to a loud reaction from the crowd.

Jesse: You know; I’ve never seen twins more identical than these two (In reference to the Cole brothers).


Too Cold Scorpio vs. Shanghi Pierce

Scorpio flies all over the ring while the fans chant, “Whoop, there it is!” That chant alone adds to the rating of this match. Not a bad match, and the crowd love Scorpio, but even with all his high flying offence, he had difficulty overcoming the strength of Pierce and the interference from Tex Slazinger from ringside. The referee goes down, and Tex tries to interfere, but Scorpio out manoeuvres them and gets the pin.


Johnny B. Badd vs. Mustafa Saied

Johnny B. Badd wins in a short match. Nothing special here.

Missy Hyatt tries to interview Ric Flair, but she gets taken away by security.

The Hollywood Blondes vs. The Z-Man & Johnny Gunn

As always, Pillman and Austin are a highlight of the show. Z-Man and Gunn have a good showing here too. Good back and forth match that ends when Brian Pillman hits a flying forearm on Gunn (I believe), and Austin gets the pinfall when the referee turns back around.


British Bulldog vs. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

This was a quick match that ends when the Bulldog hits a running powerslam.

Davey Boy Smith is interviewed by Tony and he calls out Big Van Vader.

Marcus Bagwell vs. Mike Thor

Bagwell shows that he’s rising up the ranks after he wins with a fisherman’s suplex.

Tony Schiavone interviews Ric Flair. When Flair’s music hits, the crowd goes wild. No wonder, as the man is back. Missy Hyatt tries to get to him again, but security takes her away. Again. Flair cuts a killer promo here. He calls out Dustin Rhodes, Vader, and Barry Windham and tells them that to be the man, they have to beat the man! Wooooooooooo! You could call it a Flair for the Gold.

Maxx Payne vs. T.C. Carter

Terrible match. Payne changed his hair though, and it actually does more for his look. I’m sure with the right guy he could have a decent match (Payne that is), but I just haven’t seen it yet. Payne wins with the Pain Killer armbar.

Pain is interviewed by Tony Schiavone and he calls out Ric Flair. A decent promo. He definitely looks psychotic in his promos, so there’s that.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Wild Bill Irwin

Poor Bill Irwin took a terrible bump at the end of this match when he fell incorrectly after a bulldog from Dustin. Paul Orndorff is on commentary and calling out Dustin Rhodes.

Orndorff asks for a title match and Dustin agrees to a match.

Van Hammer vs. Bobby Baker

Squash match. Van Hammer wins with a slingshot suplex. Van Hammer gets the crowd to chant “We will, we will, rock you” in his favour. What’s a day without Queen? If Queen songs raised the ratings of matches, this would be a 5* match, but alas, it is the wrestling that counts, and this is still a squash match. Also, Jesse Ventura explaining how garbage bags break in incredible detail. It’s awesome.

Vinnie Vegas/Big Sky vs. T.C. McCoy/Terry Travis

So earlier we had T.C. Carter, and now we have T.C. McCoy. Isn’t there a rule against having two guys with the name T.C. on a wrestling card? Big Daddy Vegas and Big Sky win. Another squash? Quite a few of them this episode. More than usual.

Jesse: I know why this guy is angry. Where’s he from again?
Tony: Saskatchewan.
Jesse: Saskatchewan. I mean, you gotta be an angry person to live there.

Hilarious comment, even though I think Tony mistook the province of Saskatchewan for a city in Canada.

Barbarian vs. Rip Rogers

Barbarian wins after a short squash. Rogers does a great job getting the crowd riled up so they cheer wildly when Barbarian nearly ends him.

Jesse: Watch the hair pull. I don’t think the Barbarian needs to pull hair.
Tony: No he doesn’t.
Jesse: Then again he might too.
Tony: Well, make up your mind.
Jesse: I just said he don’t need to. Don’t mean he won’t.
Tony: That should be “He doesn’t need to.” That’s the proper way to say it.
Jesse: That’s what I said, “He don’t need to.”

Steve Regal/Erik Watts vs. Bob Cook/Chris Sullivan

Another meh match here. That doesn’t take away from Regal’s skill in the ring, but meh. The crowd booed Erik Watts pretty badly when he got tagged in. It was followed by several loud “Erik sucks!” chants. Pushed too fast, too early. Unlike the other squash matches on the card, this one actually gets some decent time, and thankfully it’s Regal in the ring far more than Watts. When Watts is tagged back in, he gets booed again, and then get’s a “Daddy’s Boy!” chant. Yep. The end of the match comes when Watts hooks the STF on Sullivan.

During this match, Jesse points out that it’s interesting that Ric Flair and Arn Anderson (who will be interviewed after this match) are back in WCW at the same time. Interesting, indeed, Jesse. You could say it’s four times as interesting as Erik Watts in this match.

A highlight video airs showing the progress in the WCW TV championship tournament.

Arn Anderson comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, and Tony Schiavone asks him about Erik Watts. Anderson cuts a killer promo about the energy that Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Steve Austin, and Brian Pillman brings to the locker room. He says the eagle flew the coop (Bill Watts), and left a little duckling to fend for himself, and how Arn Anderson is going to take him apart. Anderson also talks about a strange cramp in his hand, leaving him with four fingers being up. Holy cow, what a promo. Double A may be one of the most underrated guys on the mic in the wrestling business. So much intensity and emotion.

Barry Windham vs. Brad Armstrong

Good match from these two, but a little underwhelming for a main event. Nonetheless, it’s always a big deal when you see the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Windham hits Armstrong with a killer looking punch at one point:

Jesse: That’ll wake you up. Armstrong’s is done been woken up.
Tony: Done been woken up.
Jesse: That’s what I said. Why do you repeat me all the time. People out there can hear me. They can understand me.
Tony: They can hear you all right. You’re half right.
Jesse: I’m all right.

Huge “We want Flair” chants during this one. The end comes when Windham hits his implant DDT. Good match between these two.


Tony Schiavone interviews Vader (w/ Harley Race). Good lord, Vader towers over Tony Schiavone. Vader says he’s king of the world, and he talks about beating Sting at SuperBrawl. He also calls out Davey Boy Smith. Harley Race talks about Ric Flair, and how no matter who it is, they’ll have to deal with Vader.

Not a very good episode to follow a PPV. The promos from Flair and Anderson really helped a show that was dominated by Squash matches.

Best Match: When basically every match is a squash, it’s hard to pick a best one, but I’ll say Windham vs. Armstrong.
Worst Match: Maxx Payne vs. T.C. Carter
Highlights: Anderson’s promo probably saved this episode. That man is golden on the mic. Flair’s promo was very good too.


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