WWF vs. WCW – February 1993


Ratings Comparison
February 1993


WCW Saturday Night

Feb 1, 1993 – 0.5/5

Feb 5, 1993 – 3/5

Feb 8, 1993 – No Raw

Feb 13, 1993 – 1.5/5

Feb 15, 1993 – 2.5/5

Feb 20, 1993 – 3/5

Feb 22, 1993 – 2/5

Feb 27, 1993 – 2/5

I didn’t include SuperBrawl III in the rating (which got a 4/5), because the WWF didn’t have any PPVs this month. However, it was a show that was superior to the Royal Rumble.

I also didn’t count the Feb 13, 1993 Saturday Night (even though I show the rating), because Raw was not on. By default, their show was better because there was no competition, so that was not included in the final totals.

So WCW wins this month 2 shows to 3, with the WWF tying once. The Raw from Feb 15, 1993 was the best Raw, and the Feb 5 & 20 Saturday Night shows were the best for WCW. The Feb 1 Raw was horrible. As was the Feb 13 Saturday Night.

So for 1993 thus far:

January 1993 – won by WCW (the best match, however, went to the WWF with Flair/Perfect)
February 1993 – won by WCW (for best match, no one was going to top Sting/Vader from SuperBrawl)


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