WWF Raw – March 8, 1993

Raw_First_logoWWF Raw 1993
March 8, 1993
The Manhattan Center
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett, Randy Savage

Hogan and Beefcake open the show with a promo, where Hogan claims he’s been hitting Beefcake in the head with a briefcase all week in order to train for IRS.

… sure Hulk… Sure.

Cue intro.

Money Inc. vs. Tito Santana & Virgil

Nice and solid tag team match to open the show. Good back and forth action, and Virgil and Santana actually had most of the offense, but Money Inc turned it around with a bit of cheating, as DiBiase dropped to floor and tripped Virgil as he hit the ropes. As Virgil turned around to deal with DiBiase, IRS hit him with a back suplex and got the win.

Good opening match. Solid start to the show.

A highlight video airs showing how Tatanka has been on a bit of a roll in pinning Shawn Michaels’ lately.

Rick Martel comes out (dressed as a sailor) and takes the Raw card from the Ring girl walking around and tells her that he’ll show her how it’s done.

Tatanka vs. Phil Apollo

Shawn Michaels joins by phone as this squash match begins. Michaels claims Tatanka got lucky beating him, and that his time is coming! Michaels gaurentees a win for himself at WrestleMania IX. Michaels then hangs up.

Batlett: Shawn Michaels has left the phone booth.

The match itself was nothing special, as Tatanka destroys Phil Apollo.

Mean Gene is back to offer his WrestleMania report.

Bret Hart and Yokozuna (via Mr. Fuji) deliver promos against each other.

Th Undertaker also has a promo against Giant Gonzalez.

Papa Shango vs. Mike Edwards

Before the match, Martel takes the card away from another Ring girl again.

Shango wins after a minute or two with a shoulder breaker.

Bob Backlund vs. Tony Demoro

During this match, McMahon sends Bartlett backstage to interview Rick Martel.

This match was a very old school wrestling match. It had a lot of holds and counter holds, and looked like wrestling from a bygone era. It was actually a very solid match. Backlund wins with a very nice style of pin. I’m not sure how to describe it, so you’ll have to watch and see.

While this was technically a squash, Backlund made it look like it was competitive, thus my rating.

Bartlett interviews Martel about his actions throughout the night. He claims to be a real model.

Mr. Perfect vs. Rick Martel

Mr. Perfect gets a big pop when his music hits. Here we go folks, this should be a good one.

The match opens with a lot of quick exchanges. Vince claims that this is uncut, which makes Macho Man say uncensored, which makes Bartlett say uncooked, which makes Macho Man say uncensored, which makes Vince say uncut. Yikes. Really got to get that tagline in, right?

The exchange of holds continues, including cartwheels to avoid each others moves. This is quite good so far. The pace and intensity doesn’t slow down as it goes on. Mr. Perfect aims to dive of the top rope to hit Martel, who’s on the outside, but the ref pulls him down and they go to a commercial break.

Martel has the advantage when they come back, illustrating the point that this is a back and forth match. Martel locks in a camel clutch, and Bartlett claims that he’s riding Mr. Perfect like a horsey. Yep, you read that right.

Macho Man: That’s the last time we ask you for impressions.

Martel looks to hit a diving splash from the apron into the ring on Mr. Perfect, but Perfect gets the knees up. Perfect has control now, and they go to another commercial break. When they come back, Mr. Perfect has already won. They show the replay of Perfect hitting the Perfect-plex during the break for the win.

RATING: 2.5/5
Solid match. Definitely a decent main event. The finish coming during the commercial break hurt it a little bit, but still, it gives the impression that the show is live and anything can happen, including a match ending during the break. It doesn’t feel forced or contrived.

The show closes with Mr. Perfect bringing the ring girls back out to celebrate his win with them. Simple storytelling throughout the night – Martel gets them to leave, Mr. Perfect brings them back to a great reaction from the crowd. As he does this, Vince runs down what we’ll see on next week’s Raw.

Not a bad episode of Raw, nothing special, but not bad. The match with Perfect and Martel was quite good, and they did a good job of setting up WrestleMania.

Best Match: Mr. Perfect vs. Rick Martel
Worst Match: Papa Shango vs. Mike Edwards/Tatanka vs. Phil Apollo
Highlights: Hulk Hogan claiming that smashing Brutus with a briefcase for a week was training. I’m sure concussions are great for getting ready for a match.


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