WWF Raw – March 15, 1993

Raw_First_logoWWE Raw 1993
March 15, 1993
The Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Rob “Vince McMahon” Bartlett

Monsoon introduces the show, and comments on Bartlett being dressed as McMahon. “McMahon” introduces the show, and the intro plays.

Razor Ramon vs. Ross Greenberg

Bartlett might do a better McMahon than McMahon. He mutters a lot with the occasional “What a maneuver!”

I don’t think Gorilla knows what to with Bartlett.

Monsoon: As far as this youngster, Ross Greenberg is not a Bob Backlund, let’s face it.
Heenan: No he’s not. He’s a lot younger.
Monsoon: That’s not what I meant!
Heenan: That’s what I meant!

Razor beats him around the ring quite a bit, and finishes with the Razor’s Edge to a great reaction from the crowd.

Typhoon vs. L.A. Gore

This one is another squash, where Typhoon makes L.A. Gore reconsider his life decisions that led him to this moment.

They go to a break, and come back to Bobby Heenan berating one of the production staff because they didn’t give him a proper cue, and then they go to another break. Hilarious.

Bobby Heenan interviews Giant Gonzalez (w/ Harvey Wippleman). Wippleman claims that his giant is going to destroy the Undertaker.

Bob Backlund vs. Papa Shango

Barlett was freaking out at one point in this match, and Monsoon says that he thinks he should have a shock treatment.

Heenan: You have one of those stun guns on you?
Monsoon: I wish I did.
Heenan: And the funny thing is, this is the best McMahon’s been.

This match isn’t too bad. Backlund delivers quality wrestling, and Shango has a decent match dragged out of him by a far superior wrestler.

Admittedly, the best part of this show is Heenan and Monsoon reacting to Bartlett as McMahon.

After Bartlett promoted the TV show Matrix on the USA Network with his best Vince impression:

Monsoon: You know the funny part? He’s right.
Heenan: I know. It’s scary. And I’m agreeing with you. Look how bad this is.
Monsoon: We’re in deep trouble.
Heenan: We’re in deep something… snow.
Monsoon: Backlund is in deep trouble right now!

After taking a beating for quite some time, Backlund manages to get a small package pinfall, and he gets the win.

Decent match, greatly improved by how hilarious Heenan and Monsoon are with BartMahon.

Mean Gene is in with his WrestleMania report.

The Nasty Boys vs. The Headshrinkers

Not too bad of a main event, as the Nasty Boys and the Headshrinkers beat each other all around the building.

Heenan: It may be cold outside, but it’s hot in here. Because it’s what?
BartMahon: It’s uncooked, uncooked, and uncooked. It’s Raw!

When they cut to the break, Fatu just kicked Sags in the face and took the advantage. When they come back, The Headshrinkers still have the advantage, and the match breaks down once Samu misses a headbutt of the top rope.

The match goes to the outside of the ring and all four men brawl all over the place and get into the concession area. As they’re fighting, the bell rings for a countout.

Sags smashes Samu with a bucket 3 times, but Samu just punches him in the face and he drops like a ton of bricks, while Fatu no-sells a chairshot from Knobbs. Awesome stuff.

Not a bad match. It certainly had an exciting ending, and played to the strengths of both teams.

A video airs of all the charities and community involvement the WWF has been a part of, and at the end it outright says that Vince McMahon is the president and CEO of the WWF. I thought that wasn’t acknowledged at this point? Also, reading the Wrestling Observer from this time reveals why they did this promotional video. It was a blatant attempt to rehab the image of the company, as it was involved in some rather controversial issues at the time. Read the Observer (link in the sidebar) for more information.

Not a very good episode outside of BartMahon and his interactions with Monsoon and Heenan.


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