WWF vs. WCW – March 1993

Ratings Comparison
March 1993


WCW Saturday Night

March 1 – 2.5/5

March 6 – 1/5

March 8 – 2/5

March 13 – 2/5

March 15 – 1.5/5

March 20 – 1/5

March 22 – DUD

March 27 – 2.5/5

The month of March featured no PPVs in competition with one another, so it just came down to the two main television shows. One week was a draw, so it came down to who won the other weeks. For the month of March, I gave better reviews to the WWF shows in two instances. In the case of March 15/20, Raw was just barely better. However, the March 22 edition of Raw, the go home show for WrestleMania 9 was wretched. Just a horrible edition of Raw. The WWF has won their first month in my ratings!

The ratings so far:

January – WCW
February – WCW
March – WWF


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