WCW Saturday Night – April 3, 1993

WCWSaturdayNight_zps0b06dedaWCW Saturday Night
April 3, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura

The show opens with Van Hammer (I think), driving along on a motorcycle. He catches up to a limo, and the window rolls slowly down to reveal Ric Flair with about 300 women. He says everyone is on their way to Saturday Night! Wooooooo!

Ron Simmons vs. JD Wolff

I think they changed the spelling of Wolfe to Wolff this week. Apparently they can’t decide. Simmons is huge compared to Wolff, and you can imagine how this one goes. Simmons uses a lot of shoulder blocks and gets the win with a big spinebuster.

Paul Orndorff vs. The Italian Stallion

The crowd continues with the Paula chants. Orndorff continues to be angry. He continues to berate the ringside staff about taking care of his robe. Guys, Paul Orndorff is awesome. This should come as no surprise, but he’s so great.

They lock up, and Orndorff immediately begins cheating by grabbing the hair. They continue with a basic match with Orndorff working over Stallion with headlocks. As this happens, Tony & Jesse talk about taxes, and how Orndorff must pay a lot because of how much money he makes. Ventura comments than a lot of wrestlers would want Clinton in the ring. How is this different from today? Many wrestlers in WWE say they need the job to pay their bills. In 1993, the wrestlers are rich, and huge stars (regardless if it’s true or not), and thus, need to pay a massive amount of taxes. Why is this important? It means that back in 1993, the wrestlers were viewed as stars. They didn’t need wrestling to make money, they wrestled because they like to fight. This is how it’s done people. The wrestlers seem larger than life when they’re portrayed as larger than life.

Orndorff wins with a piledriver.

RATING: 2/5 – Actually a very solid match. Orndorff is a heat magnet, as the crowd loves to boo him.

They then show a clip of how the Hollywood Blondes defeated Steamboat & Douglas for the tag team titles.

Tony then interviews the Hollywood Blondes, and Austin tell fans to touch the screen to feel what greatness really is, as it’s the closest they will ever get to being great. Pillman encourages the fans to buy a ticket to see the best tag team in the world, even though the fans make them sick.

Sting promotes WCW Slam Jam while listening to his own theme song

Johnny B. Badd vs. Paul Lee

This was not good. Lee is terrible, and Badd is quite green at this point. Badd wins with a flying sunset flip.

Tony interviews Johnny B. Badd and he says it’s a good day to be bad man. He also claims to be pretty. He wants a title match with Barry Windham.

Vinnie Vegas vs. Rob Morgan

For once, it looks like Vegas doesn’t have the size advantage, or just barely, anyway. Morgan is not very good. He bumps pretty badly for a body slam from Vegas, landing on his tailbone, rather than on his back. Who would have thought that Kevin Nash would look like Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair compared to this guy?

Vegas wins with a snake eyes.

The Wrecking Crew vs. Erik Watts & Brad Armstrong

This match is okay when Armstrong is in the ring, and not so great when Watts is in the ring. They get the heat on Watts for a bit, but Armstrong makes the hot tag and tries for a double headbutt, but both men block and headbutt Armstrong. When the ref is trying to get Watts out of the ring Rage hits an elbow to the back of Armstrong’s head, and they get the win.

Ventura interviews the Cole Twins and explains to them what a fan club is. Well then.

Cactus Jack vs. Tex Slazenger

This is a messy brawl. There are a lot of Ohhhh’s from the crowd, and the crowd even gives a few to Cactus. Cactus does his Cactus Clothesline and they fly to the outside while Shanghai checks on Tex. The future Less-Than-Clothed-Mideon makes his way back into the ring. While the ref is checking on Tex, Shanghai chokes Cactus with a bull rope.

Tex takes control with elbows and powerful offense. A weird moment happens when Tex just falls over in front of Cactus, and Cactus quickly grabs him to make it look like he took him down with a choke. Tex is really bad folks. Tex takes control back and hits a series of elbows and then locks on a chin lock. Tex maintains control for most of the match, getting heat on Cactus. They start slugging it out and Cactus gets the better of him. Cactus does a flip dive from the apron onto Tex on the floor.

Shanghai gets on the apron with the bull rope and Cactus takes him out and grabs the bull rope. As the ref talks to Shanghai, Cactus hits him with the bull rope and Cactus gets the pin!

RATING: 1.5/5 – This was bad, but it was not Cactus’ fault.

Missy Hyatt still wants to talk to Ric Flair. She wants to party with him.

Sting vs. Mike Thor

Sting is said to have won the World Title in London, but lost it in Dublin! Sting, during his entrance, came out to a huge pop, looked scared, walked back through the curtain, and came out again to another big pop. Not sure why he did it, but it made the crowd go nuts. Sting is crazy over, and it’s awesome.

Thor took the advantage after raking Sting’s eyes, but Sting manages to send Thor into the corner, hits the Stinger Splash, and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Sting gets the win! The crowd goes crazy!

Sting cuts a promo about having everyone under one roof (like Flair, Austin, Pillman, etc), and a bunch of fans? You get Saturday Night! Woooo! Not much of a promo, but the crowd goes crazy!

Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas vs. Bob Cook & Randy Sledge

Douglas and Steamboat are looking to get back on the winning trail, trying to build momentum to get their tag team titles back.

Douglas & Steamboat have great fundamental tag team wrestling. There was an awesome moment when Douglas dropkicks Cook, he rolls to the apron, tries to grab the rope but misses, and crashes and burns on the outside with a huge thud. Ouch.

Steamboat hits a flying body press and they get the win!

Barry Windham vs. Joey Maggs

Windham wins quickly with an implant DDT.

Jesse Ventura tries to interview Windham this week, and we shall see if he has better luck than Tony!

Jesse has more luck, as Windham talks, but not about Flair. He talks about Johnny B. Badd, and others, and Windham challenges them all. When Ventura brings up Flair, Windham walks away again!

Cactus Jack promotes the WCW album!

Rick Rude vs. Danny Deese

Rude immediately goes after him. I don’t think this is going to end well for Deese. Rude pummels him repeatedly, and it’s great. Rude gets the win with the Rude Awakening.

Arn Anderson vs. Rex Cooper

Arn is going to smash this guy, and it’s going to be great. Anderson hits him with a big spinebuster for the win! Best spinebuster in wrestling.

Tony interviews Ric Flair! He puts over Anderson and he says he could make a living managing him to the world title! Flair starts to put over the upcoming PPV, Slamboree! The Horsemen are not playing all their cards yet. Anderson goes to give Ric his boots and tells him to get in the ring for a tag match, and the crowd goes nuts! Flair said he’s not ready yet, but Anderson says when the time is right, heads are going to roll! Awesome promo.

RATING: 2.5/5 – Mostly squash matches, but I had a lot of fun watching this episode. Great promos from Flair and Anderson, good storyline advancement, and the stars looked like stars. I loved it for that.


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