WWF Raw – April 5, 1993

Raw_First_logoWWF Raw
April 5, 1993
New York, NY
Commentators: Vince McMahon & Randy Savage

Virgil vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

As Virgil tries to out-wrestle Bigelow, Vince and Macho Man talk about how Mr. Fuji is angry about Hogan winning the title, and that it wasn’t really a sanctioned match. Vigil botches a baseball slide through Bigelow’s legs, so Bam Bam just picks him up and headbutts him. Virgil goes for a crucifix, but Bam Bam falls back crushing him. Bigelow begins to get the heat on Virgil.

As this is going on, Vince mentions how people around Lex Luger’s forearm seem to be getting knocked out quite often. McMahon explains Bartlett’s absence by saying he’s stuck in Las Vegas, having lost everything at the casino WrestleMania weekend. Bigelow has Virgil in a bear hug as the crowd chants to try and get Virgil back into the match.

Virgil manages to break free and hits a horribly botched clothesline from the middle rope, followed up by a botched missile dropkick. Virgil goes for a flying body press from the middle rope, and Bam Bam just side steps him, hits a clothesline and a flying headbutt for the win!

RATING: 0.5/5 – All the botches by Virgil decreased this dramatically. Otherwise, it would have been an okay match, but Virgil is pretty bad in the ring.

Jerry Lawler comes out, making his Raw debut! He refuses to wrestle now due to the fans chanting Burger King at him.

Mene Gene interviews Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji, speaking about how the title match wasn’t sanctioned.

Kimchee vs. Bob Backlund

That Kimchee sure wrestles like a brawler from Brooklyn. Other than that, this match was quite poor. Backlund wins after a few minutes with a bridging pinfall.

RATING: DUD – This was pretty bad, but the crowd cheered.

Damian Demento vs. Jim Brunzell

Bartlett joins by phone and talks about how he has no money to get home. He said McMahon’s cheque bounced, but then made it clear that it didn’t bounce, he just blew it at the tables. Bartlett asks McMahon to send a ticket, and Vince suddenly complains that the call is breaking up, and he hangs up on Bartlett. Okay, that was funny.

This match, however, was not, as Demento destroys Brunzell, getting the win with a knee drop. It looked like he loaded up the knee pad before hand, but McMahon missed the call.

RATING: 1/5 – Another poor match. This has been a pretty terrible follow up to WrestleMania, with the only good stuff being Jerry Lawler, and Bartlett’s desperate attempts to get Vince to give him money so far.

Jerry Lawler comes back out, and looks with disdain towards the crowd and he refuses to wrestle again as they continue to chant Burger King.

The Beverly Brothers vs. The Steiner Brothers

This was a perfectly solid back and forth tag team match. The match opens with Scott dominating for a quite a bit, before tagging in Rick. Rick throws around Blake Beverly a bit before tagging in Scott, but due to some double team tactics behind the ref’s back, The Beverly Brothers manage to get the heat on Scott.

When they come back from break, they are still getting the heat on Scott with lots of nefarious tactics, making Rick go insane in his corner, trying to get in and save Scott. Scott eventually manages to hit a big belly-to-belly overhead suplex, but Scott can’t quite get to Rick. After dodging a legdrop, Scott manages to tag in Rick. Rick destroys everyone, goes for a pinfall after a clothesline, but Bo interferes. Bo goes for an axe handle on Scott, but Scott dodges and he hits Blake. Scott hits a Frakensteiner for the win (even though he wasn’t the legal man in the match)!

RATING: 2/5 – A perfectly acceptable tag match. Far better than anything else on this show, and it showcased the Steiners quite well.

Jerry Lawler vs. Jim Powers

Jim Powers doesn’t let the King get away this time, by attacking him on the outside before he gets into the ring. Every time Powers hits a move Lawler rolls to the outside and gets angry at the fans for chanting Burger King.

Macho Man claims that because of this chant Lawler will have to travel with a Psychiatrist that will charge him $9000 an hour. Sounds about right. Lawler yells at the fans every time he tries to do something, drawing great heat from the audience. Lawler is the master of getting a reaction for doing nothing. It’s great. Lawler trash talks Macho Man, and Macho Man gets a little heated. The crowd wants to see him get in the ring and take Lawler out!

Lawler hits a piledriver, telling Macho Man to watch it, and Lawler gets a pin with a handful of tights!

RATING: 1.5/5 – This match wasn’t anything special, but it was a ton of fun. Lawler is so great at getting the crowd to hate him that he can get the most out of nothing. Lawler did next to nothing in the match, and the crowd absolutely hated him. That’s how it’s done folks. Even with the quality being low, it was still very entertaining. There’s a reason why Lawler can still wrestle in 2017.

Lawler cuts a promo on Macho Man, saying he doesn’t have the guts to get in the ring with him. Macho Man stands up, and the crowd wants to see him fight Lawler.

OVERALL RATING: 1.5/5 – Not a very good episode of Raw. Jerry Lawler was awesome, and the brief segments with Bartlett on the phone were funny too. The tag match was fun, but there wasn’t much else in this show that would be considered must see. It’s a mostly missable episode of Raw.


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