WCW Saturday Night – April 10, 1993

wcwsaturdaynightWCW Saturday Night
April 10, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura

Paul Orndorff vs. Joey Maggs

The crowd is chanting Paula again, and they even have flags with Paula written on them. Good merch idea, as the crowd loves to hold them up to taunt Mr. Wonderful. Orndorff leaves the ring and goes over to Tony & Jesse and he’s tired of this Paula nonsense. He says he’s refusing to wrestle, but Grizzly Smith comes out and tells Paul to get back into the ring or face a fine.

Orndorff hits a huge back suplex and begins to take his rage out on Maggs. Orndorff hits a big piledriver pins Maggs.

Cactus Jack vs. Shanghai Peirce

Cactus takes it to Shanghai early on with Cactus’ brawling style. Jesse Ventura makes the comment that there is nothing uglier than a fat man in a toga. Jesse with a shot at Jim Ross, who wore a toga at WrestleMania IX. Tony said it was best not to respond. While this was happening, Shanghai took control and mocked Cactus’ “Bang! Bang” pose. Shanghai went for an elbow, but missed, but managed to maintain control by distracting the referee as Tex choked Cactus with a bull rope. Cactus manages to send Shanghai into the turnbuckle and hits a double arm DDT for the win!

RATING: 2/5 – This was a perfectly acceptable match, but nothing special. Cactus is still fun to watch.

Tony Schiavone interviews Cactus about how he has become a fan favourite. He says that he wants to add a new chapter to the Cactus Jack story with a championship. He’s going for Vader! He wants to wrestle Vader next week on Saturday Night! Oh man, that should be awesome.

Maxx Payne vs Ronnie Hagen

This was horrid. Payne wins quickly with an armbar. Not quick enough though.

Arn Anderson cuts a promo on Erik Watts, saying that on WCW Main Event they’re going to fight. Anderson then talks about Barry Windham and how he felt good for him for winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Anderson is angry that Windham is snubbing Flair and the Horsemen. Anderson wants a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! What an awesome promo.

Rick Rude vs. Dale Diamond

Rude wastes no time and goes right after Diamond. As Rude destroys Diamond, they show a pre-recorded promo where Rude tells Dustin Rhodes that his time is soon. Rude hits the Rude Awakening, and gets the pinfall.

Dusty Rhodes appears and cuts a promo hyping Slamboree: A Legends Reunion! He talks about all the legends that will be appearing. Dusty has a way with the mic that few others do.

Bobby Eaton & Chris Benoit vs. Johnny Gunn & The Z-Man

Benoit and Gunn start the match, and they start it of fast. Benoit tags out quickly to Eaton, and Gunn tags out to the Z-Man, Tom Zenk. Benoit tags in without Z-Man noticing, and Benoit hits the ropes and hits a huge clothesline on Zenk. Eaton and Benoit hit a double team neck breaker, sending Gunn to the outside. The match takes on a rather wild pace. As Gunn is going for a pin, Eaton hits a leg drop off the top rope onto Gunn. Benoit rolls him over and gets the pin! As this happens Windham comes out and talks about Anderson.

RATING: 1.5/5 – A fast paced tag match that was fun, but nothing great. It was a good warm up for the crowd, as it helped set the pace for the end of the show.

Vader is out with Harley Race to answer the challenge of Cactus Jack. He says Cactus is insane for challenging him. Vader accepts the challenge and says he isn’t hard to find! Harley Race threatens that Vader is going to eat Cactus Jack.

2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. The Wrecking Crew

The crowd goes wild for Scorpio and Bagwell, who dance around the ring before hitting a dropkick. Bagwell and Scorpio take control of the early portions of this match with arm bars and quick tags. Jesse Ventura comes back from backstage and claims there is a lot of yelling happening in the Horseman locker room with Windham not wanting to be a Horseman. This confuses Jesse, and they talk about that for a bit.

Scorpio and Bagwell are still working over one of the Wrecking Crew, and the crowd is going nuts for Scorpio doing a headlock. That should tell you how over he was with the crowd in Atlanta. The Cole Twins look on as Bagwell and Scorpio maintain control and work over the leg of Rage.

The string of good luck finally ends when Rage blocks a cross body from Bagwell. They start to get the heat on Bagwell, with Rage & Fury working over Bagwell. Bagwell goes for a sunset flip on Fury, but can’t get him over. Scorpio kicks Fury and he goes down! Fury kicks out, and it doesn’t take long for them to get back in control. After hitting the ropes, Fury eats an elbow from Bagwell, and he manages to make the hot tag to Scorpio as the crowd goes crazy.

Scorpio ends up hitting the 450 Splash on Fury while Bagwell keeps Rage from breaking the pinfall and 2 Cold Scorpio & Bagwell get the win!

RATING: 2/5 – Another solid tag match. Scorpio is crazy over, and it’s actually really cool to see the connection he has with the crowd. Too bad WCW didn’t push him harder. They had a real star in him.

Schiavone & Bagwell are interviewed by Tony and they claim they’re going straight to the top. They bring the Cole Twins over, who they claim are another top team. Barry Windham comes out and pushes the rookies away and claims he wants to fight Anderson. Arn Anderson comes out and starts brawling with Windham! The show closes with Anderson sending Windham running. Great angle to end the show with.

OVERALL RATING: 2/5 – This was a really fun episode of Saturday Night. None of the matches were great, but I loved the Anderson promo and the closing angle with Windham. I hope that’s a match we see down the road, as Anderson has a ton of fire and has really made me look forward to it.


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