WWF Raw – April 12, 1993

wwfrawWWF Raw
April 12, 1993
Poughkeepsie, NY
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, & Rob Bartlett

The show opens with the Beverly Brothers telling Money, Inc. about how to beat the Steiners. Did they take their own advice? Because I remember them losing last week.

IRS talks about taxes. Like he usually does.

IRS vs. Scott Steiner

Scott overpowers IRS from the start of the match, but IRS manages to hit an enzuigiri to Scott, taking control of the match. However, IRS makes the fatal mistake of hitting the ropes and Scott makes him pay with a body slam, and then repeated power moves to overpower and out wrestle IRS.

IRS, using less than noble tactics, manages to take control briefly, but Scott hits a massive suplex, and IRS rolls to the outside. When they come back from break, IRS is in control. IRS goes to the top rope, goes for a dive, but Scott gets his foot up. IRS is sent to the ropes and gets nailed with an elbow. Scott sends him to the corner, and IRS crashes to the mat. Scott hits a tiger suplex, but DiBiase interferes and the ref DQs him. As Scott and Rick go for a bulldog, The Beverly’s come out and attack from behind. When they go for a double clothesline, Scott ducks, and they hit DiBiase.

RATING: 2/5 – Not a bad match, but the finish was pretty terrible. However, it leads to a decent angle.

The Beverly Brothers don’t like the disrespect from Money, Inc and they turn on IRS! DiBiase manages to escape the ring before they get there.

Tatanka vs. Von Krus

Doink comes out and taunts some fans. This match is otherwise terrible. Tatanka hits several hard chops on Von Krus. Tatanka wins after a Samoan Drop.

Sean Moony hypes up the encore of WrestleMania IX.

Rob Bartlett is out to interview Luna Vachon. She cuts a promo about how she hates Sherri. It was poor. Sherri Martel comes out. They brawl. Sherri takes out Bartlett and hits a suplex on Luna. Bartlett tries to get between them, and he gets run off. They brawl until the officials break them up. Not very PG for 1993.

Papa Shango vs. Scott Taylor

This is a quick squash, where the future Scotty 2 Hotty gets destroyed by the future Kama… I mean Godfather… I mean Goodfather… I mean Godfather, again? Shango wins with a big shoulder breaker. Before the end of the match, Bartlett makes his way back to ringside from the backstage area, looking like he’s been beaten up. I guess we can blame Sherri & Luna for that.

Friar Ferguson vs. Chris Duffy

I can’t even say anything about how stupid Friar’s gimmick was. How did they ever think this was going to work? Really? This? I can almost understand Doink and even Duke the Dumpster (who arrives later), but this? Really Vince? Really?

Friar Ferguson wins after a very short match that still went too long. It’s so bad for a squash match that I have to rate it.

RATING -3/5 – That’s right! -3. It’s horrible. This was the main event of the show folks. THE MAIN EVENT. It drags the entire show down.

Money, Inc. cuts a promo accepting the challenge of The Beverly Brothers. The Beverly Brothers attack them from behind as the show fades to black.

RATING: -1/5 – This was a horrible Raw. Scott Steiner vs. IRS was okay, but the rest was horrible.


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