ECW – April 19, 1993

ecwEastern Championship Wrestling
April 19, 1993
Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful & Terry Funk

Eddie Gilbert comes out and apologizes to Terry Funk for mistreating him for the last few weeks, and says he’s sorry. Funk claims he’s not going to turn his back on Gilbert.

The Super Ninja & The Canadian Wolfman vs. The Super Destroyers (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins) – ECW Tag Team Championship

The fans chant K-Mart Suit at Hunter Q. Robbins III, which is one of those early ECW chants, but certainly not one he’s known for. They then chant a more vulgar chant that becomes popular in the WWF in the late 90s. This match is pretty bad. This Wolfman is horrible. After beating on The Canadian Wolfman for a few minutes they drag him over to his own corner and force the tag out to the Super Ninja. The Super Ninja hits a dropkick. The Super Destroyer acts like a speck of dust fell on him. The Super Destroyers win after a big back senton from one of the Destroyers.

Terry Funk gets up to interview Hunter Q. Robbins, and Hunter claims Funk is disrespecting him. Before it can go any further, a chair appears out of nowhere and smashes Funk! It’s Eddie Gilbert! So much for respecting Terry Funk. He beats on Funk with the chair, and leaves him lying on the ground.

Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka (w/ Eddie Gilbert) – ECW TV Title Tournament Semi-Final Match

Eddie Gilbert jumps on commentary and does a great impression of Terry Funk, mocking him. Can the undefeated Cairo remain undefeated? Or will Snuka be able to stop the Ironman? Cairo, in the early portions of this match, out wrestles Snuka with headlocks, and other basic moves. Snuka finally manages to escape with a huge back suplex on Cairo. Gilbert manages to hit Cairo in the face with Terry Funk’s coffee while the ref is taking to Snuka, though the camera misses it and all you see is liquid splashing all over the ring in the corner of the screen. Throughout this match, Gilbert jumps on commentary, and beats up Cairo on the outside of the ring.

Gilbert sends Cairo back into the ring and Snuka hits a piledriver. Cairo kicks out. Gilbert jumps on the apron and grabs Cairo. As Snuka goes to hit Cairo, Cairo moves and hits Gilbert. Cairo smashes Snuka and Gilbert’s heads together, causing Snuka to fall over and take out the ref! Cairo rolls Snuka up, and clearly has the pin, but the ref is out! Johnny Hotbody comes out and attacks Cairo. As Cairo deals with Hotbody, Snuka receives a foreign object from Gilbert and punches Cairo! Snuka hits the Superfly Splash and gets the 1-2-3.

RATING: 2/5 – This was a bit of a mess, but it was still a fun match. Chaotic booking, but it was still entertaining. Snuka advances to the finals of the TV title tournament.

Gilbert cuts a promo talking about how he has driven Terry Funk out of ECW and that the fans can look to Eddie Gilbert, Snuka, and Hotstuff International, as they own the show now.

Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert – ECW TV Title Tournament Semi-Final Match

Gilbert grabs the mic and gives Osbourne a chance to leave, but Osbourne doesn’t accept. Eddie also guarantees that Snuka will leave as TV champ, so if he wins, he’s just going to lie down for Snuka. The director tells Stevie Wonderful that Funk is a little more mad than hurt, which doesn’t bode well for Eddie Gilbert.

This match starts slow with Gilbert angry at the fans, but it doesn’t take long to spill to the outside where Gilbert grabs a table and props it up against the ring. Gilbert smashes Osbourne into the table, and waits for Osbourne to get back into the ring. Gilbert uses every dirty trick in the book, leaving Osbourne at a disadvantage in the early part of this match. The fans start to clap to get Osbourne back into the match, but Gilbert yells, “No!”

When they both get up, they hit shoulder blocks to each other and both go down. When they get back up Osbourne hits a flying clothesline and a big back body drop. Osbourne hits 10 punches in the corner, as the crowd cheers. Gilbert pulled a foreign object out of his trunks and hits Osbourne with the brass knuckles! The ref didn’t see it, and Osbourne is pinned by Gilbert! Jay Sulli tells the ref that Gilbert used the brass knuckles. The ref examines Gilbert and finds them. The ref reverses the decision! Osbourne is going to the finals!

RATING: 1/5 – Not a very good match, but it did tell a good story. Gilbert’s cheating eventually came back to bite him, and he ended up losing the match due to it. Modern wrestling – take note – heels should get their comeuppance! *stares at Stephanie McMahon, who the babyfaces never get to have a win over*

After the match, Gilbert goes after Jay Sulli, saying he cost him the match. As he does this, WHAM! A chair out of nowhere! Terry Funk attacks Gilbert and beats him all over the ringside area as the crowd chants Terry’s name. This was awesome. I know this is a shocker folks, but Terry Funk is awesome. Funk cuts a promo on Gilbert saying he’s going to fight Gilbert! Absolutely awesome promo from Funk.

Jay Sulli interviews Peaches about her kissing Sandman last week. She claims he has big muscles. Well then.

The Rockin’ Rebel comes out and wants to talk to Peaches. He claims he has it all, and that Sandman is fat. Peaches slaps the Rebel who rolls into the ring and begins to attack Frank Cody.

The Rockin’ Rebel vs. Frank Cody

This match is over before it even starts, as Rebel gets the win after a spinebuster.

After the match, Rebel grabs Peaches by the hair and brings her into the ring. Sandman attacks Rebel before he can do anything to Peaches. Tygra (the other ring girl) attacks Sandman to get him off Rebel. Rebel grabs Sandman’s surfboard and smashes The Sandman with it, breaking it over Sandman’s head. Sandman is out!

Glen Osbourne vs. Jimmy Snuka (w/ Eddie Gilbert) – ECW TV Title Tournament Final Match

Stevie Wonderful is in the back checking on Sandman, so Tod Gordon joins Jay Sulli to call the match. Gilbert does a good job distracting Osbourne, letting Snuka get the advantage. Osbourne isn’t taking it though, and Osbourne slams Snuka. Snuka sends Osbourne flying into the ref, and as Osbourne has the pinfall, Gilbert runs in and hits him with a big elbow. While the ref is down Snuka hits the Superfly Splash, and the ref wakes up and counts the 3. Jimmy Snuka is your new ECW Television Champion.

RATING: DUD – This was quick, and not very good. Not a good way to end the tournament.

Stevie Wonderful is backstage checking on Sandman (and the graphic displaying Wonderful’s name says “Stevie Wonderfool?” which is somewhat amusing). Peaches says Sandman is quite hurt and that they’re waiting for the doctor. Peaches is crying, and quite worried about Sandman.

RATING: 2/5 – This was the best episode of ECW yet, with some great angles, and really bad wrestling. The angles made up for a lot of the poor wrestling, especially with Terry Funk. Once Funk starts wrestling, I think that the product will improve in the ring. Nonetheless, quality matches aren’t everything, and having a good story can go a long way. ECW has that at the moment.


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