WWF Raw – April 19, 1993

wwfrawWWF Raw
April 19, 1993
Poughkeepsie, NY
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, & Rob Bartlett

Money, Inc. and the Beverly Brothers cut promos on each other.

Razor Ramon vs. Virgil

Razor drags a decent match out of Virgil here, showing how great a worker Scott Hall really is. Of course, I as I write this Virgil botches a school boy roll up. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent match as Razor works Virgil over with his classic arm wringer/shoulder smash moves.

Virgil manages to make a comeback, even hitting a flying clothesline on Razor, but it doesn’t last long as Razor dodges a flying cross body and hits the Razor’s Edge for the 1-2-3!

RATING: 2/5 – This was a actually a pretty decent match, as mentioned before. Razor looked great in the match, and it’s something to be able to say that you had a good match with Virgil, but Scott Hall did it.

Giant Gonzalez (w/ Harvey Whippleman) vs. L.A. Gore

Well, given his last name, Gore might be left in a puddle of his last name by the end of this match. Gonzalez destroys Gore quickly. It’s horrible, because Gonzalez is horrible.

Luna cuts a promo on Sherri, talking about how she’s going to destroy her. It was terrible.

Tatanka vs. Art Thomas

Art Thomas goes right after Tatanka, but I imagine this won’t work well. This doesn’t last long before Tatanka starts chopping him like crazy, and soon thereafter, Tatanka hits a Samoan Drop for the pinfall.

Money, Inc. vs. The Beverly Brothers – Non-Title Match

The Beverly Brothers take it to Money, Inc. quickly in this match, sending them to the outside of the ring where they try to regroup. Blake Beverly and DiBiase start the match exchanging holds. The Beverly Brothers get the heat on Ted DiBiase, which is weird, as The Beverly Brothers are the babyfaces in this match. It seems this might not be a full-fledged face turn for the Beverly’s as they use some heel tactics on Money, Inc.

The Beverly Brothers keep tagging in an out to keep control of the match, but good things don’t last forever as when Raw comes back from the break, Money, Inc. have control and are cheating to do so. They spend a bit getting the heat on Bo Beverly. Blake eventually gets the hot tag and runs wild, but part way though he tags Bo back in. Bo looks like he doesn’t want to be in there, but he takes it to DiBiase anyway. I don’t know if IRS missed his cue the first time or something else, but they basically go back to the exact same spot, but IRS manages to break up the pinfall. As Blake holds DiBiase, Bo goes for a clothesline, but DiBiase ducks and Bo hits Blake. DiBiase gets a roll up for the pinfall.

RATING: 2/5 – This match wasn’t bad at all, but it was weird. The finish was weird too. Nonetheless, it was a good enough tag match that was still entertaining.

Vince McMahon brings out Bret Hart for an interview, and Bret gets a huge pop. It’s clear that Hogan might be the champ, but Bret is the man. Bret talks about the WrestleMania main event, and how he’s used to being the underdog. Bret even likes going into the ring as a underdog, and he promises that he isn’t done. Bret has lost championships before, but he will win the WWF Championship back again! Great promo from Bret.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Phil Apollo

As you can guess, this doesn’t go long, as Bam Bam destroys Phil Apollo with some high impact offence. Part way though the match, Doink makes an appearance. Bigelow absolutely kills Apollo with a back senton, and Bam Bam climbs to the top rope and hits a flying headbutt for the win.

After the bell, Bam Bam does it again. As that happens Friar Ferguson comes out to check on Apollo, and the fans go mild as Ferguson dropkicks Bigelow to the outside.

OVERALL RATING: 2/5 – Bret Hart’s promo was great, the tag match between Money, Inc. and The Beverly Brothers was fine, and Razor/Virgil was surprisingly good for a Virgil match, but everything else was pretty bad. The show closing angle with Ferguson made it even worse. However, because of the good moments I mentioned, I feel compelled to give this show a 2/5. Just don’t expect anything special out of it.


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