ECW – April 26, 1993

Eastern Championship Wrestling
April 26, 1993
Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful

As Sulli and Wonderful introduce the show, Eddie Gilbert comes out to a big pop and comments that he ran Terry Funk out of ECW. He claims that he defeated Terry Funk in an I Quit match, and asks the production guy to role the footage. The footage shows a match between Terry Funk and Gilbert somewhere as they brawled all over the arena. Before we can see what happened, Tod Gordon claims that the rest of it wasn’t allowed due to censorship, but he assures the audience that Terry Funk is not gone from ECW.

Hunter Q. Robbins cuts a promo about Larry Winters & Tony Stetson, talking about putting $500 on the line along with the Tag Team Titles.

Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs. The Super Destroyers (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins) – ECW Tag Team Championship Match

Winters and Stetson go right after the champs, looking to not only win the tag team championships, but also the $500. The crowd taunts Robbins with K-Mart Suit chants, but it doesn’t seem to bother The Super Destroyers who soon manage to get control again. Cheating becomes the standard fare of the match, as the Destroyers try their hardest to keep Winters and Stetson at bay.

Winters eventually locks in a Figure Four (~!) leglock, so one of the Super Destroyers grabs Hunter’s cane and smashes Winters causing Winters and Stetson to win by DQ.

RATING: 1/5 – Well, they at least kept this match to the basics to avoid exposing anyone’s lack of ability, so it was watchable, but it was not a good match. The finish was pretty bad too.

Glen Osbourne vs. Sal Bellomo – To Determine the #1 Contender for the TV Title

Before the match starts, Eddie Gilbert comes out trying to make an announcement, but Osbourne gets in a shoving match with him. As Osbourne is looking at Eddie, Don Muraco and Jimmy Snuka make their way down to the ring. Don Muraco is the newest member of Hotstuff International. Looks like the match isn’t going to happen.

Chris Candido and Johnny Hotbody cut a promo about making their debut as a tag team and how they want to be called Christopher and Jonathan now.

The Suicide Blondes (Christopher Candido & Jonathan Hotbody) vs. JT Smith & Tommy Cairo

The Suicide Blondes are announced as a combined weight of 600 pounds, including their ego, which is awesome.

Sulli notes right away that Hotbody is a part of a tag team that has “Blondes” in the name, even though he has black hair. Apparently, it’s a dark blonde.

Hotbody and Cairo start the match and exchange holds early on. JT Smith tries to get in the ring as the Blondes double team Cairo, but only serves to distract the ref. This happens several times as Cairo tries to make a comeback. Cairo somehow manages to make the tag, but JT Smith rather foolishly starts beating on Hotbody in Hotbody’s corner, showing how green he is.

JT Smith and Cairo actually keep up the quick tags as they work over the left arm of Chris Candido. Hotbody tries to run in, but Cairo backdrops him while holding onto Candido, and Cairo sends them flying all over the ring. Once Candido makes his way back into the ring he spits at JT Smith, causing Smith to run in without a tag, leaving Cairo to be sent over the top rope by Candido. Hotbody hits a flying elbow of the apron sending crashing onto Cairo.

Later on, JT Smith manages to hit Candido with his moonsault, but Johnny Hotbody hits a big elbow smash onto JT Smith to stop him from pinning Candido. Candido rolls him over and gets the 1-2-3.

RATING: 1.5/5 – This match was a bit all over the place. JT Smith is talented, but still green, and looked a little lost in parts of the match. The back and forth, rather than traditional tag structure, probably hurt the match too as it gave little time to build the heat.

Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka (w/ Eddie Gilbert) vs. The Hell Raisers

Snuka and Muraco win this one pretty quickly.

Jay Sulli talks about what happened to Sandman last week with the Rockin’ Rebel attacking Peaches and then smashing Sandman with his own surfboard.

The Rockin’ Rebel (w/ Tygra) vs. Sandman (w/ Peaches) – The ECW Heavyweight Championship

The match is joined in progress as Sandman works over the arm of the Rebel. Sandman goes for an arm drag but The Rockin’ Rebel blocks it and hits a clothesline. As the ref turns his back, Tygra chokes Sandman. Sandman continues to eat strikes, clotheslines and other moves as The Rebel stays in control. Every time the ref turns his back Tygra chokes and attacks Sandman.

Sandman turns it around in the corner of the ring and hits a bit missile dropkick on Rebel. As Rebel looks to be in trouble, Tygra runs in and attacks the Sandman for a DQ. Peaches will have none of that and attacks Tygra. Sandman wins by DQ.

RATING: 1/5 – There was nothing wrong with this match, but it’s length and finish hurt it quite a bit. For a Sandman match without weapons, it was actually pretty decent, even though Sandman hit the absolute worst looking missile dropkick I’ve ever seen.

A video airs recapping the ECW TV Title tournament airs. The show ends with Hunter Q. Robbins III being angry that Stetson & Winters are getting a rematch for the tag titles next week.

OVERALL RATING: 1.5/5 Nothing was offensively bad on this show, but it was more boring than anything. None of the matches were great, but none of them were DUD level horrible. Not much else to say but that it does a decent job building to the next week.


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