WWF Raw – April 26, 1993

April 26, 1993
New York, NY
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, & Bobby Heenan

Bartlett is out, Heenan is in, thank goodness.

Damian Demento vs. Mr. Perfect

Apparently, Bartlett quit because Heenan was going to be on the show. Demento might be having a conversation with Bartlett, as Heenan implied Bartlett died, and Demento was talking to the sky.

Vince comments that Damian is losing it on Raw, but that it was a nice place to lose it. Well then, I guess that’s comforting? Perfect wins this match after a few minutes with a Perfect-plex.

A young lady reads a poem she wrote about how there is no hope with drugs. It ends with Undertaker saying, “There’s no hope with dope.”

Heenan has a scoop, and talks about how one of the fans is going to propose to his girlfriend. Heenan is apparently going to make sure she says no.

Lex Luger vs. Crush

As Luger comes out, they explain that he has a steel plate in his arm, and that’s why he has been knocking people out with it easily. As Luger and Crush go for a test of strength, it looks like Crush is getting the upper hand, but Luger doesn’t like that. Crush eventually hits a Gorilla Press on Luger, and Luger rolls out of the ring and screams, “What was that?!” in shock.

Luger can’t seem to get the upper hand as Crush hits arm drags and dropkicks on Luger. After Crush misses a charge into the corner, Luger hits a knee into Crush’s back, knocking him to the outside. Luger goes out and begins to work over Crush’s back on the outside, potentially opening him up for the Torture Rack, one of Luger’s finishers.

They roll back in and Luger continues to attack the back of Crush. Crush eventually gets away and manages to lock in the Coconut Crush on Luger, but Crush lets it go when he sees Doink the clown in the balcony and Crush invites him down to the ring. Doink points across the room to another Doink. As Crush’s back is turned, Luger hits Crush with the forearm, and Crush spills to the outside where he is counted out. Lex Luger wins by count out.

RATING: 1.5/5 – This was a pretty poor match. No one really botched anything, but Luger needs a good opponent to work with in order to have a good match, and crush is not one of them.

An ad airs for the upcoming King of the Ring PPV!

Mr. Huges vs. Jason Knight

Do I have hives? Because I’m allergic to Jason. Sorry, ECW reference, and this isn’t ECW.

As this match goes on, Heenan is seen watching TV. He comments that the Atlanta Braves can’t win a game. A little shot at WCW’s parent company. He also briefly watches TNT, the future home of Nitro. Mr. Hughes wins with a big slam after a few minutes.

A hype video airs for The Smoking Gunns, Billy and Bart Gunn.

Vince McMahon is in the ring, and he brings out Shawn Michaels for an interview. Michaels talks about how he hates coming to the dump known as New York City. HBK talks about how he doesn’t need help, as he won the IC title himself. The crowd chants a rather vulgar chant at Shawn that Bobby Heenan claims is “Shawn is great!” Michaels also addresses Jim Duggan and Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect comes out and Shawn runs as Perfect chases him.

A video airs showing Tatanka coming to the aid of Sherri as she is threatened by Tatanka. Tatanka is then seen being attacked backstage by Bam Bam.

Typhoon vs. Von Krus

Typhoon wins this one quickly as Vince McMahon refers to Von Krus as Von Krush. Jim Duggan calls in and talks about Shawn Michaels and his title shot next week. Heenan and Duggan get into an argument with Heenan, but finishes by saying he’s going to win the title from Michaels next week.

Heenan grabs a mic and interviews Paul & Louise, and Paul asks Louise to marry him. She said yes! Heenan asks if they will get married on Monday Night Raw, and they say no.

OVERALL RATING: DUD – This was another poor episode of Raw. It was memorable for the marriage proposal, but that’s about it. Heenan was a vast improvement over Bartlett. Everything else was missable, though HBK’s promo was very good.


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