WWF vs WCW vs ECW – April 1993

WWF vs. WCW vs. ECW
April 1993
Ratings Comparison

April 3 – 2.5/5 April 5 – 1.5/5 April 5 – 1/5
April 10 – 2/5 April 12 – -1/5 April 12 – 1.5/5
April 17 – 2.5/5 April 19 – 2/5 April 19 – 2/5
April 24 – 4/5 April 26 – DUD April 26 – 1.5/5

WrestleMania IX was not included in the ratings because it was the only major show. However, I’m not convinced it would have helped the WWF, as it was a rather poor WrestleMania.

For April 1993, WCW takes the clear win, in my opinion. They actually won all 4 weeks according to my ratings. I absolutely loved the April 24 Saturday Night due to how awesome the angle was between Vader and Cactus, and that stole the show for memorable moments from April 1993.

We saw an addition of a new competitor in ECW in April 93, and they actually bested Raw, in my opinion, making Raw the worst show of April 93. The key with ECW is that while the shows were not great by any stretch of the imagination, they were consistent. Raw has potential to do some great things, but its’ a long way from being a very good show. I know the next few episodes coming up in May feature a really great match between Shawn Michaels and Jim Duggan, so that should help them out.

Regardless, it is my estimation that WCW was the best promotion in terms of television in April 1993. With Slamboree coming up, it should be interesting to see what they do to promote it. The WWF’s followup to WrestleMania IX has been weak so far, and that’s disappointing considering the big angle they did with Hogan.

Here is the summary of this year so far:

January – WCW
February – WCW
March – WWF
April – WCW


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