WCW Saturday Night – May 1, 1993 Review

WCW Saturday Night
May 1, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura

The Blackhearts vs. Dave Heart & Mike Winner

This is a quick squash designed to introduce Blackheart Apocalypse and Blackheart Destruction. They’re not very good, look quite generic. They spend the whole match screeching, for some reason. They win with a very ugly looking double team middle rope Power Bomb.

Tony and Jesse are talking about Slamboree when Paul Orndorff comes in and starts yelling about the match he is going to have with Ron Simmons later, as it’s longer than the 10-minute time limit that is traditionally in place for TV title matches. Why is it 15 minutes? Orndorff wants to know. I would venture to guess it has to do with his nefarious tactics in other matches, and the fact that Simmons beat him last week.

Junkyard Dog & Jim Neidhart vs. Chic Donovan & Rip Rogers

Dick Slater makes his way out to ringside as this match happens. He seems to be watching JYD and Neidhart quite closely. Schiavone calls Neidhart odd as he gets in the ring with Rogers, which is an understatement. JYD and Neidhart beat Donovan and Rogers all over the ring, using their power to keep control. Neidhart gets the win after a few minutes with the Million Dollar Dream. Another quick squash in the early part of this show.

Eric Bischoff hypes Slamboree 93 and runs down the big matches of the card with Vader vs. The British Bulldog for the WCW Heavyweight Championship, and Barry Windham vs. Arn Anderson for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Gordon Solie also talks about the legends that will be appearing, including Nick Bockwinkle.

The Hollywood Blondes vs. Rex Cooper & The Italian Stallion

While Austin and Pillman beat the Stallion around the ring, a promo airs in the split screen and the Blondes talk about why they are not going to talk about Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas anymore. Pillman and Austin win after a double top rope splash on Cooper.

Tony and Jesse talk about what happened to Cactus and Vader last week, indicating that Cactus Jack’s career might be over. They show a replay of what happened, and when they come back they talk to the trainer who explains the severity of the injuries that Cactus suffered.

Scott Norton vs. The Z Man

Norton wins by death. Of course, by death, I mean powerslam. Zenk is actually taller than Norton, but Norton is way, way bigger. Norton wins very quickly. I’m not sure how no US promotion ever pushed Norton, as he’s awesome.

Jesse Ventura interviews Norton, who says he wants respect, and he’s going to take it. As the interview ends, Col. Rob Parker walks into the camera shot to talk to Ventura. He gives Ventura a cigar. Col. Rob Parker gives Tony Schiavone a cigar, and talks about how he’s a promoter and he’s looking talent to promote. He’ll be back next week with a contract for a person he is looking to make the greatest star of all time.

Barry Windham vs. Pez Whatley

Windham works over Whatley slowly, targeting Whatley’s arm with armbars, strikes, and slams. This one doesn’t last long, and Windham hits a sloppy looking implant DDT for the win. After the win, Windham puts up the Four Horsemen sign, which is odd. Playing mind games with Arn?

Jesse Ventura leaves for Hollywood, apparently.

The Assassin cuts a promo about all the legends that are going to be at Slamboree.

Next up is A Flair for the Gold, Ric Flair’s new talk show, with a fancy set and everything! Flair introduces his maid, Fifi, and then his first guest, Big Van Vader.

Flair makes sure Vader is given food and a drink. Vader talks about how he is the hunter, not the hunted. He’s tired of hearing about everyone else, and how he’s the man. Vader is super intense here, and it’s awesome. Vader claims that Bulldog is going to go through Vader’s school of pain, just like Sting and Ron Simmons did. Flair asks why Vader wears a mask, and Vader grabs Flair. The crowd erupts, hoping to see a fight. Vader says he wears the mask because he likes it.

Vader has a question for Flair. He asks, “Who’s the man?” Vader asks Fifi, and she says that Ric Flair is the man. Vader challenged Flair to put on his tights as he wants to fight Ric. They’re building a match between these two, and it was awesome. Flair says his guest will be Barry Windham next week.

Blackjack Mulligan comes out and cuts a promo about Slamboree, as he will be one of the legends that joins them for the PPV. Mulligan sticks around for commentary, as a brawl breaks out in the ring between The Cole Twins, 2 Cold Scorpio & Bagwell, The Wrecking Crew, and Tex & Pierce.

The Cole Twins (w/ their hair), & 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce, & The Wrecking Crew

After a wild start, the match settles down and the Wrecking Crew start to overpower Keith Cole (or Kent, who can tell?). It doesn’t take long for all men to get into the ring again, as the babyfaces hold the heels at bay. Tex wants to fight 2 Cold Scorpio, so the Cole Twin obliges and he’s in to fight Tex. Despite the size difference, Scorpio manages to out wrestle Tex. Scorpio goes for a crucifix, and Tex botches dropping down to the ring to crush him. Yep.

Bagwell comes in after a hot tag from one of the Cole Twins, but the Wrecking Crew cheat to stay in control and they start to get the heat on Bagwell. Bagwell gets the boot up to block an attack and makes the hot tag to one of the Cole Twins. The match gets out of control as all 8 men start brawling all around the ring. After Scorpio saves one of the Cole Twins from getting hit with a bull rope, the Cole Twin starts hitting everyone with it and the match ends in DQ.

RATING: 1.5/5 – Not too bad, but not great. It was a bit wild and all over the place, but it was a fun match to watch. Nothing too memorable, other than Mulligan constantly pronouncing Schiavone incorrectly, which was quite funny.

Ron Simmons vs. Paul Orndorff – 15 Minute Time Limit – WCW Television Championship

Simmons hits a huge dropkick on Orndorff to start the match. The crowd continues to taunt Orndorff with Paula chants, and the angrier he gets, the more they chant. Orndorff is a master at this, folks. Simmons beats Orndorff around the ringside area, but as they come back into the ring, Orndorff starts to get the heat on Simmons. While the match is going on they show backstage where Dustin Rhodes is with Dusty in the training room.

Part way through, it looks like Orndorff hurt his knee. Simmons takes advantage of it and begins to work over Orndorff’s left leg. As Simmons is working over the leg, they go back to the training room again, and the table has been turned over with no sign of Dustin anywhere. Simmons manages to lock in a Figure Four Leglock on Orndorff, but Orndorff gets to the ropes. Simmons charges, but Orndorff locks in a sleeper hold.

Simmons gets driven face first into the turnbuckle, and Orndorff hits a big back suplex. Orndorff, while limping, continues to take it to Simmons. These two are going to war in this match as the time limit for the match approaches. Orndorff goes to the top rope but Simmons gets his foot up. There is less than 3 minutes left in the match, and Simmons is in control. Simmons picks up the pace, trying to finish Orndorff off with a huge powerslam, but Orndorff kicks out. Orndorff manages to dump Simmons to the outside of the ring as he tries to get the time limit of the match to run out.

Simons hits pulls a huge flying shoulder block, but Orndorff pokes him in the eye and Simmons accidently hits the referee. Orndorff pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, but Simmons takes them an nails Orndorff! Simmons gets the 1-2-3, but Nick Patrick, the referee, notices that Simmons used the knuckles and DQs Simmons!

RATING: 3/5 – The finish for this match sucked, but the match itself was very good. Absolutely worth the wait, as both men worked very hard, and Paul Orndorff shows why he is very, very underrated. I hope we see another one soon, as both men put in a great effort here an made the championship look important because of how hard they were fighting for it.

As Dustin Rhodes music hits Rick Rude comes out and claims that Dustin had an accident in the backstage area. Dustin fights out of the backstage area as Dusty Rhodes tries to hold him back. Rude continues to taunt him, and Dustin breaks free and attacks Rude, diving through the middle ropes! They brawl all over the place as the show closes with another awesome angle this week. This was absolutely insane, and how a pull apart brawl should be done. This was so great.

RATING: 3.5/5 – Another great episode of WCW Saturday Night. A good portion of the show was dominated by squash matches, but they were all watchable. The match between Simmons and Orndorff was very good, and the closing angle was awesome. A Flair for the Gold wasn’t bad, and I’m looking forward to seeing the build between Vader and Flair for the next few months. Because the closing angle was so great, I really want to see Dustin Rhodes vs. Rick Rude too. WCW did a great job building to Slamboree here, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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