ECW – May 4, 1993

Eastern Championship Wrestling
May 4, 1993
Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful

Sulli & Wonderful open the show, announcing that there are two big title matches on the show tonight.

Eddie Gilbert apparently has a surprise for us tonight.

Terry Funk is at his Double Cross Ranch and talks about how he’s going to have a Texas Chain Match against Gilbert. Funk pretends that his horse’s rear is Eddie Gilbert. Funk talks to the horse’s rear, explaining the rules of the match.

Hotstuff International (Don Muraco & Eddie Gilbert) vs. Glen Osbourne & JT Smith

It’s interesting to see Muraco actually lightly high fiving fans on the way out, even though he’s a heel. Can’t hide that babyface charm, apparently. Eddie and JT start the match. After exchanging a few holds, Gilbert destroys JT Smith with a clothesline. Muraco is tagged in and the beatings continue. Muraco does a slingshot into the bottom rope on Smith, and nearly kills him. Osbourne gets in to help, but the ref is distracted by Osbourne and Gilbert dumps Smith to the outside. Muraco then gives a Snake Eyes onto the guardrail right in front of Straw Hat Guy (without a straw hat!).

The match starts to break down, and Osbourne ends up left in the ring with Gilbert. As the ref is dealing with Muraco & Smith on the outside, Paul E. Dangerously runs out and smashes Osborne with his cellphone! Gilbert pins Osbourne!

RATING: 1.5/5 – This was another poor match, but could have been a lot better with more time. I liked the little bit of work I saw, but because of the shorter length, I gave it a slightly lower than average rating. The debut of Paul Heyman was awesome.

Paul E. grabs a mic and talks about how the Dangerous Alliance has been merged with Hotstuff International, and Dangerously cuts the promo of his life, because he’s awesome. He’s determined to make Tod Gordon a broke man. The crowd chants Paul E.! at him as he heads out of the ring.

Hunter cuts a promo saying that if Stetson & Winters don’t win tonight, they won’t get another title shot.

Tony Stetson & Larry Winters vs. The Super Destroyers (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) – ECW Tag Team Championship

The match opens with one of the Super Destroyers in the ring with Stetson. Stetson and Winters start the math with the advantage, and both men work over the arm of one of the Super Destroyers. Once the Destroyers are able to make a tag, they’re able to start beating Larry Winters all over the ring.

While the ref is distracted, Hunter Q. Robbins hands an object to one of the Destroyers, who lays out Stetson and they get the win!

RATING: * – The dirty finish by The Super Destroyers leads me to think there might be a third payoff match with Stetson & Winters going over. Again, very basic, but effective storytelling, even if the match itself wasn’t great, it still allows for interest to build.

Sal Bellomo cuts a promo about how he’s going to beat Sandman. I didn’t actually understand everything in the promo, but Sal was amusing.

Sal Bellomo vs. The Sandman (w/ Peaches) – ECW Heavyweight Championship

Sandman starts the match by rolling Bellomo up, but Bellomo gets caught in the ropes. Bellomo rakes the eyes and starts a beat down on Sandman. However, that doesn’t last long and Sandman sends Bellomo to the outside. Bellomo looks confused on the outside and is counted out.

RATING: -2* – This was pretty horrible.

Bellomo yells at the announcers, confused. Sandman poses and leaves.

The Rockin’ Rebel cuts a promo against Sandman, and talks about how he’s going to beat Sandman.

The Rockin’ Rebel (w/ Tygra) vs. Ernesto Benifico

The Rebel wins this one quickly.

Hunter Q. Robbins III & Tod Gordon are ringside with Jay Sulli. Gordon says Stetson & Winters want to put their hair on the line against The Super Destroyers. Robbins signs the contract without reading it. It says in the contract that Robbins will be handcuffed to Tommy Cairo so he can’t interfere! Robbins is furious.

Chris Candido and Sir Jonathan Hotbody cut a promo about how they are going to take everyone on.

Jonathan Hotbody vs. Tommy Cairo

Cairo doesn’t let Johnny Hotbody rest as Cairo takes it to him with a series of arm drags. Hotbody is still claiming to have blonde hair. Candido gets on the apron and distracts Cairo. Hotbody hits a knee to the back, sending Cairo to the outside. Hotbody hits a flying elbow onto the ground. Ouch. Hotbody takes Cairo to the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Cairo fights it. It looks like Hotbody hit a top rope DDT on Cairo, which was insane.

Cairo kicks out, an as Hotbody goes to the top rope, Cairo recovers and stops him. Cairo sends Hotbody into Candido into and rolls Hotbody up and gets the pin!

RATING: *1/2 – This was another short match, but nothing too wrong with it. It looked like Hotbody botched the suplex and hit a DDT by accident.

As the credits roll, we can see Hotbody & Candido brawling with Cairo all over the arena as the locker room clears to try and separate them. If this leads to a big match between Cairo & a partner against Hotbody & Candido, it should be a wild match if they do it right.

OVERALL RATING: * – I can’t give this episode a very high rating, as it was rather boring for most of it. Everything was building to something for the next week, which again, should be commended. However, it’s abundantly clear that many of the workers in ECW at this stage are vastly behind the two main event talents: Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk. Snuka & Muraco are also way, way ahead of everyone else, but are at the tail end of their careers and thus are far slower. Funk, despite being older at this point, is still an outstanding worker, and remains so for several more years. There is something here, as the product does build well to the next week, they just need a few more outstanding talents to keep it interesting. Of course, history shows that that is going to happen very soon with ECW. The addition of Paul Heyman will see the show rise to new creative heights.


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