WCW Saturday Night – May 8, 1993

WCW Saturday Night
May 8, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyzsko

The show opens with an interviewer catching The British Bulldog leaving the airport, back from his world tour. He asks how Cactus Jack is doing, and the interviewer lets him know that he’s hurt pretty badly. Bulldog leaves looking worried.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Tex Slazenger (w/ Shanghai Pierce)

Shanghai and Tex jump Dustin before the match, but Dustin sends Shanghai flying to the outside and he begins to work over Tex. Dustin threatens to hit Tex with a bionic elbow, but Tex dodges and runs to the ropes to get away. Once Tex gets back in, Dustin begins to work over the arm of Tex.

Dustin misses a flying knee and flies into the turnbuckle. Tex takes advantage by working over Dustin’s neck and shoulder. Not the knee that Dustin just hurt. The neck and shoulder. But wait, you tell me, didn’t Dustin have a shoulder injury? You would be right. However, it was to Dustin’s right shoulder. Tex was working over the left. Of course, Tex has never been known as the sharpest tool in the shed, so we’ll go with that.

Tex climbs to the top rope, but Dustin catches him with a big clothesline. Dustin hits his big bulldog soon thereafter, and the crowd goes nuts as Dustin gets the 1-2-3!

RATING: 2/5 – Good opening match that got the crowd hot and ready to go for the matches that will be coming later.

Tony and Larry discuss the upcoming matches on the show. Larry also surprises Tony Schiavone by bringing out The Assassin, who talks about the upcoming Slamboree PPV. Ron Simmons also comes out and talks about how he came close to winning the TV title from Orndorff, and he wants it.

Orndorff comes out, enraged as the fans chant Paula at him. Again, the angrier he gets (which seems to increase week by week), the more the fans chant it. Orndorff rips up one of the Paula t-shirts, and they continue to chant.

The Cole Twins (w/ their hair) vs. Mustafa Saed & Tony Vincent

The Cole Twins start with Vincent and show some quick team work and dispatch of Mustafa and Vincent quickly with a flying body press. It was pretty poor.

Eric Bischoff is here to update us on Slamboree 93, where he runs down the matches that will be happening on the show. Gordon Solie also discusses the legends that will be there, including some who will be wrestling!

Col. Rob Parker comes out and wants to offer a contract to Van Hammer.

Van Hammer vs. Rage

Van Hammer works over Rage with basic offence as Col. Parker makes his way to ringside to encourage Van Hammer. As the match goes on, Parker becomes less impressed with Van Hammer. As well all do, Col. Parker, as we all do. Parker claims he made a mistake showing interest in Van Hammer, and doesn’t want to have him as his client anymore. Van Hammer wins after a botched La Magistral Cradle.

Parker cuts a promo on Van Hammer, and Van Hammer threatens to take him out, but ultimately leaves him alone. Parker claims he made the worst mistake of his life when Van Hammer laid hands on him. Parker’s promo was good, Van Hammer was not.

Davey Boy Smith vs. Fury

While Bulldog and Fury fight, we see two folks in the front row dressed as luchadores. It’s unclear if they are fans or wrestlers. Given that this is WCW, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was just a random crowd shot, but we shall see.

Fury gets the heat on Bulldog for the majority of this match, but can’t put him away. Davey Boy makes his comeback with a series of clotheslines and follows it up with a huge powerslam to Fury for the 1-2-3.

Tony enters the ring to interview Bulldog, and he talks about how he’s going to beat Vader at Slamboree.

The Blackhearts vs. Joey Maggs & Scott Allen

The Blackhearts beat up these two rather quickly. One of the Blackhearts hits a flying dropkick off the apron to Scott Allen, which looked like it nearly killed him to do. Well, we can at least rule out him being Hiromu Takahashi (also, Takahashi was 4 in 1993, but hey). The Blackhearts hit a really ugly second rope powerbomb on Allen, and win.

Ole Anderson cuts a promo about Slamboree.

The two luchadores are with Tony and have a translator. They want to challenge the Hollywood Blondes to bring a tape back to Mexico to show people they are worthy of challenging for the titles. Ricky Steamboat come out and tells the luchadores that the Blondes can’t be trusted. Something is fishy here.

Jim Neidhart vs. Shanghai Pierce

Neidhart is quite over with the crowd, and sends Shanghai to the outside. A small portion of the crowd chants Shanghai. I have no idea why these people love Pierce and Tex. But then again, I’m not sure why the rest of the crowd loves Neidhart. He is much better as a tag team wrestler with Bret or Owen, who help cover his weaknesses. Jim’s daughter is a vastly superior wrestler to her father.

This match went way too long. Neidhart gets the win after Tex tries to interfere, but Neidhart rolls up Pierce.

A Flair for the Gold

Flair’s guest is Barry Windham for this episode. Arn Anderson is also there sitting at a table on the side as Fifi serves drinks. The number of women that Flair has at the show increased dramatically. Flair hypes the match between Arn and Windham, and Arn cuts a promo on Barry Windham. After this, the phone rings, and Flair answers it. Apparently it’s Barry Windham, and he isn’t coming on the show. Flair gets upset and was about to send the ladies away, but Arn convinces him not to, and they celebrate. Arn’s promo was good, and Flair getting deadly serious when on the phone with Windham was awesome.

The Hollywood Blondes come out and Brian Pillman has a mic, and the crowd is booing them like crazy. Pillman says they are bringing in the top ranked tag team in the world to wrestle them, and they bring out Joe Cruz & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker. Austin says that Jushin Thunder Liger has nothing on these guys. Austin was amazing here. Of course, that should be no surprise.

The Hollywood Blondes vs. Joe Cruz & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

Austin and Pillman actually make this a competitive match, selling a lot for Parker and Cruz, which is why these two are so amazing. They make a standard squash match exciting. The Blondes win when they hit Cruz with a double team splash off the top rope. Fun squash match. I love Austin & Pillman. What? I’ve said that multiple times already? Oh. Well, I love Austin & Pillman. You should too.

Tony Schiavone interviews the Hollywood Blondes who talk about establishing a tournament to determine people to face them. The Blondes agree to give a shot to the luchadores from earlier.

Johnny B. Badd vs. Maxx Payne

This is the main event? Really. Oh WCW, this is a poor choice. A very poor choice.

Payne plays the guitar on the way out. I’m trying to figure out if they are trying to make him a heel or a babyface, because playing the guitar on the way out will likely get him cheered. Well, unless he’s the Drifter. Payne is actually talented at playing the guitar, and people will likely cheer for that. If only he was as talented at wrestling.

Payne attacks Badd and locks in the armbar on the outside of the ring. The referees try to drag Payne off and Brad Armstrong comes out to push Payne off. Badd is brought backstage with the arm injury. Armstrong tries to fight, and it looks like we might have an impromptu match.

Maxx Payne vs. Brad Armstrong

Well, Armstrong’s arm is probably no longer strong after Payne beats him with an armbar after a few minutes. This was not an improvement on the planned main event.

Badd comes back out, but Payne nails Badd with his own glitter gun. Payne steals the glitter gun. Well, that sucked. I’m not normally that blunt, but it was terrible.

Tony Schiavone thanks The Assassin for being with them for commentary. Harley Race comes out to cut a promo to close the show. Race talks about how Vader has been fighting all over the world. Bulldog comes out and Race says that Vader is going to beat Bulldog. Vader is supposed to do a public workout on May 22, and Bulldog says he’s going to stop Vader.

OVERALL RATING: 2/5 – This was definitely not as good as the last few episodes of WCW Saturday Night. Austin and Pillman were awesome, as usual. Ric Flair’s segment would have been terrible if it was anyone but Ric Flar. Outside of the first match, most of the matches were squashes. Nothing horrible (except for Maxx Payne), but not a great show


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