ECW – May 11, 1993 Review

Eastern Championship Wrestling
May 11, 1993
Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Jay Sulli & Stevie Wonderful

Tod Gordon opens the show with Jay Sulli, and Gordon runs down the matches of the night.

Paul E. Dangerously comes out and says that the chain match between Funk & Gilbert isn’t going to happen. Gordon claims that the contract is signed, and Paul can deal with his lawyers, and he will be disappointed. Paul then cuts an amazing promo, saying the only one who ever disappointed him was Gordon’s wife. He then talks about how this is personal, and he’s going to take the whole promotion apart. This was an absolutely killer promo, and you can hear the buzz in the crowd after it. Things are picking up.

Terry Funk is driving his tractor on the Double Cross Ranch, and he talks about Gilbert again. Eddie Gilbert’s “brother” comes onto Funk’s ranch, and Funk crushes the stuffed dummy with his tractor. Well then.

The Super Destroyers (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. Tony Stetson & Larry Winters (w/ Tommy Cairo) – ECW Tag Team Championship Match – If Stetson & Winters lose, they must shave their heads

Stetson & Winters attack before the bell rings, as it’s possible their last chance! Tommy Cairo gets a hold of Robbins and hangs on to him as the ref handcuffs them together. Back in the ring, Winters & Stetson stay in control, taking it to both Destroyers with desperation. The action spills to the outside, as Stetson & Winters double team one of the Destroyers on the outside.

The crowd chants K-Mart Suit at Robbins again, as Winters and Stetson won’t give The Destroyers an inch. They look like they are in real trouble here. The match breaks down again, including one of the Destroyers smashing Winters with a chair. Robbins’ cane somehow makes its way into the ring, and Stetson hits one of the Destroyers with it and pins him for the 1-2-3!

RATING: 2/5 – This was a complete mess of a match, but I liked the storytelling with the desperation seen in Winters & Stetson. They really went at this match with a frantic pace, showing that it mattered to them if they lost. That sold the stipulation of the match, to the point that you knew they cared far more about not winning the titles rather than losing their hair. The win was a nice payoff to a few weeks of build.

Hotstuff International (Jimmy Snuka & Eddie Gilbert) (w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Don Muraco) vs. JT Smith & Max Thrasher

Paul E. Dangerously asks Stevie Wonderful to head to the back to watch the monitors and take notes while he jumps on commentary.

Smith & Snuka start the match, with Smith using some fast-paced offence to get ahead of Snuka. Snuka eventually manages to overpower him and bring Gilbert into the ring. Gilbert works over the neck of Smith, to set him up for the Hot Shot. Snuka & Gilbert get the heat on Smith, but just as Snuka hits a chop on JT, JT falls back into the corner allowing Smith to tag out to Thrasher. However, things get worse. Snuka hits a huge flying body press for the 1-2-3 in this slightly extended squash match.

Sal Bellomo cuts a promo about how he wants to be a hero to kids because no one else cares about him. He doesn’t like anyone from Philly, but he does like kids, and is their ally and wants to look out for them like a good hero. This appears to be what he was talking about last week. This, of course, turns Sal Bellomo babyface.

Sal Bellomo vs. The Canadian Wolfman

Bellomo beats the Wolfman all over the ring, and wins after a big splash.

Jonathan Hotbody vs. Tommy Cario – Lumberjack Match

This match is largely Lumberjack match standard fare with the babyfaces and heels brawling on the outside, and the heels beating down the babyface when he spills to the outside. Cairo manages to hit a big flying clothesline of the middle ropes, but there is no referee as the lumberjacks have him on the outside. Hunter Q. Robbins runs out and hits Cairo with his cane, and Hotbody rolls onto Cairo and gets the pin.

RATING: 1/5 – This was nothing special, and shows that feud isn’t settled between these two yet.

A replay from Terry Funk’s promo the previous week airs.

The Rockin’ Rebel & Tygra vs. The Sandman & Peaches

Next up is some mixed tag team action, as Sandman & Peaches chase Rebel & Tygra out of the ring. Sandman takes it to Rebel in the early portion of this match, as it has become personal between the two of them, especially with the introduction of Peaches into the story. Rebel uses some nefarious tactics to get the advantage, including a suspicious headbutt to the stomach. Rebel hits a stunner on Sandman, but Sandman manages to send him flying to the outside.

Peaches is tagged in, and her and Tygra start fighting as the show closes.

RATING: 1/5 – This was a nothing match, and we didn’t actually get to see the end of it as the show ended just as the women started to fight.

OVERALL RATING: 1.5/5 – We got a decent payoff to the tag team title feud with Stetson & Winters going over, and good build for other feuds. The best part of the show was easily the promo by Paul Heyman, but that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Within a few weeks, things are going to start shaking up in ECW, and it’s going to be a fun ride when it does.


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