PROGRESS Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Noam Dar vs. El Ligero: ***
Solid opening match. Dar was quite inexperienced here, but still decent. Ligero was fantastic. Easy to watch. Ligero wins.

Nathan Cruz vs. Colossus Kennedy: **
Nothing special, but a decent match. Kennedy is good for a man of his size, and Cruz worked well as a heel. Cruz wins.

Colt Cabana vs. Mike Mason: **
This match, in terms of ring work, was nothing spectacular, but it was absolutely hilarious, with Colt and Mike both doing some great comedy. ***** Entertainment. Mason wins after some nefarious tactics.

Zach Sabre Jr. vs. Marty Scrull: ****1/4
Awesome match. Marty and Sabre delivered the match of the night in a 20 minute+ classic, showing all sorts of great wrestling styles in this one match. Scrull wins. This one is must watch.

Darrell Allen vs. Zach Gibson vs. Xander Cooper: ***
Decent match that saw some good high flying. Xander Cooper wins after about 15 minutes.

PROGRESS Title Tournament Final
Mike Mason vs. Nathan Cruz vs. Marty Scrull vs. El Ligero: ****
Great match! This went about 25 minutes, and delivered big on the promise of an excellent title match, and was a fitting end to PROGRESS’s first show. Ligero was the first eliminated, and showed a bit of a heel like edge afterwards, causing Mason to be eliminated next. This left Cruz and Scrull. Cruz wins, becoming the first ever PROGRESS Champion!

SHOW  RATING: ***3/4 A great start for PROGRESS, highlighting some of the great UK talent in wrestling. I’m interested to see where this all leads next, so chapter 2 shall be reviewed soon!

This post will be updated with a podcast discussing the show soon.

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