PROGRESS Chapter 2: The March of Progress

The Lion Kid vs. Stixx: **1/2
Solid opener. Crowd liked The Lion Kid a lot. Stixx played the heel well. Lion Kid wins.

Mike Hitchman vs. Mark Andrews: ****
This match was awesome. Andrews showed that he was an absolutely excellent wrestler way back in 2012 too. Hitchman was also very good. Hitchman hit a horrifying Package Piledriver at one point. After avoid a second, Andrews cradled him and got the pin.

Noam Dar vs. Darrell Allen: **
There was nothing particularly wrong with this match, but it wasn’t great. Dar’s double stomp off the top rope looks awful. Still, I see the potential there, I just don’t think he’s quite as good as other folks on the show. Dar wins with a kneebar.

Danny Garnell vs. Jimmy Havoc: ***3/4
This was another great match. Jimmy Havoc making is PROGRESS debut at the request of the fans, is one that doesn’t quite fit in with PROGRESS’s pure wrestling, strong style show. That’s why his story is interesting. Havoc loses after an excellent effort. There were some great comedy spots in this one too.

The London Riots (James Dahmer & Robbie Sincaide) vs. The Velocity Vipers (Alex Esmail & Will Ospreay): ***
This match saw the utter destruction of a young Will Ospreay (who is still young in 2017, to be honest), and Alex Esmail, who I don’t think ever wrestled again after this match. Alex clearly badly injured or broke his leg after a suplex in this one, so Ospreay took over with a bunch of crazy high spots. The London Riots win in dominating fashion.

Number 1 Contender for the PROGRESS Championship
El Ligero defeated Greg Burridge and RJ Singh: ***
Solid match here, showing that Ligero is one of the best all round wrestlers that PROGRESS has at this point. Burridge had some good spots, and a few distressing ones, at least for Singh’s manager. Ligero pinned Burridge after rolling him up and grabbing the tights, showing a little bit of a heel edge there.

Best 2 out of 3 Falls for the PROGRESS Championship
Marty Scurll vs. Nathan Cruz : ****1/2
This match was awesome. Scrull was incredible in this match, and Cruz was great too. Both men worked a hard hitting style, with some high spots mixed in. The first fall went to Scrull, the second to Cruz, and the final fall went to Cruz again. Awesome main event, and worth watching just for that.


A great show, start to finish. Two chapters in, and PROGRESS is laying groundwork for future stories, and giving us characters that are easy to cheer or boo. Simple storytelling at its best. Can’t wait to see where all of this goes.

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