PROGRESS Chapter 3: Fifty Shades of Pain

Noam Dar vs. Paul Robinson: **3/4
Dar is again mediocre in this match. He does a great job getting the crowd to hate him, but I haven’t truly enjoyed one of his matches yet. I hope that changes as time goes on. Dar wins after a few minutes with a knee bar.

Mark Andrews vs. Xander Cooper: ****3/4
Holy cow, this match was awesome. Andrews is really good, to state the obvious. Cooper and Andrews have a ton of chemistry, and it showed in this match. Lots of crazy spots, and just a fun match overall. Andrews wins, but just barely. Great match. Definitely check this one out.

The Bastard Squad (Danny Garnell & Darrell Allen) vs. The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch): ***3/4
Really solid tag match here. The London Riots are quickly becoming a must watch act here in the early parts of Progress. After the match, they take out Allen’s leg by wrapping it in a chair and hitting it with a cricket bat. The crowd hates them at the moment, which I think will make the inevitable babyface turn even better.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Jon Ryan
This ended very quickly when Ryan hit Havoc over the head with a frying pan. Jim Smallman restarted the match as a No DQ match as Havoc was bleeding everywhere.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Jon Ryan in a No Disqualification Match: ***3/4
Goodness, this match was brutal, in the sense of the bumps both men took. Havoc and Ryan both bled everywhere, took bumps into thumbtacks, and had a few unprotected headshots with the frying pan. I wasn’t a fan of those. It’s 2012 when these shows aired, and those are never a good idea. Still, if you like hardcore wrestling, this was a fun match in that regard. The end came after Ryan hit a wheelbarrow overhead suplex into a barbed wire board on Havoc.

RJ Singh vs. Rob Cage: **
This was an okay match. Nothing too special. Singh’s entourage got involved and gave Singh the win over cage.

The Lion Kid vs. Stixx: ***
This was a match that was trying so hard to be better than it was, but something just didn’t click for me. There were a few botched spots, but Lion Kid selling his leg throughout it was great. There did seem to be some major miscommunications at some point. Not horrible at all, but should have been better than it was. Stixx gets the win after a crucifix powerbomb.

Dave Mastiff & Greg Burridge vs. El Ligero & Nathan Cruz – Special Guest Referee – Marty Scrull: ****
Great main event here, as Dave Mastiff makes his debut and pins Nathan Cruz in this one. The story of Ligero getting a little more heelish as time goes on continues here, as he clearly wants a shot at his tag team partner’s PROGRESS Championship. Mastiff was really impressive and fun to watch. After the match, Jim Smallman confirmed that Ligero would be facing Cruz in the main event of Chapter 4 for the title. Marty Scrull pretty much called this one down the middle and did a good job as ref.

By Chapter 3 you can see PROGRESS starting to get into a flow with how they structure their shows, and it pays off well in this one. The show flowed really well, and all the action delivered at some level. It’s easy to see why the company got some buzz very quickly  as they were putting on great shows from the get-go.

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