PROGRESS Chapter 4: The Ballad of El Ligero

The opening video for this chapter, hyping up the match between Ligero and Cruz was so awesome. Ligero came across as an anti-hero type character, and it immediately made me want him to win.

London Riots vs Hunter Brothers: ***
This one probably went a little too long, but the London Riots beat the Hunter Brothers all over the ring for the duration of this match. There were brief moments where the Hunter’s got a comeback, but it didn’t last long. London Riots win.

RJ Singh vs Paul Robinson: ***1/4
Solid match out of these two. RJ Singh played the heel well with his entourage interfering in the match at every change they got. Robinson had a strong showing as well, with some great fast paced offence. Singh got the win after some interference. After the match, Singh’s entourage attacked Robinson, but Singh had enough and shoved them away and sent them to the  back. He then shook hands with Robinson to the roar of the crowd. Looks like a face turn for Singh. Good stuff here.

Noam Dar vs Jimmy Havoc: ***3/4
If there was ever a match to secure my dislike of Noam Dar, it’s this one. It was actually a very good match, and easily the best I’ve seen from Dar yet. He played the smarmy heel to perfection here, and Havoc came across as such a sympathetic babyface. One of the more interesting stories in PROGRESS at this point is Havoc trying to prove himself as a technical wrestler (which he is actually quite good at), rather than just a hardcore wrestler. Great match, great story. Dar wins, but the crowd was begging for Havoc to take the win here. Awesome stuff.

Will Ospreay vs Mark Andrews – Natural Progression Series Round One: ****
My goodness, a rookie Will Ospreay is still better than most, and Mark Andrews as awesome as always. This one wasn’t long but it was very, very exciting. Andrews and Ospreay dived all over the place, mixed in a little submission wrestling, and had a breath taking match that was different from everything else on the card. Great stuff. Andrews gets the win.

Stixx vs Marty Scurll vs Dave Mastiff: ***1/2
Marty Scrull stood out right at the start of this match with some good comedy spots, but also with a few crazy bumps. He went for a tope sucidia, and ended up missing both men and crashing into the fourth row. That had suck. Part way through, Nathan Cruz came out and started brawling with Marty, leaving the end of the match down to Mastiff & Stixx. Mastiff got the win after a cannonball. Good match.

Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero – PROGRESS Championship: ****3/4
Wow, this match was awesome. Great storytelling with Ligero in the first 4 shows, making him more than just a luchadore or opening act. Instead, he has become a shades of grey anti-hero that will do what it takes to win, but in the end still has a ton of honour. As the opening video says, he doesn’t need to explain himself. Both men went back and forth here for 30 minutes, providing great action. Ligero managed to pick up the win after a grueling battle with a full nelson type submission, becoming the new PROGRESS Champion. Awesome match.

SHOW RATING: ****1/4
Great show, top to bottom. Out of the first 4 shows, this was easily the best one. If we take the first four shows as the first season in PROGRESS’s story, so to speak, they have been telling quite the tale. Ligero is easily the highlight of the first 4 shows, and his crowning as champion was a thing of beauty. Definitely check this one out.

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