NXT – September 23, 2015 Review

NXT – Episode 298
September 23, 2015
Full Sail University
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton

Eva Marie vs. Carmella

Poor Eva Marie gets booed out of the building before her match even begins. I understand the dislike, but I feel like she gets a lot of flack for trying to do the right thing – get the proper training and work to get better. She still needs a lot of work, but at least she’s trying. With that being said, the botched kickout from a few weeks ago was terrible. NXT does the smart thing, and uses it to turn her even more heel – they acknowledge the controversial call from the referee, and have Eva Marie thank the ref for “not caving into the biased fans.” Eva goes full blown heel and it actually helps her a bit, I think.

This wasn’t a terrible match at all. Eva trash talking Carmella just adds fuel to the fire for the NXT fans who completely boo everything she does. We might have found a real heel in NXT, even though she still needs a significant amount of work.

Carmella has a few flashes of offense in the match, but Eva Marie stays firmly in control with suplexes and stretches.

Carmella turns it around with a a hurricarana and several the presses. The ref starts a count, but stops a two again. The crowd boos, but the ref claims her foot was on the rope. Eva Marie throws Carmella outside the ring and gets a countout victory.

The replay shows very clearly that Eva Marie’s foot was indeed on the rope, and the camera angle just didn’t show it. That was actually clever. It made those at home, and those with a bad angle in the arena think that Eva botched again, generating more heat for her.


A hype video airs for Sasha Banks vs. Bayley.

Bull Dempsey vs. Tyler Breeze

The fans chant Bull-Fit at Bull, and it’s kinda great. I’m not to high on Dempsey, but this face turn might work really well for him.

As soon as the bell rings the fans begin chanting “Bull is gorgeous.” It seems that the fans are finally starting to get behind him a little bit.

Bull Dempsey draws an angry reaction from Tyler Breeze as Bull messes with his hair. He throws Tyler around the ring for a little bit, but Tyler manages to get the advantage when he knocks Bull to the floor and Bull smashes his arm against the ramp. The fans chant “Bull-Fit works!” when Bull gets back into the ring.

When they come back from the commercial break, Tyler is still in control. He continues to work Bull over with headlocks and elbow strikes.

Corey: Elbows to the trapezius.
Rich: The trapezius?
Corey: That’s right. I learned my anatomy from Gorilla Monsoon.

Awesome comment.

Bull manages to dump Breeze to the mat with a slam of sorts, but Tyler gets up first. Bull starts to Hulk up (Bull up?), and he hits a series of strikes and headbutts. He squishes Breeze in the corner, and hits a Vader like strike. Bull goes up to the top rope, but Breeze moves under the ropes. Bull brings him back in and climbs to the top again, but Tyler manages to pull him off the top rope and he gets the pinfall with his foot on the ropes.

Bull showed me something here that I haven’t seen yet. He’s starting to embrace a character and go with it, and it’s helping him. Tyler Breeze is great, as always. Lance Storm did a great job training him.

A video airs telling us that Asuka’s contract signing is next!

William Regal is in the ring, and announces Kana (Asuka) as the new NXT signing. Regal asks her if there’s anything she would like to say, and she tells the audience that she’s happy to be in NXT, and that she wants to by NXT Womens Champion. Dana Brooke and Emma come out to confront the new wrestler that they were talking about last week.

The fans chant “Asuka’s going to kill you.” They welcome Asuka to NXT, but I imagine it’s not a happy welcome. Emma and Dana Brooke claim that they ran Charlotte and Becky out of NXT, and that they’ll do the same to her if they’re not careful. They try to shame Asuka out of the ring, but I can’t imagine this ending well for Emma or Dana.

Asuka actually leaves the ring, looking downcast. She gets to the top of the entrance ramp with the fans chanting her name, and she turns around, and smiles. This seems to unsettles Emma and Dana, as Asuka gives them the stare down and walks slowly backstage.

We see Tyler Breeze backstage, and he runs into Apollo Crews and he talks about their match next week.

Kyle Edwards runs down the 2nd round of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, and one major point was that The Vaudevillians were eliminated by Dash and Dawson in an upset at a NXT house show.

The Hype Bros cut a promo about Jordan and Gable about their upcoming match. Jordan and Gable respond by saying their impressed that The Hype Bros only spelt one word wrong on their merchandise/promos. They claim that they are going to win the Dusty Rhodes Classisc – Gable says that he’s ready, willing and Gable, while Jordan rolls his eyes.

The Vaudevillians vs. Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) – NXT Tag Team Title Match

Alexa Bliss makes a difference early on in this match distracting Gotch. Blue Pants come out and attacks Alexa Bliss. He wrestlers stop wrestling, as the ladies brawl in the ring. It spills to the outside, and they head backstage.

Blake and English trade moves for a bit, and when Murphy is tagged in, English beats up both men. The fans chant “That was manly!” Indeed it was. What was also manly was when Murphy hits a massive back suplex on the apron to English. As they come back from a commercial break, English is being double teamed by Blake and Murphy.

English is in desperate need of a tag, and he gets the opportunity as he nearly kills Murphy with a massive strike. He gets the tag to Gotch and Blake is tagged in by Murphy. Gotch is like a house of fire, and he hits a high impact back suplex, yelling “Goodnight!” to Blake before he hits him. English is tagged in and he goes for a Senton Bomb, but Blake gets the knees up and Murphy hits flying knees from the top rope, almost getting a 3 count. The Vaudevillians manage to get Murphy out of the ring, and hit a Whirling Dervish on Blake for the win.

RATING: 3.5/5
Another very good tag match here. This match shows that when you give Tag Team wrestling a chance, they can produce quality Main Event matches. Of course, we already knew that.

The show closes with Enzo and Cass cuting a promo against Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, and Finn Balor and Joe responding. Friendship aside, they are coming from them, and there’s nothing that can stop them from winning the classic. Joe slaps Balor’s belt and calls him champ. There seems to be a bit of tension there, as Joe reacts like it’s nothing, but it seems to bother Balor that Joe keeps touching his Championship. Maybe Joe will be turning on Balor before the end of this tournament?

This was another very good episode of NXT. The strong main event raised the rating to 3/5 for me, and the setup for the next episode left me wanting more. What more could you ask for?

Best Match: The Vaudevillians vs. Blake & Murphey
Worst Match: Eva Marie vs. Carmella
Highlights: Corey Graves on commentary.

Questions to think about:
Is Joe going to turn on Finn, or the other way around? Could you imagine the matches those two would have? My goodness.

Is Eva Marie working out? Do you think she can improve enough to be considered a decent wrestler?

In light of the Dusty Rhodes Classic – what are some of your favourite tag team matches?


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