WWE Hell in a Cell 2015

HIACHell in a Cell 2015
October 25, 2015
Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 17,505
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler

John Cena vs. ????? – WWE US Championship Open Challenge

John Cena opens the show, and says he isn’t going to talk long, and he’s going to call out his challenger. Zeb Colter comes out, and talks about how American needs diversity to unify it, and introduces John’s challenger: Alberto Del Rio!

Del Rio comes out to a huge pop, and he looks pumped. Del Rio looks absolutely ripped, as the announcers are quick to point out.

Del Rio actually dominates a good portion of this match. He hits a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a springboard enzuiguri. Del Rio gets the win after hitting a super kick on Cena. Your new WWE US Champion: Alberto Del Rio!

Interesting start to the PPV, with a big surprise return with Del Rio. The finish came out of nowhere, and it was surprising that Cena had so little offense. With that being said, it really adds to the idea that Cena is worn down because of all the open challenges of the last few months.

Seth Rollins is backstage with The Authority, and Corporate Kane is there too. He apologizes to Triple H and Step for booking a match with himself against Rollins on Raw, and Rollins says Kane is full of crap because everyone knows he’s the same person as The Demon Kane.

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns – Hell in a Cell

This match was an old school brawl. It was slow paced, but perfectly done. They took their time, and didn’t rush from spot to spot, and in turn, delivered a very good match. The usage of weapons wasn’t overdone, and it made sense in the pacing of the match.

Roman absolutely destroyed Bray with two kendo sticks part way through the match, before he grabbed two tables from under the ring. The crowd, which was mixed at the start of the match, started going nuts for Reigns. Soon thereafter, Wyatt hits Roman with a uranage through a table at ringside. Brutal bump by Reigns. After this, the fans start chanting “Let’s go Roman,” “Roman sucks!” So much for the cheering.

It doesn’t take long for Reigns to turn it around though, he puts Bray through a table with powerbomb, and soon thereafter Reigns and Bray exchange a series of near falls. Reigns spears Wyatt of the apron through a table, which is just plain awesome. Roman picks him up and tries to pin him in the ring, but he kicks out. He goes for a spear on Wyatt, but Wyatt reverses and hits a Sister Abigail, but Reigns kicks out. This match is fantastic.

Wyatt takes the two kendo sticks from earlier, smacks Reigns, and sets them up in the corner like he did for Dean Ambrose last year. He attempts to drive Roman into it face first, but Roman reverses and drives Bray into it eye first, hits a spear, and gets the 1-2-3.

Awesome match from these two, and a great way to end their feud.

The New Day vs. The Dudley Boys – WWE World Tag Team Championship

The New Day come out and cut a promo about how Xavier Woods has been eliminated by the Dudleys on Raw and how the world is angry that Xavier is missing.

This… was not as good as it should have been. Something didn’t seem to click in this match, and there was one noticeable very bad botch by the Dudleys (which was weird, as they normally don’t mess up). The ending to the match was actually clever though, with the nice little reference to Eddie Guerrero. Kofi grabs the trombone that Xavier has been using as of late, throws it at Bubba, falls to the mat and as the ref turns, he blames Bubba for hitting him. The match looked like it was going to end here, but the ref decided that Kofi was probably lying. As the ref gets distracted though, Big E manages to smash Bubba with the trombone, followed by Kofi hitting a Trouble in Paradise, and the New Day gets the win!

I expected this match to be better than this, but alas, it was not to be. The ending was fantastic though. It was a good twist on a Los Guerrero’s finish.

Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella – The WWE Diva’s Championship

This was a pretty solid match. Nikki worked over Charlotte’s back throughout the match in order to set Charlottle up for the Rack Attack, and Nikki hurt her knee part way through, opening up a weakness for the Figure Eight. There were a few botches, one small, and one that looked like it hurt, but didn’t take away from the match. The small one was when Nikki missed her springboard kick, but slapped her leg anyway, forgetting that she wasn’t supposed to connect, but that’s not too major.

The second was when they went for a German Suplex of the top rope, and Charlotte back flipped o the top rope out of it. It didn’t look quite right, and Charlotte almost landed brutally on her ankle. It was almost very bad, but they just missed a big injury. Charlotte went for the Figure Eight, but wasn’t able to complete it because of her back injury, and Nikki escapes.

The spot of the match came with Nikki hitting Charlotte with an Alabama Slam on the apron. Awesome spot.

After they get back in the ring, Charlotte manages to lock in a Figure Eight and gets the tapout for the win.

This was a perfectly acceptable match, and if the women keep having matches like this, I think we might actually see them get over. They need to get rid of the Diva’s title though. They need to be the Women’s divsion, with a Women’s title.

Kane vs. Seth Rollins – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This was another acceptable match. It wasn’t anything special, but it was still good. I wasn’t looking forward to it that much, but I do understand that WWE wants to finish the story it started months ago with Kane and Seth, so that makes sense. To be honest, there was nothing really noteworthy in this other than one specific thing: consistency. Kane and Seth have shown that they are remarkably good at having decent matches with almost anyone on the roster. Kane is getting old, but he still knows how to work a simple and effective match, and Seth, it seems, can wrestle with anyone.

There was one moment that left me a bit concerned for as Kane was supposed to be powerbombed through the Spanish announce table, but the table didn’t break. It tipped over, and Kane hit the floor. The lack of give in the table might have actually hurt Kane a little bit. The finish came quickly after that when Seth hits Kane with two Superkicks, a Frog Splash, and a Pedigree for the win.

Another decent match. I think Kane may have gotten hurt by that table bump, but time will tell. The right guy won, and the feud ends.

The Kickoff panel is back and they talk about the show thus far. Corey Graves petitions to be the new Director of Operations, as Kane has been fired in the role due to losing to Rollins. I support this. Corey Graves is awesome. I’d rather see him on the announce team, but anyways.

Ryback vs. Kevin Owens – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Owens gets a huge pop when he came out, so you know Ryback is getting booed even though he’s the babyface. Owens is over, and there’s not much more to say than that. WWE, push this man. I still want to see Owens vs. Lesnar.

With that being said, this was very bad. Unfortunately for Ryback and Owens, neither man looked good in this one. It wasn’t bad enough to be called terrible, but it definitely wasn’t one I’d say is worth watching more than once. Owens is a lot better than what happened here, and his last match with Ryback on PPV was actually far better. Owens wins with a Popup Powerbomb.

RATING: 1.5/5

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker – Hell in a Cell

Oh man. I knew this match was going to be good, but I didn’t realize it was going to be as good as it was. This was brutal from start to finish, and exactly what a main event should be. Taker is still awesome (and looks better this year than he has in a long time), and Lesnar is the beast and machine that he is. The two biggest names in the WWE (in terms of character anyway).

Early on in the match, Lesnar was driven headfirst into the ring post outside the ring. The announcers said he blocked it. Lesnar didn’t. He was bleeding everywhere. The cut was absolutely brutal, and definitely done the hard way (with no blading). A doctor comes in and cleans Lesnar up (which the crowd hated). Lesnar kills Taker with a few chairshots, takes off a glove and punches Taker in the face, which busted Taker open.

Taker takes a huge suplex outside the ring, but when they get back into the ring, Taker uses a chair on Lesnar’s throat, and then drives elbows into Lesnar’s cut. Lesnar manages to hit a few German Suplexes on Taker, and you can hear Heyman screaming “Yes!” in the background.

Taker gets hit with a F-5, but he kicks out. The Doctor gets back in the ring to look at the bleeding Taker, but Taker pushes him away. He goes to check on Lesnar, but Lesnar pushes him onto the mat, and the crowd explodes with cheers. He hits Taker with another F-5, but Taker kicks out again.

Lesnar grabs the steps from outside the ring and nails Taker with it. Taker kicks out again, and Lesnar looks shocked. He picks up the stairs again and attempts to hit Undertaker again, but he kicks the stairs into Lesnar’s face. Undertaker then locks in the Hell’s Gate, but Lesnar refuses to tap. Instead, Lesnar just starts smashing Taker with punches and MMA style ground and pound. Awesome stuff.

After this, Lesnar, tears apart the canvas of the ring, exposing the wood underneath. Taker sits up and chokeslams him on the boards. Taker then hits Lesnar with a Tombstone, but Lesnar kicks out. The crowd is chanting “This is awesome” throughout this entire segment, and they’re right. Taker looks like he’s in shock, and he stands up and goes towards Lesnar, but Lesnar hits him with a low blow and a F-5 for the 1-2-3.

Brock Lesnar wins the feud with the Undertaker!

Fantastic match. A fitting end to the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker feud. The blood really added to the dramatic feel of this match, and they told a great story.

After the match, Taker struggles to stand as the fans chant “Thank you Taker,” and he gets a standing ovation.

Taker does his pose, but Bray Wyatt’s music hits! The Wyatt Family comes out and beats Undertaker down and carries him to the backstage area as the show closes.

Not a bad PPV. Both Hell in a Cell matches were so good that it made the show worth watch. Taker and Lesnar are amazing. There is no other way to put it. The ending with the Wyatt Family was great, and it’s clearly a setup for Survivor Series. WWE, I’m looking forward to the next PPV. Good job!

Best Match: Lesnar vs. Taker
Worst Match: Ryback vs. Owens
Highlights: Lesnar vs. Taker, Reigns vs. Wyatt, Charlotte’s apron bump

Questions to think about:

What’s next for Roman Reigns? He had a great match and actually managed to get the crowd behind him.

What’s next for Seth Rollins? His feud with Kane is over, and he has the next few months wide open. Who’s going to step up? Will it be Reigns? If it is, what about Ambrose? Where does he fit in the big picture?

Will the Dudley’s ever win the Tag Team Championship again? Or is the New Day too great to take the belts off at the moment?

If Taker is going to wrestle in a Survivor Series match against the Wyatt family, who do you think his teammates will be?

What did you think of Hell in a Cell – leave your comments and reviews below!


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