ROH 14th Anniversary Show


ROH 14th Anniversary
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 26, 2016
Commentators: Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3 (Steve Corino)

The production looks really great for this show. ROH has really stepped their game up in that department.

Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Fish vs. Tomohiro Ishii (c) – ROH World Television Championship

This marks one of, if not the first, triple threat Tomohiro Ishii is involved in. Roderick Strong opens the match by going after both Ishii and Fish, but it soon stopped by Fish and Ishii. They both get Strong out of the ring and begin to fight among themselves. Both men exchange forearm smashes, much reminiscent of a match in New Japan. Fish wins the battle with a kick to the head, but Strong comes in and chops the crap out of Bobby Fish and kicks Ishii out of the ring.

Fish gets dumped outside the ring and Strong continues his advantage by beating Ishii. Strong begins to mock him, which just makes him mad. Strong chops him, which just makes him mad. Strong forearms him, which just makes him mad. Strong gets forearms into the corner. Strong kicks Ishii, it just makes him made. Ishii hits the ropes and gets kicked in the face and finally goes down.

Bobby Fish comes back in the ring and gains the advantage over Strong with some well placed kicks and then hits a capture suplex onto Ishii! Ishii suplexes Strong, and goes to superplex Fish off the top rope. Ishii does a delay superplex, holding Fish up forever! Ishii proceeds to kick the crap out of Fish, including a powerbomb. Fish and Ishii mess up the pinfall count here, as his shoulders were clearly in place for the three.

All three men start exchanging chops and strikes, but Ishii gets the upper hand. Strong takes over after hitting a double knee gutbuster followed by a Sick Kick. He goes to pin Ishii, but Ishii kicks out! He locks in the Strong Hold, but Fish saves Ishii. Fish catches Strong in a roll through leg lock, but Strong escapes. Ishii goes after Fish, but Fish reverses and goes behind. Strong goes to hit Ishii with a flying knee, but Ishii moves and Strong nails Fish. Strong pulls down his knee pad and goes to knee Ishii, but Ishii blocks and hits him with a headbutt and hits Strong with a sliding lariat but Strong kicks out. He hits Strong with a brainbuster and Ishii gets the 1-2-3! Ishii retains!

Not a bad opener at all. The match seemed a little strangely paced, and it probably didn’t help that Ishii is not used to working in triple threats.

Adam Page vs. BJ Whitmer

BJ Whitmer, the guy who draws heat from the ROH crowd simply by being a part of the company, versus Adam Page. This should be good. Adam Page opens the match by going right after Whitmer. Page sends Whitmer to the outside and beats him around the ringside area. Page sets Whitmer up in a chair at ringside and hits a running dropkick on Whitmer while he’s sitting on the chair. Whitmer manages to turn it around when he trips Page and he goes face first onto the apron. BJ then hits a back suplex onto the guardrail! Whitmer and Page exchange chops, and Whitmer pokes him in the eye.

They go back into the ring and Whitmer continues to chop Page, but Page begins to fight back. Whitmer kicks him in the gut and continues his advantage with suplexes and strikes as the fans chant “Please Retire!” Page gains the advantage after a few strikes and a clothesline. He dropkicks Whitmer into the corner, and as he pins him Whitmer grabs the ropes.

Page goes for a jumping DDT, but Whitmer throws him off and hits a powerslam. Nice spot. Whitmer doesn’t have the advantage for long, as Page slingshots himself over the top rope flipping into a clothesline. He can’t get the pin, and Whitmer manages to get the advantage back by pulling Page’s head into the top rope. As Kelly talks about how press from around the world are at the event,

Mr. Wrestling 3 says: Plus, my Mom’s here! Mama Wrestling is here!
Kevin Kelly: Really?
Mr. Wrestling 3: Yeah!
Kevin Kelly: Now, does she wear a mask as well?
Mr. Wrestling 3: Such a stupid question. Of course she does.

BJ Whitmer goes to piledrive Page on the apron, but Page doesn’t let him. Page kicks Whitmer of the apron and then hits a shooting star press onto BJ on the outside! Holy crap. Page throws two chairs in the ring, but the ref takes one out of it. Whitmer grabs the other and goes to hit page, but Page ducks and grabs the chair. The ref takes the chair from Page, and as the ref turns his back, Whitmer hits Page with a low blow and rolls him up for the win.

Again, solid match, but nothing special. After the bell they keep fighting, and Adam Page begins to beat up the security guards trying to break them apart.

Dalton Castle (w/ the Boys) vs. Hirooki Goto

During his entrance, Goto looks like he has no idea what to think of Dalton Castle. Hilarious. The match starts with some chain wrestling as both men exchange holds. Dalton Castle provides a clean break in the strangest way possible. Castle tries to hit Goto with a shoulder block, but Goto has nothing to do with it.

Castle calls the Boys into the ring to help him down from the top rope. Goto starts to hit some forearm smashes, but Castle drops Goto on his head with a suplex. Castle keeps the advantage until Goto manages to hit Castle with a lariat. Castle goes to the outside, Goto follows, the Boys scream. Goto brings him back into the ring and goes to the top rope and hits a big elbow. Goto locks in a chinlock, and begins to work Castle over. Castle manages to turn it around when he hits Goto with a clothesline as Goto came of the ropes. Castle bounces all around the ring and hits strikes on Goto. Goto hits him with and elbow and goes for a dive of the middle rope, but Castle catches him and just dumps him to the mat. Castle goes for his finish, but Goto blocks and they go into the corner and Goto hits a Saito suplex. The action spills to the outside, and Castle manages to hit a hurricanrana like Dean Ambrose hits a lariat. That looked great. Castle goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. Goto kicks out. As Castle goes for a dead lift German Suplex, Goto crawls towards the ropes and the Boys fan Goto away from the ropes. Castle hits the suplex, which was great. Goto and Castle exchange blows. Goto hits a neckbreaker over the knee, and Goto goes for a massive kick and nails hit. Goto hits the Shouten Kai and gest the 1-2-3.

RATING: 2.5/5
This match was just getting good when it ended. Not a bad match at all, but again, nothing spectacular.

Christopher Daniels (w/ Frankie Kazarian) vs. Alex Shelley

This match should be great! Will Chris Saban side with Christopher Daniels and The Addiction? Brian Kendrick is on commentary! One of the guys on the first ROH show makes an appearance. Shelley takes it to Daniels right away and sets Daniels up in the tree of woe where he steps on Daniels crotch and then follows it with a dropkick. As Shelley hits the ropes, Daniels hits some strikes, but Shelley sends him to the outside. Shelley goes for a dive, but Kazarian trips him. Kazarians tries to hold his arms, but Shelley moves and Kazarian goes down. Shelley dives off the top rope onto both men! Kazarian interferes again when they get back into the ring and it allows Daniels to take the advantage again.

Daniels proceeds to beat down Shelley for the next few minutes, including a big STO that Shelley kicks out of. Shelley keeps trying to come back, but Daniels won’t let him. Daniels hits a gordbuster followed by a double leg moonsault. Daniels locks in a crossface, but Shelley escapes, and as the ref is distracted by Daniels, Kazarian hits a legdrop on Shelley. Shelley had enough and dropkicks Kazarian and then hits an enziguri on Daniels. He then hits a dropkick, but Kazarian climbs on the ropes to distract him again. Shelley hits a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle on Daniels followed by a flying body press. Daniels goes for a school boy, but rolls through and clotheslines Shelley in the back of the head. Daniels sets up Shelley for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Shelley dodges and hits Daniels with a superkick. Kazarian comes up onto the apron again, and the ref gets distracted. Daniels goes for a weapon, but Chris Saban makes the save and hits Daniels with a enziguri! Shelley rolls up Daniels and gets the pin!

Saban and Shelley clear the ring as the fans chant Motor City! It looks like the Motor City Machine Guns are back together!

RATING: 2.5/5
Another solid match. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Motor City Machine Guns now being active in ROH again.

The Briscoes vs. Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Oh man, this should be great. Tanahashi is dealing with his injured shoulder, but knowing him, he’ll probably still tear the house down tonight.

Tanahashi gets the loudest reaction from the audience tonight, followed by some Big Mike chants. Elgin and Jay Briscoe open the match and they try to overpower each other. Mike hits a massive shoulder block, but Jay hits a big boot and several headbutts. This doesn’t last long as Elgin hits a press slam, and then a delay vertical suplex. Mark tries to hit Elgin, but Elgin holds on to a big pop from the crowd. Tanahashi comes in and suplexes Mark as Elgin suplexes Jay and they both pose for the crowd to a great reaction.

Elgin tags in Tanahashi to a huge reaction, and Mark Briscoe tags in and begins his Redneck Kung Fu poses. Mark Briscoe locks in a headlock and is sent to the ropes. They try to shoulder block each other, but neither goes down. Tanahashi plays air guitar, hits the ropes, but Mark starts his Redneck Kung Fu pose. Tanahashi grabs his foot and flips him over and hits a deep arm drag. Mark hits Elgin and then takes it Tanahashi. Mark hits a blockbuster to the outside on Elgin and Jay is back in and he takes the advantage with some strong strikes over Tanahashi.

Mark is back in and hits a Russian Leg Sweep on Tanahashi. Mark tags Jay back in and Jay hits a big boot on Tanahashi. Mark is tagged back in, and Mark keeps control for a few minutes before tagging Jay back in for Jay to hit a Death Valley Driver. Frequent tags highlight the Briscoes superior experience as a tag team with both men hitting one or two moves before tagging out. Tanahashi manages to hit a body press on Mark and Tanahashi tags in Elgin. Elgin runs wild hitting several big shoulder blocks and a nice kick to the back of Mark’s head. He then hits rolling German Suplexes, and Jay tries to stop it, but Mike just hits him with a German Suplex. Mark dives off the top rope, but Mike catches him and just kills Mark with a slam similar to Goto’s finish. Jay hits Elgin with a superkick, but Tanahashi comes in and sends Jay outside the ring. Tanahasi hits a forearm on Mark into a German suplex from Elgin.

Mark uses his Redneck Kung Fu to send Elgin flying off the top rope, and Jay hits a big splash, but Elgin kicks out. Mark and Jay smash Elgin with several shots, but Elgin almost sends Mark into the crowd with a back body drop over the top rope. Jay and Elgin beat the crap out of each other, but Elgin wins the battle with a big forearm. Tanahashi is tagged in and he runs wild with dragon screws, and other moves. Jay turns it around with a big forearm. Mark hits him wit ha Uranagi, Jay hits a neckbreaker, followed by Mark hitting his Frog Splash Elbow, but Tanahashi just kicks out. They setup for a doomsday device, but Mike breaks it up, and hits a Death Valley Driver on Jay into the corner on Mark. Mike hits an Alabama slam like move on Tanahashi onto Mark, but Jay breaks it up. Tanahashi tis a Slingblade on Mark. Elgin hits a powerbomb on Mark, followed by a High Fly Flo from Tanahashi and he gets the 1-2-3.

RATING: 3.5/5
Man, Tanahashi is great. He brought the best out of all three other guys in this match. He is, without a doubt, one of the best wrestlers alive. This match was fantastic, and Tanahashi and Elgin make a great team. I hope to see more of them in the future.

Moose vs. Kazuchika Okada

Okada gets a huge pop as he comes out. It’s clear that the biggest stars on this show are Okada and Tanahashi. Okada gets huge chants at the start of the match.

Moose starts by placing Okada on the top rope, and faking Okada out with a dropkick. Okada comes down, goes behind, but Moose drives him back into the corner. Okada places Moose on the top rope and fakes Moose out! The fans pop huge. Moose hits a dropkick, goes to hit Okada in the corner, but Okada kicks him in the face. Okada gets placed on the top rope, and Moose dropkicks him this time. They got to the outside and Moose grabs Okada’s feet and slams him head first into the barrier, then the ring post, and back into the barrier. He runs at Okada, but Okada sends him into the crowd. Okada dives over the barricade into the crowd! The crowd goes absolutely insane!

Okada sends him back to ringside and into the ring, and follows it with a running kick to the head. He goes for the pin, but Moose kicks out. Okada locks in a chinlock, and sits there with it for a bit. Moose struggles to break through. Moose hits some elbows to Okada to escape, and begins hitting jabs as the fans chant Moose as he hits them. Moose goes for a lariat, but Okada hits a DDT, but Moose bounces to his feet and hits a clothesline and goes for the pin. Moose goes for a powerbomb, hits it, hangs on, picks Okada up and powerbombs him into the corner! Holy crap. Okada kicks out.

Moose signals for the spear, but Okada dodges and sends Moose into the ring post. Moose is sent to the ropes and Okada hits a flapjack, and both men are down! Both are up by the 7 count and Okada and Moose exchange strikes. Mooose hits a haymaker on the Rainmaker, and follows it with a headbutt and an uppercut. Okada picks up Moose in the Alabama Slam position and hits a neckbreaker to the knee. Okada hits a top rope elbow and signals for the Rainmaker. Moose ducks, runs up the top ropes and hits a cross body! Moose signals for the spear by doing the Rainmaker pose. Okada dodges, goes for the Rainmaker, Moose dodges and goes for a Rainmaker of his own. Okada hits a dropkick on him, then a second, and finally hits the Rainmaker Clothesline and gets the pin! Okada wins, and probably has the best match of his career thus far.

RATING: 3.5/5
Exceptionally good match for Moose. It had a great pace, and made Moose look great. Okada hugs Moose after the match and does the Moose chant with the crowd. That was a great moment.

Kushida, ACH, & Matt Sydal vs. The Bullet Club (c) (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) – NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Championship

Kenny Omega hands his broom to Keven Kelly and tells him to take care of it. Kevin Kelly: The cleaning apparatus will be joining us on commentary.

Kevin Kelly: You know, my former broadcast partner, Steve Corino, would get jealous whenever I had a guest out here, even if it is a cleaning apparatus.

The Bullet Club is massively over, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. ACH, Kushida and Syadal is too. The fans chant “All these guys!” which is awesome.

Kushida and Nick Jackson open the match with some back and forth action, with neither able to get the advantage. Kushida tells Nick to suck it. Nick tags in Matt and Kushida tags in ACH. As they go for a test of strength, Matt does the too sweet taunt and pokes ACH in the eyes. Matt does a headlock and shoulder bock. ACH dropkicks him, Nick, and then goes after Omega. ACH hits a Thez press and follows it with Stone Cold elbow. ACH heads back to his corner and Sydal tags in.

Sydal and Omega get in the ring and the fans chant “The Elite” in New Day style. Sydal hits a hurricanrana, and Sydal hits one on both of the Bucks. Sydal is on the apron, and Matt uses his legs to hold Sydal in place and Nick hits a dropkick send Sydal off the apron into Omega’s hands, who proceeds to German Suplex Sydal onto the entrance ramp. HOLY CRAP. The Bucks dive to the outside onto everyone else, and then the Bucks do the Terminator theme on the apron, which the crowd claps along to, and Omega dives over the rope with a flip dive onto everyone. Amazing.

Omega goes to work over Sydal and then tags in Matt, who then tags in Nick. That was a quick tag. Nick hits a gutbuster on Sydal and Matt flips him into a neckbreaker on Nick’s knee. Nick tells Kushida and ACH to suck it just after the crowd chanted “New Day Sucks.” This is great. Sydal tries to get to his corner, but Omega runs across and knocks ACH and Kushida off the apron. Sydaln and Nick go back and forth, but Sydal manages to turn it around with a well placed springboard kick. Kushida tags in and Omega tags in. Kushida takes everyone out wit ha series of spectacular moves. Kushida hits a backbreaker on Omega, goes to the top rope and flips off the top rope, flying over the announce table, hitting the Young Bucks! Man. Kushida runs back in, does a cartwheel, tells Omega to suck it, and hits a moonsault, and locks in a kimura. Omega picks him up and powerbombs him into the corner where the Bucks kick him in the head at the same time.

Omega picks him up and powerbombs him, but only gets the 2. Omega chops the crap out of him and they begin a strike exchange. Kushida wins the exchange with a knee and tags in ACH. ACH bounces around the ring taking out all three of the Bullet Club. He climbs to the top rope but misses a double stomp, rolls through, blocks a kick from Matt Jackson, and hits a Stone Cold Stunner! Awesome. Nick breaks the pin, hits a spring board X-Factor on ACH, goes through the ropes for a moonsault dive on Sydal, Sydal moves, but Nick goes for a superkick that Sydal catches and then sends Nick’s foot into Matt’s face. Omega then superkicks Matt Sydal. Kushida knocks Omega off the apron and ACH does a dive to the outside! Holy crap, this is insane.

Back in the ring, ACH, Kushida, and Sydal triple team Matt Jackson. Sydal goes for a moonsault, but Nick superkicks him. Kushida elbows Nick, and Omega, goes to elbow Matt, but Matt beats him too it and tells him to suck it several times as he throws his own elbows. Kushida blocks one, and kills Matt with a punch of his own. He hits the ropes and the Bullet Club hit a triple superkick. Sydal hits Matt with a kick, but Nick superkicks Sydal, and then both Bucks superkick ACH. Bullet Club triple teams Sydal and Omega hits a snap Dragon Suplex. Holy crap. They hit a triple superkick on Sydal, but ACH breaks up the pin!

Omega goes for a moonsault, but Sydal gets the knees up, huts Nick with a hurricanrana, and then his moonsault belly to belly on Matt. ACH and Kushida hit a combination moounsault and 450 splash. Omega breaks up the pin. What a match. Kushida doves to the outside but Omega catches him and hits a tombstone. Sydal who’s on the top rope, notices, but can’t do anything to help his partner. Nick superkicks Sydal off the top rope. The Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver and Omega hits the One Winged Angel on Sydal for the 1-2-3. Holy crap, what a match.

Outstanding match. My criticism about the selling in these kind of matches stand (which is a recurring issue with Young Bucks matches), but this match was unbelievable to watch.

The All Night Express vs. War Machine (c) – No DQ Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship

The teams waste no time starting to brawl all over the venue. This match is looking like it will be a wild affair. Rowe and Hanson take Titus and King to opposite corners of the ringside area, place them on the barricades, and beat on them at the same time. Rhett Titus takes a brutal suplex on the ground from Rowe. Kenny hits a knee on Rowe, but gets back dropped through a table by Hanson.

Hanson takes it to the ring and beats on Titus. Rowe and Hanson proceed to beat on Titus with several face wash boots over and over again. King struggles to get to his feet on the outside as War Machine looks under the ring for weapons. They begin to toss chairs into the ring. War Machine jams chairs into all four corners, but Hanson and Rowe are the ones who get sent into them because they took too much time. King and Titus beat on Rowe with several kicks, and then send him into the final chair into the corner.

King goes to the outside and grabs a garbage can and places it over Hanson’s head and King and Titus hit him with several blows with the garbage can. Hanson fights them off, hits a sidewalk slam, and is slammed by Rowe onto Kenny King. Hanson goes to powerbomb Rowe onto King, but Titus interrupts and dropkicks Rowe off Hanson’s shoulders. King’s advantage is only momentary though, as Rowe hits a big knee and sets up a chair in the middle of the ring. Titus hits a Fameasser on the chair though, and Hanson hits a double clothesline on both men. War Machine hits the fallout on Kenny King, but Kenny kicks out. Titus pulls Rowe outside the ring, but Rowe reverses it and goes for The Fallout on the outside through a table. King stops it and sends Hanson through the table. The All Night Express then hit the One Night Stand, but Rowe kicks out!

Titus goes out and grabs a ladder from underneath the ring! They set it up from the barrier to the ring. Kenny King goes to put Rowe through it, but Rowe reverses and puts King through the ladder. War Machine then hits The Fallout on Rhett Titus for the 1-2-3.

RATING: 2.5/5
Not a bad match, but it was hard to follow the last one. The crowd seemed mostly dead throughout. Still, it was a fun match.

Jay Lethal (c) (w/ The House of Truth) vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly – The ROH World Heavyweight Championship

Kyle O’Reilly gets the first shot with a kick to Lethal while him and Cole basically ignore Lethal. Nigel is quick to point out the action is too quick to call, and he’s right. I missed a bunch of stuff here. Lethal pulls Cole outside the ring, but O’Reilly goes for a dive and Lethal and Cole move out of the way at the same time.

Lethal and Cole go back into the ring and start the back and forth. Lethal hits a suplex and send s Cole into the corner, but O’reilly is back in and hits a German Suplex on Cole while Cole hits a Fisherman’s Suplex on Lethal! Awesome stuff. Cole hits a German suplex on O’Reilly, but Kyle kicks out. Cole hits an enziguri on Lethal, and then hits a neckbreaker over the knee on Kyle. Cole locks in a headlock as Lethal sneaks back into the ring and sends Cole to the outside. Lethal hits a springboard dropkick on Cole who climbed back onto the apron. He then hits an inverted DDT on O’Reilly.

Cole tries to get back in, but O’Reilly hits Cole with a kick and sends him to the outside. Lethal gains the advantage again and chops O’Reilly. The crowd goes calls for one more time, and Lethal goes for it, stops short, and flips the crowd off. Lethal is a great heel. While Lethal and Cole are fighting O’Reilly hits a missile dropkick on both men. O’Reilly kills Lethal with a forearm, and hits a suplex, but Lethal makes the save.

Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but O’Reilly locks in a Rear Naked Choke. Cole superkicks O’Reilly and hits a knee on Lethal, Cole locks in a figure four leglock on Lethal. O’ Reilly kicks Cole, but Cole flips him off and O’Reilly locks in an armbar on Cole while he has Lethal in the figure four. The action then spills to the outside and O’Reilly sets Lethal and Cole on a chair on the outside. O’Reilly dives off the apron, but Lethal moves and O’Reilly nails Cole. Lethal superkicks Kyle, and dives three times to the outside. Back in the ring, Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Cole, but Cole kicks out.

Lethal and Cole exchange forearms while O’Reilly sneaks back onto the apron. Lethal hits him, goes for the Lethal Injection on Cole, but Cole pulls O’Reilly into it. He throws Kyle out of the ring, hits Lethal with his finish, but Lethal kicks out. Cole goes after O’Reilly but gets sent to the outside and Lethal picks up O’Reilly to finish him, but O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT and a Brainbuster! Lethal still kicks out, but O’Reilly locks in an armbar, and then a triangle. Adam Cole comes in to stop him, but O’Reilly locks him in an ankle lock. Lethal goes out from the triangle, but as his arm goes down for the third drop, Cole catches it while locked in the ankle lock to stop it from dropping. Cole then kicks O’Reilly in the head to break the hold. Amazing. I’ve never seen that before.

All three men stand and O’Reilly kicks the crap out of both men until they hit a double superkick. O’Reilly rebounds off the ropes and hits a double clothesline. Cole then hits O’Reilly with a Brainbuster onto the knee and Lethal superkicks Cole. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Cole blocks it. O’Reilly locks in a Rear Naked Choke on Cole, but Lethal hits a double Lethal Injection for the 1-2-3.

Another outstanding match. O’Reilly really shone in this match. The others looked great too. I think Kyle O’Reilly has a really bright future in wrestling.

Not a bad show overall. Nothing was terrible, and there were two very, very good matches. The crowd seemed pretty dead for most of the show, which was strange, but it was still a great show overall. Ring of Honor definitely puts on one of the better wrestling products today.


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