ROH Best in the World 2016

Silas Young vs. ACH

Silas breaks the Code of Honor by elbowing ACH instead of shaking hands and yells, “Come on Super Saiyan!” So great. Silas stops a dive from ACH to the outside and begins the beat down. ACH transitions to the apron in a very cool way, but Young knocks him to the outside of the ring.

ACH manages to change the momentum by jumping onto the guard rail and hitting a cross body. As they go back into the ring, ACH dives of the top rope, but Young hits a gutbuster. Young manages to stay one step ahead of ACH, and begins to work over ACH with some grounded, basic offence.

ACH uses his speed to get the advantage using some quick kicks and hard clotheslines.

ACH hits a snap german suplex, but only gets a two. ACH can’t get Silas up for a suplex, and Silas dumps him onto the apron by dropping him on the top rope. It was soon thereafter that the fans were chanting pull your pants up at Silas, who’s tights were in a precarious position. ACH goes for a Come Over Here, but Silas reverses it into a backbreaker. ACH goes to the top rope, but Silas hits a sunset flip powerbomb, followed by a suplex into a neckbreaker.

Silas Young goes to the outside and goes for a chair, but ACH hits a flip dive.

Once they’re back in the ring, Silas goes for a springboard moonsault, ACH dodges, and Silas lands on his feet. ACH hits flying knees in the corner, and follows it up with a 450 Splash, gets the win!

RATING: 3/5 – Very nice match. It was a good follow up to the first match.


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