ROH Best in the World 2016

Roderick Strong vs. Mark Briscoe

This is Roderick Strong’s last match in Ring of Honor, so this one should be emotional.

Strong refuses the Code of Honor, and goes to pull Mark’s hair, and he pulls it completely off Mark’s head! It turns out he was wearing a wig and he shaved his head. Mark proceeds to beat on Strong all over the ringside area.

Mark is one step ahead of Strong in the early part of this match, but Strong manages to turn it around after Mark misses a Cactus Jack elbow and is launched over Roddy’s head into the ring post.

Strong hits a backdrop on the barricade and now it’s Mark’s time to be beaten all around ringside. Back in the ring, Strong continues the offense with strikes.

Both men try to suplex each other, but neither can. They fight back and forth for quite some time – very cool. Mark eventually manages to suplex Strong, and the offense goes back and forth at that point, with neither man being able to get the advantage for long.

Mark went for what looked like a burning hammer, but Roddy avoided it, but Mark hit a Death Valley Driver, flipped to his feet, and went for a FroggyBow, but Strong got the knees up. From this point, Strong began to pummel Briscoe with strikes, ending with a flapjack type move. Strong went for a double knee gutbuster, but Briscoe reverses it into a Boston Crab. Strong manages to escape and hit a nice knee strike on Mark, who was perched on the top rope. He then hits a huge superplex, the double knee gutbuster, the Gibson driver, and finally the Boston Crab.

Mark reaches the ropes. Mark manages to stop Strong from back suplexing him on the apron, and he hits a Cactus Jack style elbow. Both men return to the ring and begin to smash each other with hard strikes. Strong hits a Sick Kick, but Mark manages to kick out.

Mark hits a Sick Kick of his own, and follows it with a Fisherman’s Buster, but Strong kicks out. Mark hits another one, and gets the 1-2-3. The fans chant “Thank You Roddy!” as Strong shakes Mark’s hand to end his run in Ring of Honor.

RATING: 3.75/5 – Not a bad match at all. A perfectly fine way for Rodrick Strong to leave Ring of Honor. Very emotional moment, and Strong will be missed in ROH.


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