ROH Best in the World 2016

War Machine & Moose (w/ Stokely Hathaway) vs. The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks & Adam Cole)

Matt Taven joins the commentary team for this match, and buries Adam Cole on commentary, saying that he and Mike Bennett carried him.

The Bullet Club get one of the bigger pops of the night as they make their entrance.

The match starts with all three men hitting a super kick on their opponents. They kneel as the crowd claps to the beat of the Terminator theme and dive onto War Machine and Moose. Moose goes into the ring and dives over the top rope onto everyone!

War Machine then overpowers the Bucks as Moose destroys Cole by swinging him into the barrier. Cole dodges a spear from Moose and he flies face first into the barricade. War Machine take the Bucks onto the entrance ramp and beat them up on the stage, but The Young Bucks hit a low blow on Hanson, and suplex him on the ramp.

It takes a double team from Cole and Nick Jackson to drop Rowe. Cole and Matt hold Rowe while Nick does a flipping senton off the apron onto Rowe, driving him from the apron to the floor.

Both Bucks are taken down by Moose with a clothesline in the middle of the ring, but Moose hits a really nice dropkick on Cole. Moose starts to throw jabs and yell “Moose,” but the Bucks cut him off and hit a strike and yell, “Suck it!” Cole hits an elbow and yells, “Adam Cole, BAYBAY!” Moose hits some jabs and yells, “Moose!” and The Bullet Club hits a triple super kick. Awesome.

Rowe gets back in and throws everyone around. Nick Jackson tries to moonsault Rowe, but Rowe catches him. He also grabs Matt and carries both of them and begins to run towards the barricade, but Cole super kicks Rowe saving them.

Back in the ring, Moose hits a huge flying crossbody on all three men, and Hanson makes his way back into the match.

He cartwheels through a Young Bucks clothesline and tells them to “Suck it!” The Bucks try to super kick him, but Hanson catches it and hits both of them with a spinebuster. Moose throws Nick Jackson into the arms of Rowe, spins around, and hits a clothesline on Jackson while Rowe holds him, and Rowe hits a German suplex. Holy crap.

Hanson misses a dive to the outside, and the Bucks super kicks Rowe and Moose. Nick hits a crazy springboard moonsault followed by Hanson diving onto everyone from the top rope!

War Machine & Moose hit a series of moves on Cole, and almost get the pin, but the Bucks save him. Soon thereafter, Cole hits a Canadian Destroyer on Rowe (!).

Hanson hits a Steiner Screwdriver on Cole, and then goes for a moonsault, but Cole roles away, and the Bucks hit a super kick while Hanson is in midair! They then hit a super kick on Stokely Hathaway, and a Meltzer Driver on Moose for the pin.

RATING: 3.75/5 – Very solid match. A fun spotfest, and a nice change of pace from the other matches thus far.


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