ROH Best in the World 2016

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Addiction (c) – ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

The Addiction attack MCMG as soon as the introductions are over, but the Guns roll through stereo sunset flips and hit stereo kicks. For the opening part of the match they keep the advantage with quick team work, as Kazarian and Daniels struggle to cope.

The Addiction manage to take the advantage on Sabin, and keep Sabin down with a series of quick tags and some nice double teams.

Every time Sabin tried to get the tag, the Addiction cut them off, but Sabin finally managed to victory roll Kaz, but dived for the tag instead. Shelly comes in off the hot tag and soon the Guns are back in control.

The momentum shifts when Daniels makes a blind tag to come in, and Shelley doesn’t see it. Daniels manages to take control again with this, and The Addiction begin to beat down Shelley with some solid old school wrestling. Daniels backdrops Kaz onto Shelley and hits a springboard moonsault.

Shelley manages to get a tag after dodging a split leg moonsault to the outside by Daniels that hit Kaz by accident. Sabin and Shelley do what they do best, which is quick offense, lots of kicks, and exciting dives. At one point, Shelley drives Kaz to the ropes while Sabin dives over, sunset flipping Shelley, which caused Shelley to German suplex Kaz. Very nice.

Daniels comes back in and drives Shelley into the ring post and calls for The Intervention, but Shelley makes the save. Shelley rolls up Kaz with a La Magistral Cradle, as Sabin dives over Kaz’s legs, turning it into a Jackknife Pin, but Daniels makes the save. Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Sabin, but Shelley hits a Sliced Bread on Daniels, but Kaz hits The Wave of the Future on Shelley.

While all four men are down, Kamaitachi comes out and pulls Jay White over the barricade and attacks him. While the ref is distracted by this, Daniels hits Shelley with a low blow followed by the Best Meltzer Ever on Sabin for the win.  As The Addiction poses on the ramp, Kamaitachi comes out and celebrates with The Addiction. It seems Kamaitachi has joined The Addiction!

RATING: 2.5/5 – Solid match. Nothing too spectacular, but everything was good in this one. It looks like this feud isn’t over, and it seems Jay White has his first feud in ROH.


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