ROH Best in the World 2016

Steve Corino vs. BJ Whitmer – Unsanctioned Fight Without Honor

This one is going to be brutal. The ring announcer said viewer discretion is advised. Yikes.

[As a warning, there are GIFs below that have blood in them, due to the nature of this match. Viewer discretion is really advised.]

Corino goes old school in this one, dying his hair blonde again as the fans throw tons of streamers into the ring. Corino is the man. Talk about the aura of a superstar.

Corino doesn’t even let Whitmer get to the ring before he starts to fight with him. Corino grabs a table right away an sets it up. Whitmer drives Corino face first into the ring post and drives him head first into the barricade twice.

Corino and Whitmer exchange strikes, but Whitmer takes the advantage after hitting a nice spinebuster. He puts Corino in the tree of woe and hits a neckbreaker from the top rope. Ouch.

Whitmer attempts to piledrive Corino on the apron, but Corino hits a STO instead. The crowd chants “You still got it!”

Corino picks up two chairs, throws one to Whitmer so that he catches it and leaves his leg defenseless. Corino throws the chair he is holding into Whitmer’s knee. He proceeds to smash the chair into Whitmer’s knee. He Pilllmanizes the knee, and Whitmer yells in pain.

Corino goes to swing a chair at Whitmer, but Whitmer flips him off. Corino drops the chair and slaps Whitmer. Whitmer punches Steve in the face several times, drawing blood. As Corino is looked at by the doctor, Whitmer sets up a table in the corner. Corino is a bloody mess.

Whitmer hits an exploder suplex into the table, but it doesn’t break. So Whitmer adjusts the table and does it again. Corino kicks out at one!

Corino gets up and hits a super kick, but Whitmer hits him with a broken piece of the table, and Corino hits another super kick followed by a lariat!

Corino grabs a beer bottle that Taven left at the announcer’s table and smashes it over Whitmer’s head. Corino then busts Whitmer open with the bottle. He grabs rubbing alcohol from the doctor’s bag and pours it over Whitmer’s head. The crowd chants, “ECW!”

Corino unlaces his boot and pulls out a bag of coins and fills a sock with it. He swings at Corino, but Whitmer manages to punch Corino before he can with a roll of quarters. Chants of “This is awesome!” ring out, and the fans are right.

Both men being to exchange punches, and they’re both bloody messes. Corino hits a Package Piledriver on Whitmer! Whitmer kicks out, and the lights go out! When they turn back on, it’s Kevin Sullivan! He’s the Prince of Darkness! He hits Corino with a Spike, and Whitmer hits an Exploder Suplex, and Whitmer gets the pinfall.

RATING: 4.5/5 – This was brutal. It was nothing fancy, but man this was an awesome old school, brutal, fight. It looks like this is far from over. I can’t wait to see more.


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