ROH Best in the World 2016

Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) vs. Bobby Fish (c) – ROH Television Title

This one starts slow, with both men exchanging holds. Part of this match plays on Dalton’s amateur wrestling background and Fish’s submissions. One of the amusing things when watching this match is how The Boys are pretty much continually fanning Dalton. The fans even chanted “Boys are going to fan you!” Which is hilarious.

Dalton has a great moment when he’s headbutting Fish and knocks him down face first to the mat. Dalton continues to headbutt him. Dalton walks forward headbutting the air several times before stopping and posing. Awesome. He turns around and forearms Fish and climbs the turnbuckle. Fish ducks under and kicks Dalton in the leg and begins to work over the knee.

Bobby hits a nice senton to Dalton’s knee, and then hits a snap suplex. After sending Dalton towards the corner, Dalton runs and hits a flying knee. Fish is placed on the top rope and hits a knee strike on Fish. Castle hits a deadlift wheelbarrow suplex, drives Fish to the corner, blows a raspberry on Fish’s stomach (yes, I’m serious), and punches Fish in the face. As Dalton sends Fish to the opposite corner, Fish dodges and hits several strikes. He drives Dalton back to the corner and hits an Exploder Suplex into the corner!

Fish returns to attack Dalton’s knee, but Dalton manages to kick Fish away and follow it with a hard punch. They begin to exchange strikes and holds. Dalton ends the exchange with a deadlift German Suplex. Dalton lets go before the pin finishes, and as both men get up, Fish and Castle begin to exchange strikes looking for the advantage until Fish rolls through and grabs the kneebar. Dalton grabs the rope and they begin to fight on the apron. Dalton hits a forearm and Fish falls to the floor, and kicks the legs out from underneath Castle. Fish drives Castle into the barricade, and The Boys try to fan him back to life. Fish dives from the apron, but Castle catches him and hits a deadlift belly-to-belly suplex over the barricade into two of the security guys!

Dalton dives over the barricade taking out Fish and landing on the poor ringside security.

Castle brings Fish back to the ring, but Fish stays out. Castle comes back out and charges at Fish. Fish hits an Exploder Suplex into the ring post! Both men get back into the ring before the 20 count. Castle hits a few suplexes and hits a massive head drop suplex on Fish.

Gah, that looked nasty. Castle goes for the Bangarang, but Fish reverses into a roll up and gets the 1-2-3!

RATING: 3.25/5 – Really solid match. That head drop suplex was sick. I hope Fish is all right. Castle is going to be huge in wrestling. That man has tons of charisma.


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