ROH Best in the World 2016

Kenny King, Rhett Titus, and Caprice Coleman come out to presidential music, and campaign to make wrestling great again. They announce that they are going to be known as The Cabinet. They say they are here to put a headlock on highspots. Well then. The fans chanted boring during this. I’m not convinced this is going to work, but it could be good if they do it right. They did seem to get the crowd a bit more as they went on, and they even dropped a Kurt Angle reference. Now, that would be awesome if he did some work with Ring of Honor. They started a bit weak, but this definitely ended better than it started.

Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Taeler Hendrix) – ROH World Championship

One year in the making. This is going to be awesome.

Both men keep the Code of Honor and shake hands before the match.

Lethal starts with a hip toss into a cartwheel followed by a dropkick. Briscoe keeps a hold of Lethal with a waist lock, and hits Lethal with a hurricanrana. Lethal stomps a mudhole in the corner on Briscoe. Lethal sends him to the opposite corner, but Briscoe hits an elbow when Lethal charges in.

Neither man seems to be able to hold the advantage in this one, as both keep one upping the other. This fits well with the story of the match, as they are supposed to be the two best in ROH, and it makes sense that they keep arriving at stalemates.

Lethal does a really nice dive to the outside of the ring, and follows it up with a second one, sending Briscoe into the guardrail again.

Lethal goes for a third one, but Briscoe cuts him off and hits a dive of his own.

He goes for a second one, and drives Lethal into the barricade. Briscoe goes for a third, but hits a flip dive over the top rope. Awesome!

Taeler Hendrix grabs Briscoe and the ref kicks her out. Hendrix flips out, and pours water all over the announce table and attacks Mandy Leon, who was the timekeeper tonight. It seems the Women of Honor are getting into a war.

Briscoe goes back into the ring, but gets hit with a Lethal Combination. He tries multiple times to pin Briscoe, but Briscoe keeps kicking out. Lethal hits a crazy amount of forearms, but Jay responds with strikes of his own.

Briscoe hits a great powerbomb and a Death Valley Driver, but Lethal kicks out. Lethal goes outside the ring and hits a Diamond Cutter while Briscoe was hanging from the apron! Wow!

Back in the ring, Lethal goes for a top rope hurricanrana, but Briscoe blocks it. He drags Lethal up and goes for a super Jay Driller, but Lethal reverses it into a hurricanrana!

Lethal hits a flying elbow (Hail to the King!), and locks in a figure four leglock! Briscoe gets to the ropes, and Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection. Briscoe doges, goes for clothesline, Jay ducks and hits a superkick and goes for the Lethal Injection again, but Briscoe sidesteps, goes for the Jay Driller, Lethal blocks, and Briscoe hits the Lethal Injection followed by the Jay Driller! Lethal kicks out at 2!

Briscoe puts Lethal on the top rope and goes for a super Jay Driller to the outside of the ring through a table! Lethal blocks and hits a Lethal Injection from the top rope! He follows it with another Lethal Injection and gets the 1-2-3!

Lethal and Briscoe kneel in the middle of the ring as Lethal puts the belt between them, and they shake hands, keeping the Code of Honor.

RATING: 3.75/5 – Awesome match from both these guys. A little short, but still a really great main event match.

OVERALL RATING: 4/5: This was a really great show, from top to bottom. No match was truly outstanding in terms of being a 5* classic, but every match was very, very good. There wasn’t one moment where I wasn’t entertained (except for the beginning of that Cabinet promo, but even that was okay by the end). Everyone worked hard, and it left a lot of stories open for further shows. They left me wanting more, and that’s the key. Ring of Honor is, without any doubt, one of the best wrestling companies in the world.

Check out for more GIFs from the show!

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