NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 Review

Wrestle Kingdom 11
January 4, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Commentators: Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino

The New Japan Rumble – Victory by pinfall, submission, or over the top rope elimination

The first man to enter the Rumble is Michael Elgin. In my opinion, he’s the favourite to win it. The second person to enter is Billy Gunn! Billy Gunn does not look 53 years old. Elgin is a very big man, but Gunn makes him look tiny. The third man to enter as Gunn & Elgin trade blows is The Bone Soldier. I have no idea why he’s in the Bullet Club. Elgin and Gunn start beating him up as soon as he gets in the ring. I agree with Corino that Elgin and Gunn would be an interesting tag team. The fourth man is Cheeseburger! The crowd comes alive, as they really love Cheeseburger. Burger goes after Gunn and Soldier, and manages to eliminate The Bone Soldier! The next entry is Jushin Thunder Liger – the ageless legend! One of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Cheeseburger and Elgin look to team up against Elgin & Gunn. Elgin & Gunn overpower Liger and Burger, but Gunn attacks Elgin afterwards. Gunn tells Elgin to suck it, but Elgin clotheslines Gunn over the top rope! As Gunn argues with Steve Corino, Kuniaki Kobayashi enters and he squares off with Liger. He goes for a pinfall, but Liger kicks out! Tiger Mask is the next entry! Kobayashi is eliminated by Tiger Mask. Manabu Nakanishi makes his entrance, and he looks like he’s going to smash everyone. He spears Elgin and smashes everyone else with lariats. Elgin and Nakanishi both go down with double lariats.

Ryusuke Taguchi is next to enter the ring. Cornio buries him, as Corino is a great heel. All five men try to pin Nakanishi, but he kicks out! They cover him again, and pin him. Yoshitatsu makes his entrance as Liger gets a surfboard on Taguchi. Tiger Mask pins Liger while he holds Taguchi in the surfboard! Liger argues with Tiger Mask. Liger rolls up Tiger Mask and Taguchi pins him! Yuji Nagata comes out next, and is immediately attacked by Taguchi. Nagata locks Taguchi in an armbar, but Yoshitatsu attacks him. Cheeseburger, Taguchi, and Nagata eliminate Yoshitatsu. Tenzan makes his entrance as this happens. The next man in is Hiro Saito! Saito quickly eliminates Nagata!

Scott Norton enters next! Holy crap! The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Norton kills Taguchi with a powerbomb and pins him! Saito is eliminated next, and Elgin eliminates Norton! Tenzan is eliminated next! This leaves Elgin and Cheeseburger as the last two! Burger tries his best to fight Big Mike, including a great super kick, but Big Mike gets the win with a sit-out powerbomb!

RATING: 2/5 – This was a fun match, but nothing too special. It was basically a highlight for Michael Elgin with a few nostalgia acts thrown in. Great stuff though! I’d love to see Scott Norton against Michael Elgin.

Tiger the Dark vs. Tiger Mask W

This should be a great match, as both men are great high flyers. Both men exchange arm drags, as they start to exchange holds early with neither man gaining an advantage. After cornering Tiger Mask W, Tiger the Dark dropkicks Tiger Mask and hits a massive dive! Back in the ring, Tiger Mask W hits a dropkick followed by a Triangle moonsault to the outside! The both make their way back to the ring and exchange holds for a bit, before Tiger Mask hits a snap German Suplex followed by a Tiger Suplex! Tiger the Dark kicks out! Tiger Mask goes for a Tiger Driver, but turns it into a huge powerbomb! Tiger Mask W gets the win!

RATING: 2.5/5 – Another fun match, but nothing outstanding. Both men are very good at flying (ACH being Tiger the Dark & Kota Ibushi being Tiger Mask W). A solid opener to get the crowd warmed up.

Roppongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks (c) – IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship

The Young Bucks come out with the PWG Tag Team Championships, the ROH World Tag Team Championships, The IWGP Tag Team Championships, and their own custom Super Kick Party Championships!

This match starts quick with both teams fighting back and forth, as the Bucks spill to the outside of the ring. RPG Vice go for a dive, but the Bucks start to run up the ramp and walk away. RPG Vice chase after them, but the Bucks super kick them! The Bucks run back to the ring as the crowd laughs, understanding that they are going for a count out! RPG Vice barely make it back in time. The throw Romero to the outside and hit a massive backdrop on Trent. Matt Jackson hits a big dropkick on Romero as Nick sends Trent to the apron. Nick hits a super kick and Matt pulls him down, causing him to hit the apron. They super kick Romero as Beretta is rolled back into the ring. Berretta kicks out of a pinfall.

Matt starts to slow the match down a little as he beats on Trent. He tells Rocky to suck it, Rocky runs in and hits him. Matt then super kicks Romero and mocks Trent, telling him to tag out. Berretta manages to hit a tornado DDT but he still can’t tag out. He almost gets there as Nick accidently kicks Matt! Nick goes for his apron kick and accidently kicks Matt again. He goes to super kick Trent, but misses and hits a young boy! Trent makes the tag to Rocky and he runs wild! He starts his Forever Clotheslines, but the Bucks keep ducking. After the third time he hits a double clothesline. The Bucks can’t seem to get the advantage back as Romero dives to the outside onto Nick. Rocky locks Matt in a Torture Rack as Beretta flies off the rope to hit Matt in the head with a knee. Matt kicks out. Beretta goes for strong zero, but as Rocky goes to the top rope, Nick manages to hit a bulldog on Rocky and as he hits it he dropkicks Beretta, causing Matt to hit a code red on Beretta! Holy crap!

Matt takes Romero to the top rope, but Beretta climbs up behind Matt and hits a German Suplex! Beretta goes for a Tope con Hilo but Nick pulls Matt out of the way and he crashes and burns! That’s insane! Rocky is alone as he tries to take on the Bucks alone. He hits a double hurricanrana on the Bucks, but the advantage doesn’t last long as they take out his legs and hit a double super kick. Matt goes for a buckle bomb, and Nick hits a kick as Romero goes to the corner. Nick hits a 450 as Matt balances Romero on the middle ropes! Romero kicks out!

The Bucks hit a series of super kicks on Rocky, but Rocky gets up. They hit a double super kick! Romero still kicks out! The Bucks go for More Bang for Your Buck, but as Matt goes for the fireman’s carry roll, Rocky locks up Matt and pins him for the 1-2-3!

RATING: 4/5 – Great match from these guys. RPG Vice are seriously underrated as a tag team, and The Young Bucks are amazing. I still think they could sell more, but it’s impossible to deny their talent. This was a very entertaining match, and was a bit more traditional in its structure. This was great stuff, and highlighted both teams well.

The Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi, & Hangman Page) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA, BUSHI) CHAOS (Yoshi-Hashi, Will Ospreay, & Jado), Ricochet, Satoshi Kojima, & David Finlay (c) – Gauntlet Match for the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Championships

CHAOS and The Bullet Club start the match, with Yoshi-Hashi and Fale starting it for their respective teams. Page and Takahashi double team Yoshi-Hashi on the outside, and roll him back in for Fale. Fale tags in Takahashi and the isolation and beat down begins. Page hits a big DDT on Yoshi-Hashi, but he kicks out. As Page goes for a suplex, Yoshi-Hashi turns it into a neck breaker and he tags in Ospreay. Ospreay bounces all around the ring taking everyone out, and he sends Page to the outside. He goes for a huge hand spring moonsault to the outside!

Ospreay hits a flying forearm on Page, followed by a standing shooting star. He goes for a moonsault of the middle rope, but Page dodges, goes for a second one, but Page dodges again. He hits another standing shooting star followed by a middle rope spaceman dive. Page kicks out. Both men go back and forth for a bit, but as Ospreay goes for a springboard, Takahashi hits him. After a handspring pele kick he tags in Jado! Jado locks a crossface on Takahashi, but Fale interrupts. Fale smashes Jado, and Takahashi goes for the pin, but Ospreay stops the pin. Page hits a shooting star press to the outside on Ospreay as Takahashi hits DDT on Jado for the pin.

LIJ make their entrance. Can the Bullet Club stay in the match? The Bullet Club manage to get control early, with Fale squashing SANADA, but he kicks out. SANADA sends Takahashi into the ref! BUSHI flies out of the ring into Fale as Evil throws chairs into the ring. SANADA wraps a chair around Takahashi’s head as EVIL smashes Takahashi with the chair, knocking the other one off! They get the pin as the ref recovers!

It comes down to LIJ vs. Ricochet, Kojima, & Dave Finlay

Ricochet starts it quick as he and Dave Finlay dive to the outside. Their control doesn’t last long, as BUSHI cheats by choking Finlay. Finlay manages to tag Ricochet and he flies all over the ring with action I can’t keep track off, quite literally. Kojima is tagged in and he the endless chops on both EVIL and SANADA. So awesome. He goes for a flying elbow on EVIL, but SANADA stops him, and they start to get the heat on Kojima. They work over Kojima for a bit, but he manages to hit a DDT on Evil to turn it back. The match starts to break down as all the men get in. Finlay does fireman’s carry on SANADA into double knees to the back from Ricochet!

Ricochet tries to jump to the top rope, but BUSHI hits double knees as he goes up! Insane. Kojima starts to take out everybody, ending with a brainbuster on SANADA. EVIL manages to block the ref, and as he does, BUSHI hits Kojima with the mist! EVIL hits his finish, but Kojima kicks out! EVIL then hits This Is EVIL, and gets the win! LIJ win the championship!

RATING: 3/5 – A very fun match out of all the men here. LIJ are looking to be the hottest stable of 2017, and this is a good start.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes vs. Juice Robinson

This should be a solid match. Cody and Juice start trading shots, and it spills to the outside where Juice hits an overhead belly-to-belly! Juice then hits a cannonball into Cody, but Juice smashes into the guardrail in the process injuring his knee. Cody then begins to work over the knee of Juice, and hits a springboard dropkick.

Cody yells at Kevin Kelly and says, “Call that action!” Kelly tells him they’re chanting his name. He then has some words for Steve Corino, who is known for his feud with Dusty Rhodes. He goes after Juice, but Juice shows fighting spirit and manages to start turning it around with several lariats. He only sells the knees a little bit, which hurts the match a bit.

Juice goes for a suplex, but Cody falls back and hits a chop block! Cody goes for a charge into the corner, but Juice bits a huge punch. Juice goes to the top rope, but is favouring the knee. Juice goes for a cross body, but Cody rolls through and locks in an Indian Death Lock on Juice! Juice screams as he goes for the rope, and he makes it!

Cody says, “This one is for you Corino!” as he sends Juice into the post and hits a triangle dropkick. Cody tells the ref that he’ll check on him, and asks “You okay?” in a mocking tone. He hits a Randy Orton style DDT, but Juice kicks out at 2. Juice hits a huge lariat, but Cody kicks out! Juice goes for a powerbomb, but his knee gives away. Juice goes for an Impaler, but Cody reverses and hits the Cross Rhodes for the 1-2-3!

RATING: 2.75/5 – A slightly above average match. Nothing too great, but definitely watchable. On the way out Cody spits water at Corino. With Corino going to WWE, it makes me sad, because they are building a Corino/Rhodes match that I would really like to see. Cody played an awesome heel here.

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly – ROH World Championship

O’Reilly and Cole start with exchanging forearms. As they go to the corner, Adam Cole tries to yell his name, but O’Reilly locks in a rear naked choke! Cole breaks it, tries to yell his name again, but O’Reilly goes for a rear naked choke again! Cole rolls through and the action spills to the outside of the ring. Adam Cole hits a chair shot to O’Reilly’s arm, an injury from weeks ago that The Bullet Club caused on ROH TV. Cole begins to work over the left shoulder and beat O’Reilly down. O’Reilly is basically fighting with one arm, but he still has dangerous kicks.

O’Reilly hits several strikes on Adam Cole, knocking him down. O’Reilly hits a running forearm, a back suplex, and a knee bar on Cole! Cole gets to the ropes. O’Reilly continues to kick Cole, sending him crashing to the mat. O’Reilly goes for a capture suplex, but Cole blocks it. O’Reilly proceeds to hit several hard strikes to Cole. Cole kicks O’Reilly in the arm and hits The Last Shot! O’Reilly kicks out.

Both men begin to exchange forearms, but then they grab each other by the hair and start punching! They both throw kicks, hitting each other! They do it again! They do it a third time, and both go down. O’Reilly hits several kicks, Cole hits palm strikes, O’Reilly hits more kicks and a brainbuster! O’Reilly goes for an armbar, but Cole starts stomping on his head! Gah! Cole continues to work over the arm by stomping on him. O’Reilly goes for the rear naked choke, but his arm is too sore. Cole hits a Shinning Wizard, but Cole kicks out. He hits a second and The Last Shot, but O’Reilly kicks out!

Cole goes for a super kick, but O’Reilly catches it and locks in an ankle lock. Cole breaks it with a shot to the arm, and hits 3 super kicks, followed by a super kick to the head! Adam Cole hits The Last Shot again! He gets the pinfall! Adam Cole is your new ROH World Champion!

RATING: 4/5 – This was a great match. The crowd wasn’t into it too much because it was two guys they don’t know too well, but the match itself was very good. Adam Cole becomes the first ever 3 time ROH World Champion!

NJPW plays a video announcing the dates of their shows for 2017, including bringing some shows from the G1 Climax to the US! Holy crap!

CHAOS (Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii) vs. Honma & Makabe vs. The Guerillas of Destiny/Bullet Club (Tama Tonga & Tanga Roa) (c) – IWGP Tag Team Championship

Yano comes out with both the IWGP Tag Team Championship and the trophies from The World Tag League, having stole both, which is hilarious.

Tama Tonga sneaks around the ring during the entrance and attacks Yano and take back their belts. They throw Yano into the ring, and The Club and Honma & Makabe stomp on Yano before fighting each other.

Once the ring clears, Honma and Roa are left in the ring. Honma goes for his headbutt but misses. Roa starts to hit everyone and knock them off the apron. Roa hits a running powerslam on Honma. Yano takes the turnbuckle pad off and smashes Honma in the corner! Ishii is tagged in and he hits a suplex on Honma. Yano is tagged back in, get forearmed by Honma, yells, and tags in Tama Tonga. Hilarious! Tama Tonga beats on Honma and goes for a suplex, but Honma blocks and hits one of his own! He goes to tag out, but Yano stops him. Honma sends Yano into the exposed turnbuckle and tags in Makabe.

Roa goes after Makabe, but Makbe hits a powerslam while swearing. Yes, while swearing. Hit hits double spear on Yano & Ishii. Honma & Makabe hit several punches in the corner on Tonga and Roa. Makebe begins to get brutalized by Tonga though with several strikes. He hits his Guillotine DDT! He tags out to Roa and as Honma chops him, Roa starts swearing a lot. Roa swears more. Corino had to turn down his mic because he was laughing so hard.
Ishii comes in and kills Honma with a clothesline. He does the same to Roa. He tries on Tonga, but Tonga hits a dropkick. Yano pulls the hair of Tonga, but The Bullet Club takes control and runs wild, while swearing. Man, there is a lot of swearing in this match. Makebe hits a double clothesline on The Bullet Club. Makabe and Honma hit a double clothesline, followed by Honma hitting a headbutt on Roa! Roa kicks out. Makebe hits a powerbomb on Roa, and Honma hits a headbutt from the top rope! Ishii breaks up the pin!

Ishii begins to smash Honma, but Honma hits the headbutt! Tonga comes in and goes for the Gun Stun on Honma, but he reverses. He goes for it again! Reverses! Honma goes for the headbutt, but Tonga catches him with it! Tonga goes for a Gun Stun on Makabe, but Makabe catches him! Roa & Tonga hit the Guerilla Warfare! They go after Honma, but Yano tags himself in and no one notices. They take out Honma with a spine buster. Yano low blows The Bullet Club as Ishii hits a clothesline, and Yano rolls up Roa and gets the 1-2-3!

RATING: 3.5/5 – What a fun tag match! Great stuff from all these guys. Tama Tonga has something special. He’s getting very good, very fast.

“The Time Bomb” Hiromu Takahashi vs. Kushida – IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

This match starts quick with Takahashi attacking before Kushida gets into the ring. Kushida doesn’t let that go and hits a huge flip dive off the top rope onto Takahashi on the outside of the ring! Kushida begins to work over the arm of Takahashi, looking for armbars, etc.

Kushida ends up on the apron, and Takahashi hits a sunset flip bomb on the outside of the ring! Holy crap. Kushida gets up, but has a hard time getting into the ring. Once he gets back into the ring, Takahashi begins to work Kushida over. Takahashi hits a big super kick, and goes for a fireman carry. Kushida uses a flatliner to drive Takahashi into the turnbuckle! Kushida does an arm drag, cartwheel, and then dropkick into Takahashi.

Kushida begins kicking Takahashi, then he hits a handspring elbow. He goes for the Hoverboard Lock, but Takahashi blocks and hits two German Suplexes, dropping Kushida on the back of his head again! Takahashi tries to hit a hurricanrana to the outside, but they botch it. It looked like Kushida nearly died in it. Takahashi hits a huge senton from the top rope to the outside of the ring! My goodness.

Both men make it back into the ring, and trade blows, leaving both men down. Kushida ends up on the apron and Takahashi goes for the sunset flip bomb again, but Kushida backflips but still eats an elbow from Takahashi. Takahashi goes for his flying apron dropkick, but Kushida CATCHES him with an armbar on the outside! The ref starts to count them out, but Kushida doesn’t let go.

Kushida takes them back into the ring and works over the arm again. Takahashi is in huge trouble. Kushida kicks him like crazy and hits The Hoverboard Lock! Takahashi tries to make it to the rope, but is right in the middle of the ring! Takahashi manages to escape the hold and move towards the ropes. Kushida roles through, but Takahashi catches him. Kudhida rolls through, but Takahashi kicks out. Kushida goes for The Hoverboard Lock again, but Takahashi keeps blocking it. They both exchange punches and both men go down! This match is amazing. Takahashi hits a huge belly-to-belly into the corner on Kushida! He puts him on the top rope. Kushida locks in The Hoverboard Lock! Takahashi reverses and sends Kushida crashing to the mat headfirst! Kushida kicks out! Takahashi hits a Death Valley Driver into the corner! He follows it up with a Time Bomb and gets the 1-2-3! We have a new champ!

RATING: 4.25/5 – This match was outstanding. I would give it a higher rating if they didn’t botch the hurricarana spot, but it was still a really great match. Amazing effort from both men, and I can’t wait to see more from them.

Hirooki Goto vs. Katsuyori Shibata – NEVER Openweight Championship

Chono is on commentary for this one. Both men start by exchanging waist locks and hammer locks. Shibata slaps Goto and locks on a head lock. Goto reverses and holds it on for a bit. Shibata reverses and hits a snapmare. Shibata goes for a soccer kick, but misses. Shibata and Goto exchange some awesome chain wrestling that ends with Shibata stomps on Goto’s arm. Goto rolls out to the apron, but Shibata locks in the rear naked choke. Shibata breaks it because of the ref count and kicks Goto to the outside of the ring.

Shibata goes out and sends him back into the ring. Shibata continues to work after the arm. Shibata goes for an armbar, but Goto tries to roll Shibata up. Shibata bounces back and continues to lock in the armbar., and finally gets it, but Goto goes for the ropes. Shibata begins to kick Goto in the head with brutal kicks. Goto goes to the mat in a heap.

Shibata hits a European Uppercut, but Goto hits a clothesline! As Goto goes to the corner, Shibata reverses and hits brutal forearms. Shibata runs to the other corner, but Goto hit a Spinning Wheel Kick! Shibata knees Goto in the head! Goto hits a back suplex! Goto starts trying to kick Shibata, but Shibata eats and yells at Goto! Shibata kills Goto with a forearm! Shibata takes Goto to the corner and smashes him with some kicks followed by a flying dropkick!

Shibata suplexes Goto, but Goto kicks out. Shibata locks in an abdominal stretch, but Goto reaches the ropes. Shibata hits a back suplex, but Goto gets up! Goto and Shibata exchange kicks and clotheslines, and suplexes, with neither man giving and inch! Goto smashes Shibata’s neck onto his knee! Goto goes for a kick again, but Shibata catches him, hits a German suplex, Goto gets up, hits a clothesline, Shibata gets up and hits an STO! Holy crap!

Goto and Shibata exchange forearms on their knees. Both men stand and continue. Shibata gets the better of it and locks in a rear naked choke! Goto escapes, so Shibata kicks him and locks it in again! Shibata stops Goto from reaching the ropes and ties up his arms and locks it in again! Goto manages to reach the ropes somehow! Goto is out, and Shibata can’t get him up. Shibata shoves Red Shoes (the ref away), and Goto headbutts Shibata. Shibata kicks Goto in the head, and both men are down. Shibata is up first and he goes for the kick, but Goto hits Shibata with a fireman’s carry neck breaker! Goto hits the Shouten Kai but Shibata kicks out!

Goto kicks him again, but Shibata gets up and both men start headbutting each other! Goto hits one final headbutt before clotheslining Shibata in the back of the head, driving him into Goto’s own knee! Goto hits the GTR and gets the pin! We have a new NEVER Openweight Champion! What a match!

RATING: 4.75/5 – Amazing match from these two. That is going to be very hard to top. Steve Corino & Kevin Kelly told the story of this match so well too, and that really added to the emotion. Goto has finally won the big one!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tetsuya Naito – IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Tanahashi’s new theme is good, but not as good as his old one. This match, nonetheless, should be amazing!

Naito takes his time getting ready, but Tanahashi is patient. The bell rings and the crowd goes nuts. They go to lock up, but Naito walks away. He does this a few times. Once they lock up they struggle for quite some time, but Tanahashi pushes Naito to the ropes. Tanahashi doesn’t give a clean break, and the crowd boos Tanahashi! Wow. Naito sends Tanahashi to the outside, and Naito goes for a dive, but fakes Tanahashi out. Tanahashi gets back into the ring and as they lock up, Naito pulls Tanahashi’s hair. Tanahashi pulls Naito’s hair! Both men were booed, but Tanahashi was mostly cheered for his actions. Tanahashi hits an arm drag, goes for a middle rope cross body, but Naito dropkicks him in the knee!

Naito begins to work over the knee, which should make it difficult for Tanahashi to hit the High Fly Flow. Naito sends him to the corner and hits a triangle dropkick and continues to work over the knee. Tanahashi tries to kick Naito, but Naito catches him, and sends his foot into the hand of the referee before dropkicking Tanahashi in the knee. Awesome spot. Naito locks in a kneebar, but Tanahashi makes it to the ropes.

Naito begins kicking Tanahashi in the head. Tanahashi hits some forearms, and Naito kicks him in the knee. Tanahashi goes back to the forearms, and Naito kicks him again and spits on Tanahashi! Tanahashi gets dropkicked in the knee! Tanahashi hits a flying forearm. Tanahashi hits a body slam and then a flipping senton from the middle rope. Tanahashi works over the ribs again. Tanahashi misses a basement dropkick, and Naito goes back to the knee. As Naito tries to hit a knee drop, Tanahashi reverses it and hits a dropkick to Naito’s knee. He goes for a dragon screw, but Naito spits in his face again. Tanahashi hits a dragon screw leg whip!

Tanahashi hits a sling blade on the apron! Oh my goodness! Tanahashi climbs the top rope and hits the High Fly Flow to the outside! Oh my goodness! Tanahashi limps into the ring, leaving Naito on the ground. Tanahashi mocks Naito, some laugh, some boo! Tanahashi rolls Naito back into the ring and goes for the sling blade. Naito blocks. Tanahashi goes to the top rope, but Naito falls on the ropes causing Tanahashi to fall.

Naito goes for a Frankensteiner, and hits it! He hits a German Suplex, but Tanahashi kicks out. Naito seems to be favouring his right knee. Naito hits a kick on Tanahashi and hits a sidewalk slam, but Tanahashi kicks out! Naito goes for a tornado DDT, but Tanahashi blocks. Naito hits a dropkick to the knee. Tanahashi hits a dropkick to the knee! Naito locks in a leg submission on Tanahashi!

Tanahashi manages to stand up and turn it into a Texas Cloverleaf! Holy cow! He sits down in almost a Lion Tamer position. Naito makes it to the ropes. Tanahashi hits a sling blade! He follows it with a second! Naito kicks out! Tanahashi goes for the High Fly Flow and follows it up with a second but he misses!

Naito hits Destino! He drags Tanahashi up and goes for it a second time, but Tanahashi reverses and hits a neck breaker! The crowd is going crazy at this point. Tanahashi and Naito begin to exchange forearms, and the crowd is going crazy at every shot. Both men go back to the knee and exchange kicks! This is so great. Naito hits another basement dropkick! Naito picks Tanahashi up, Tanahashi slaps him and hits a dragon suplex! He hits another High Fly Flow! He goes for a second, but Naito gets his knees up! Naito grabs his knees because of the damage that Tanahashi did!

Naito goes for a kick and then hits a inverted tornado DDT, and Tanahashi kicks out! Naito hits Destino and pins Tanahashi 1-2-3! Oh my goodness!

RATING: 5/5 – This match was incredible! Amazing psychology from both men as they worked over the knee. The crowd looked shocked like when Taker lost the streak. Wow. Naito throws the IWGP Intercontinental Championship in the air as the crowd roars. What is next for Tanahashi?

Kenny Omega (w/ The Young Bucks) vs. Kazuchika Okada (w/ Gedo) – IWGP Heavyweight Championship

Omega has a full recreation of the Terminator opening scene, and it’s awesome. Take that HHH. Okada has an equally impressive entrance indicating that he the King of the wrestling world. Oh my goodness, this is going to be great. I’m not going to write as much for this one, because I just want to sit back and enjoy it.

Okada and Omega exchange holds early, with both men showing technical ability. Neither man is able to hold the advantage for long. Okada hits a backdrop while Omega has him in a headlock and he holds on. Impressive. When Okada tires to escape, Omega pulls the hair. This back and forth continues as neither man can hold the advantage. Okada goes to slap Omega during a break, but pats him on the back instead, making him flinch. Both begin to pick up the pace, still unable to get the better of each other.

The exchange attempts at finishers, bot both reverse and Kenny spits in Okada’s face while The Young Bucks clap. Omega makes his way back into the ring, and eats a massive big boot from Okada. Okada kicks him in the head, and sends Omega to the outside. Okada follows him and sends Omega into the barricade. Omega goes to suplex Okada onto the guardrail, but Okada blocks, places Omega’s feet on the rails and hits a hangman’s DDT! Okada pulls a table out from underneath the ring, looking to get revenge for when Omega put him through one.

Okada sends Omega over the guard rail, and Okada runs and files with a cross body over the guard rail! They go back in the ring, Okada slams Omega and hits a slingshot senton. Okada controls it for a bit, but Omega picks up the pace and takes the advantage again. He begins to hit Okada with some brutal strikes and follows up with a slam, but misses an elbow, and Okada misses a senton. Omega goes back to the strikes. Omega tries another one, but Okada hits some forearms. Omega hits a Kitchen Sink, and sends Okada to the mat. Omega hits a hurricanrana, and Omega looks like he’s going to go for a dive. The Bucks and crowd start clapping the Terminator theme as Omega hits a huge flip dive on Okada!

Omega slams Okada on the apron. Okada yells in pain as Omega continues to work over the back. Omega hits a brutal missile dropkick into the back of the head of Okada. Okada kicks out. Omega begins to work over Okada’s neck. The back and neck are the two points that the One Winged Angel targets, so Omega is weakening him. Omega hits some knees, but Okada manages to reverse it into an AA that Cena would dream of hitting. Both men get up, and Okada seems to pick up the pace. He hits a huge running elbow on Omega and a DDT.

Okada kicks up, hits an uppercut, but Omega kicks out. Okada hits a flapjack and goes for a submission. Omega makes it to the rope. Okada maintains the advantage with some high impact moves. Okada goes up top for a splash, but Omega gets the knees up to block it. Omega hits a pump handle backbreaker, and Okada rolls outside. Omega dropkicks Okada over the rail into the Japanese announce table. Omega hits a triangle moonsault over the guard rail onto Okada! HOLY CRAP! He took a move from Kota Ibushi (one of his rivals) in order to try and finish Okada.

Omega puts the table from earlier onto Okada and does a double stomp onto Okada, crushing him with the table! Omega goes back out and throws Okada back in the ring. He goes for a powerbomb, but Okada kicks out! Omega doesn’t let go and hits a sit out powerbomb, but Okada kicks out again! The Young Bucks setup the table on the outside, and Omega looks to put Okada through it! The referee holds Omega back, and they go back in the ring. Omega begins to work over the body and neck of Okada again in frustration.

The fans chant Okada as Omega sends him flying into the turnbuckle, hurting Okada’s back again. Omega hits a fireman’s carry into a moonsault from the middle rope. Okada kicks out! Omega goes for a dragon suplex but Okada blocks. Okada puts Omega on the top rope and hits a huge dropkick sending Omega to the floor. Okada puts Omega on the apron and goes to put Omega through the table! Omega blocks and goes for a One Winged Angel through the table, but Okada blocks. Back in the ring, Omega chops the crap out of Okada. Okada sends Omega flying over the top rope with a back body drop through the table! Omega hits hard!

Okada breaks the count and sends Omega back into the ring. Okada climbs to the top rope and hits a huge missile dropkick, but Omega kicks out! Okada hits a flying elbow and signals for the Rain Maker! Okada goes for it but Omega grabs the ropes! Okada goes for it again, but Omega drives Okada into the turnbuckle. Omega puts him on the top rope, but struggles to do so, and falls because of the pain. Okada hits some forearms, but Omega slaps him and puts him on the top rope!

Omega foes for a back suplex, but Okada knocks him off. Omega goes back up and hits a dragon suplex from the top rope! Okada kicks out! This is insane! Okada landed right on his head! Omega hits a Fisherman’s Neck breaker! Omega signals for the end, hits the ropes, but misses Okada, and Okada hits a German suplex! Okada hangs on and misses the Rain Maker! Omega hits a flying knee! Okada hits a dropkick! Both men are down! Okada goes for the Rain Maker, Omega blocks and hits Okada with a knee then a Reverse Rana! Omega knees him right in the head! He goes for the One Winged Angel! Okada lands on his feat! Okada hits a tombstone! He calls for the Rain Maker! Okada hits it! Omega kicks out!

Okada picks up Omega, as the crowd claps the Terminator theme! Omega goes for Okada eyes, but Okada hits a massive dropkick on Omega! Okada goes for the tombstone again, but Omega reverse and hits a strange piledriver, but Okada kicks out! Both men begin to exchange elbows as they get up, both are exhausted! Omega hits a snap dragon suplex followed by a Boma Ye, but Okada kicks out. Omega hits him again, and goes for One Winged Angel but Okada fights it and hits the Rain Maker! He can’t make the cover though! Okada picks Omega back up, but Omega fights back and hits another knee, and another, and another, but hits another Rain Maker!

He goes for another one, but Omega ducks, goes for a Rain Maker, Okada ducks, goes the Tombstone. But Omega reverses and hits a dropkick! Omega hits a Rain Maker Knee! He goes for One Winged Angel! Okada reverses and hits The Rain Maker for the 1-2-3! Okada wins!

RATING: 6/5 – This may have been the best match I’ve ever seen. Fans were crying in the audience, it was so amazing. What an incredible match. Omega deserves to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at some point. I can’t believe how good this match was. I love how Omega didn’t hit the One Winged Angel once in the match. Really added to the drama. Yes, I gave this 6/5. I thought it was incredible.

OVERALL RATING: 5/5 – I think this was the best show I’ve ever watched. NJPW has put on the best wrestling show of this year, and it’s only 4 days in! I can’t wait to see what NJPW does this year. The more people that see the show the better. Watch it!


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