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PROGRESS Chapter 5 – For Those About to Fight, We Salute You

PROGRESS Chapter 5 – For Those About to Fight, We Salute You

Danny Garnell vs. Stixx: **3/4
Solid opener, which was paced very well. I like Danny Garnell. Fun to watch. Garnell got the win on this one.

Jonathan Windsor vs. Mike Hitchman – Natural Progression Tournament First Round Match: **1/2
Not a bad match here, but just slightly above average. Windsor gets the win after a few minutes through nefarious means. Continue reading PROGRESS Chapter 5 – For Those About to Fight, We Salute You


PROGRESS Chapter 6 – We Love Violence

PROGRESS Chapter 6 – We Love Violence

Dave Mastiff vs. Noam Dar – #1 Contendership Match: ***
Mastiff is really, really over. The crowd is firmly behind him in this one. Dar continues being the heel that he is. This was a solid match. The end comes when Mastiff is distracted by Nathan Cruz coming out, and Dar rolls Mastiff up and gets the win. The crowd didn’t like that.

Paul Robinson vs. MK McKinnan – Natural Progression Series Round One: ***
Solid match right here, with Robinson getting the win after a few minutes to advance in the tournament.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Nathan Cruz: ***3/4
Jimmy Havoc continues to try and prove himself as a technical wrestler, which plays prominently into the story of this match. Cruz taunts Havoc throughout the match and tries to get him to use a weapon, but Havoc refuses. Cruz eventually wins, and Havoc has still yet to win his first match in PROGRESS.

The London Riots vs. The Hunter Brothers – Weapons Tag Team Match: ***
So this match was excellent. One of the funny moments in it was both teams working around a spot where they tried to hit each other with a chocolate Easter bunny, in a rather hilarious manner. While the comedy spots were great, this was still a rather serious match. The Riots got the win after a few minutes.

Mike Mason vs. The Mexican Eagle: **
There was some fun comedy early on in this match, with Eagle trying to get Mason to chase a tennis ball. Other than that, it was nothing special. Eagle gets the win after hitting Mason with a ukulele.

The Bhangra Knights (Darrell Allen & RJ Singh) vs. Team DEFEND (Eddie Dennis & Mark Andrews): ***
We got both these teams teaming for the first time in PROGRESS here, but the crowd was fully behind the Bhangra Knights. RJ Singh is an excellent babyface, and it shows quite a bit in this match.

Ricochet vs. El Ligero – PROGRESS Championship Match: ****1/2
This match was amazing. Ricochet and Ligero absolutely tore the house down here. Of course, Ricochet flew all over the ring, and Ligero is no slouch in that regard either. This was absolutely fantastic. Go watch it right now. Ligero got the win after a springboard Tornado DDT. Great stuff.

This was a great show, elevated greatly by the excellent main event. PROGRESS, by this point, is really coming into its own in terms of knowing exactly what their crowd wants, and giving it to them in spades. A great show. Not as strong as some of the earlier ones, but still really, really great.