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WCW Saturday Night – May 1, 1993 Review

WCW Saturday Night
May 1, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura

The Blackhearts vs. Dave Heart & Mike Winner

This is a quick squash designed to introduce Blackheart Apocalypse and Blackheart Destruction. They’re not very good, look quite generic. They spend the whole match screeching, for some reason. They win with a very ugly looking double team middle rope Power Bomb. Continue reading WCW Saturday Night – May 1, 1993 Review


WCW Saturday Night – May 8, 1993

WCW Saturday Night
May 8, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyzsko

The show opens with an interviewer catching The British Bulldog leaving the airport, back from his world tour. He asks how Cactus Jack is doing, and the interviewer lets him know that he’s hurt pretty badly. Bulldog leaves looking worried. Continue reading WCW Saturday Night – May 8, 1993

WCW Saturday Night – May 15, 1993 Review

WCW Saturday Night
May 15, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyzsko

Maxx Payne vs. Unknown Jobber

This lasts less than a minute with Payne tapping the jobber out with an armbar.

Bulldog cuts a promo against Vader, promising to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship from him at Slamboree.

A video airs showing Rick Rude winning the United States Championship from Dustin Rhodes in a controversial way.

The Cole Twins (w/ their hair) vs. The Blackhearts

The match starts with the Cole Twins sending the Blackhearts to he outside of the ring. The Blackhearts can’t get the upper hand as the Cole Twins send them to the outside of the ring. This match wasn’t very good, to be honest. As it turns out, after doing some research, one of the Blackhearts is actually Gangrel. This factoid is more interesting than the match. The Cole Twins win by DQ when one of the Blackhearts sends one of the Cole Twins to the outside of the ring.

Eric Bischoff is back to talk about Slamboree where he announces that Scott Norton is going to wrestle Sting. Bischoff runs down the rest of the matches too.

Van Hammer vs. Unknown Jobber

As Van Hammer is beating the jobber up, Col. Parker comes out with a stretcher. Van Hammer wins with a slingshot suplex.

Van Hammer is upset about the stretcher because he thinks it’s disrespectful to Cactus Jack because of what happened a few weeks ago. Parker says it’s not about Cactus Jack, but it’s for Van Hammer. Parker promises to bring someone into WCW that will beat Hammer. Good promo from Parker.

Thunderbolt Patterson cuts a promo about Slamboree.

A Flair for the Gold

Flair is going to interview The Hollywood Blondes in this edition of A Flair for the Gold. Anderson is sitting by the bar again this week.

Missy Hyatt rushes into the room claiming that Flair left her on the side of the road. Hyatt says Anderson couldn’t be a 60-minute man, and she throws her shoes at Flair and Anderson.

The Hollywood Blondes come out and shake hands with Flair and sit. Anderson told Flair that Austin could be the man someday (which I don’t actually doubt as real), and my goodness, was he ever right. But that’s a few years down the road. Pillman asks for Flair’s autograph for his great grandmother. Austin & Pillman pretend to not know who the Four Horseman are, and call them a relic of the past. Anderson didn’t like that.

The Hollywood Blondes begin to insult the legends that will be at Slamboree, including Arn, and Arn stands up and gets upset. Anderson takes off his watch and is getting ready to fight, while Flair tries to keep the peace. They call Flair old, and Ric takes off his coat looking like he’s ready to fight. Oh my goodness, I want to see The Horsemen vs. the Hollywood Blondes. That would be so awesome. Austin and Pillman leave with Flair clearly still upset.

The Blondes cut a promo with Schiavone and call The Horsemen old news again. Austin called it A Flair for the Old. Pillman is upset that WCW has allowed Steamboat and Douglas to wrestle them again.

Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson

Anderson and Eaton are set for the main event of this episode of Saturday Night, and this should be good. Anderson climbs to the top rope, but gets caught by Eaton. Anderson, however, manages to lock in a sleeper hold, but Eaton gets out and continues to assault Anderson’s leg, which Erik Watts hurt a few months back.

On the outside of the ring, Anderson hits a huge back drop on Eaton, sending him crashing to the concrete floor. Eaton somehow gets up and continues to work over the knee. Eaton goes for a kick back inside of the ring, and Anderson hits a huge DDT. Arn Anderson has one of the best DDTs in wrestling, and it’s vastly underrated. Eaton kicks out, and runs at Arn from the corner, but Arn hits the spinebuster and gets the 1-2-3!

RATING: 2/5 – Solid match here. I’d love to see them wrestle for 10 to 15 minutes rather than 4, as it would probably be an awesome match. Got to love Arn Anderson. He’s a legit star and main event level talent that never got a world title run.

Barry Windham comes out and talks to Tony Schiavone. Windham finally comes out and talks about Flair. He says Ric’s time is up, and it’s Windham’s time. Windham says that Flair wants to start the Horsemen again, but that they are a thing of the past. Windham says Anderson isn’t ready to take the title away from him. He’s a lone wolf, and not a Horseman anymore. Good promo from Windham here.

OVERALL RATING: 2.75/5 – Good episode of Saturday Night here. Great promos from The Hollywood Blondes and the Horsemen, and a great promo from Barry Windham, all setting up Slamboree. The 1-hour edition of Saturday Night moved quickly, and was pretty entertaining throughout.